Answer? Bind the strongman!

The Politics

While the world, the politicians, the activists, etc. are responding to yesterday’s school murder in their typical way, I would like to have an “in-house” discussion with Christians.

Let those in politics, Christians and non-Christians deal with these things on that level. If you are a Christian and you are a part of those discussions, we are glad you are there and our prayers are with you.

The Christians

But I’d like to have an “in-house” discussions with Christians centered around a post I saw yesterday.

On Facebook I saw a comment aimed at “murder on our school campuses.” Among the responses, there was an interesting one, “Bind the strongman.”

Let me state up front that while I am involved in many prayer organizations and ministries, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ANY OF THEM, except my own, Common Thread Ministries (found at

The Solution?

Let me narrow down the discussion that I would like us to have.
How do we “in-the-pews” impact the issue by “Binding the strongman?”

I realize this is a little vague, so let me ask it this way, and feel free to respond based on any of the following questions. I just ask that you respond with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15e).

  1. As pray-ers why do we “Bind the strongman?”
  2. What impact does, “Binding the strongman” have?
  3. How could “Binding of the strongman” have impacted yesterday’s tragedy?
  4. Why is “Binding the strongman” a/the solution?
  5. What does Scripture tell us about “Binding the strongman?”
  6. Why did Jesus talk about “Binding the strongman?”
  7. What point was Jesus making?

I look forward to us talking about this. I only ask that we adhere to the fisherman’s words at the end of verse 15 in First Peter chapter 3, “with gentleness and respect.”


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5 Replies to “Answer? Bind the strongman!”

  1. I find the whole idea that we can somehow bind Satan by our prayers to be objectionable, and a serious error. I’ve long been stunned at how much traction this idea has gotten over the years, in Charismatic circles particularly, when there is no biblical evidence that our praying ever does any such thing. I have heard of countless instances in which Christians will claim to have “bound Satan” in this way or that via their declarations or prayers, but his work goes on just as before. What could possibly be more than sufficient proof of the folly of this concept? The passages in Matthew 12, Mark 3, and Luke 11 about the binding of the strong man have no relationship whatsoever to our prayers. They are merely another illustration employed by our Lord Jesus to state in symbolism what He will do in overcoming the power of Satan to have full sway in the earth. What He spoke of in those three accounts with the illustration of binding a strong man is what Paul declares in Colossians 2:15 that He accomplished.

    It will not bring to a halt murders in this world, mass shootings, or other injustices, as that’s not even what it’s about. It pertains to Him accomplishing His will to spread the gospel world-wide, overcoming the pagan darkness in many nations and winning a people for Himself from every tribe and nation and tongue, which He is doing. But it certainly has nothing whatever to do with results we can expect from our praying, and I have yet to understand why anyone would think it does.

  2. What a great question, I had to re look at the verse mentioned by binding the strong man Mark 3:23. First id like to express my thoughts on the verse then move into your questions. The are accusing Jesus to have an unclean spirit and by that power he is driving out demons. Jesus basically says how can satan drive out what is Satan’s? He is obviously saying he is driving out demons with a clean Spirit. As a Christian I know I was evil at one time and my spirit was unclean, and it was by Gods Grace through my faith, through a prayer and a confession, that i was saved and my spirit came to life and the Holy Spirit came into my life. So how do we as pray ers bind the strongman? We prayed to God that we trust his Son Jesus as our Lord and to have lordship over our life, and when Jesus came into my heart he binded the strongman not myself, and gave me eternal life. So how can we bind the strongman in other peoples life? We cannot, only Jesus can, however “in-the-pews” christians are not doing much to spread the good news. We ourselves cannot bind him in other peoples lives but we can influence them by spreading the Word. If less than 30% of americans go to the pews i wonder how many in the pews spread the good news outside of the pews? Did Jesus sit on a pew to spead the good word at the same place and same time once a week waiting on people to come to him, or to he speed the Word everyday moving from place to place? The harvest is great and the workers are few. Many people seen this young man having issues but did anyone come to tell him the good news? I honestly dont know much about the young man that did this but it is obvious Christ was not in him. Schools are getting farther and farther from Jesus everyday and we as Christians ride the pews allowing the strongman to enter our children through Schools. In order for Jesus to be able to bind the strongman, we have to rise up and get out of the pews and bring the good news to the 70 percent not in the pews. Yes we will still have some that dont want the good news, but that attitude won’t help us go out and stand for Jesus today. Where do our kids spend most of their time awake? School! Where did we get the idea to take God out of the school? If we want God in the school we have to put our kids in private Christian schools. That leaves the less fortunite, poor, and struggling family’s attending school without God and without Christian friends, when they need both the most. If parents dont want God in school, they should be the ones going to private schools. My heart goes out to the victims and families of everyone involved.

  3. Something else about binding the strongman. In Mark 3:23 satan can’t cast out what is Satan’s. This world is Satan’s domain. So we can’t change our self when we are in the world and have not accepted Jesus. Jesus is not of satan, he is of heaven, so he can throw satan of our heart. By accepting Jesus as lord and savior and having faith in his Word we accept the grace freely given to us. The Holy Spirit comes in and satan is out. We still struggle with the flesh because it is in Satan’s world, which is why we should live by the Spirit. A simple prayer in our own life can bind the strongman in our own life, and as intercessors we can help people with that prayer. As disciples we can spread the good news to all.

    1. Justin,
      Excellent and well thought out comments. I would simply add that when Jesus talked about Binding the strongman, I believe that He was talking about what He would do at the cross, hence Colossians 2:15.
      Blessings my friend,

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