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A Short Note from Mark S Mirza






My Dear Pray-ers,

This is The MERRY CHRISTMAS Issue, because if I wait until the 21st, I’ll have to send resources to you VIA FedEx and you know that these only go out on the 1st/11th/21st (more or less).

A 50 second video about FREE SHIPPING  thru Christmas

What are you looking for?

We may have it (and at a good price, if you want my opinion).

A Fun Novel

This is the most fun book I’ve ever done
Men and women modeling prayer for us
After all, “Prayer is more caught than taught”
So, we have:
3 Prayer Heroes, in
3 Historic Eras, on
2 Continents, with
1 Nine Foot Tall Angel,
And a Host of Demons


A Daily Devo 

It is a simple collection of 3 verses per day, A Promise, A Precept (or principle from God) and A Prayer
Over 1000 verses listed in an Appendix
Over 600 themes listed in an Appendix
It took me over 4 years to format and put together
Most people use this when they are done with their daily devotional
The challenge with it is wondering why they put certain verses together. . .
. . . Until you study the verses a bit and then you see their INCREDIBLE insight in the 1830’s


A Corny Novel

I know I’m going to get into trouble with this
And truly, I say that, “corny,” tongue and cheek
But I’ve tried to read them, and they’re corny to me
BUT EVERY WOMAN I have talked to that have read these, LOVE them
And I don’t mean “Like” them, they Love them
And, writing two series of 7 or 8 novels each they have been HUGELY SUCCESSFUL

A Children’s Book

It’s a stocking stuffer from 1887
The idea here is to help children associate prayer with the Word of God
One page has the 1887 graphic of a New Testament verse (written in children-ese)
And the opposite page has a short prayer, from the verse
I’m working on book two, the Old Testament
Read one or two of these at night with your child or grandchild
And they WILL begin to associate prayer with the Word of God

A Sobering Book

Sobering because of what is going on in our nation and world today
This wife and husband were kidnapped by Muslims they were missionaries to
Beth Moore wrote the forward
You’ll love and hate the book
It’s a good read, but a sobering read


Michael W Smith

Michael W Smith wrote this little book based on his song Healing Rain
There is a great little DVD in the back of the book
If you are like me and like Michael W Smith . . .
Okay, if you love Michael W Smith like me, you’ll like the book . . .
Forgive me, you’ll LOVE the book

A Gift For Mark?

And Just in case you’re looking for a gift for Mark (for me)
It would thrill my heart to have more of you sign up to support Kenya
Our Kenyan focus is a very important part of what we do
We are seeking 100 people/churches/etc to give $25.00
As of today we have 3 people/churches giving $200.00/mos
We’re very excited
See where we are at now!

Just a quick couple of links:

  1. To our Christmas gifts
  2. And our 25 Days of Prayer During the Christmas Season

Blessings my friends,


Remember to simply click the Icon (or the underlined title) to go to that article . . .


Praying 25 Days of Christmas

We started on December 1st and this has been REALLY good! Take a look at our 25 Days of Prayer During the Christmas Season. Please review our website everyday for the latest prayer.
This has been a favorite themed prayer tool for the last 4 years. Look at the details and themes every day. 25 Days of Prayer has daily themes, running from Brokenness to Giddiness to Promises. Just CLICK HERE.

Prayer Pillars

From the beginning of Common Thread Ministries we have always realized there is a need for certain, “Pillars” if you will, to be incorporated into our ministry. At our website we have a variety of ways for you to find these pillars. The easiest of which is to go to the HOME PAGE and scroll down to the pillar you are interested in exploring. We will continue to populate these pages with more and more Prayer Pillars.


Christmas Gifts from $5.00

Are you still wondering what to do about Christmas? Well, well, well, I think that we have your solution!
– For the Novel Reader: The Pray-ers, 372 pg Historical Christian Fiction
– For the child/grandchild: An all-color remake of an 1887 Children’s Book of Verses
– For the Devotional Lover, a reformatted 1830’s Daily Devotional


Prayer Board

The more I study and the more I teach, the more committed I am to prayer. And just as Michael Guido had a Prayer Board, so do I. This is a representation of my prayer board, which is on the wall, next to me as I type. We hope that over the internet we can make you aware of our prayer requests



We had some fun with the idea of #GivingTuesday earlier this week. Take a look at our post, A Different #GivingTuesday Strategy.

And if you’re interested:

  • We are looking for 100 people to commit to $25.00/mos for our Kenya Ministry (See how far along we are).
  • This will allow us to make one part time guy permanent and Mark can return three times each year to Kenya.
  • We currently have 3 people/organizations that are giving $200.00 per month.



We have made some DRASTIC improvements to the calendar. Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us. Thank you.


Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker/Author for Common Thread Ministries
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Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 12)

25 days of christmas - day 12

December 12

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • If you spend any time in Christian circles at all, you invariably hear someone put down another’s belief, simply because it’s different from yours.
    • Zechariah, John the Baptist’s dad made a huge faux paux relative to what he expected Christ to be.
    • He expected Christ to be a political Messiah.
    • My concern today is how we treat people that believe differently than we do.
  • Today’s prayer

Lord, as I read the account of Zechariah’s prophecy (Luke 1:6-79) even though he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he seems to have gotten it wrong!!! It looks like Zechariah expected Jesus to be a political leader (Luke 1:71) Lord, I realize that I don’t always have an accurate bead on Your truths, but Lord give me the grace to allow others with differing opinions to have them without me looking down my nose at them. Lord, Father, give me the wisdom and spiritual understanding to be gracious to those around me. Thank You Lord.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 11)

25 days of christmas - day 11

December 11

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • This is the season for giving…or is it?
    • What are you giving…and to whom?
    • Let me ask it this way, what are you giving…and is it to someone who has a tangible need…that you can meet?
    • Folks, as you buy additional gifts for your friends or family I trust that you will be burdened for those that you can minister to
  • Today’s prayer

Elizabeth’s proclamation to Mary shows the wisdom of an older woman, and yet Lord it also shows the simplicity and childlike faith that is so needed today. Lord, Elizabeth talked about mercy in verses 50 and 54…but tucked away in between (Luke 1:53) is a verse that I pray for the hungry in my town this year, that You would fill them “with good things.” Lord I know that “good things” does not necessarily mean abundance of material things, but it may. But it does mean peace, hope, all of these things that are Your attributes. Thank You Lord that 2000 years ago Elizabeth could pray this for her day, and I can do the same for my day. And whenever it is within my ability, burden me to show Your love, tangibly, to someone in need.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 10)

25 days of christmas - day 10

December 10

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Trust…a scary word when you are dealing with an unknown.
    • And yet two biblical characters, in two very difficult situations handled truth very differently from one another.
    • Let me jump to the opposite end of this spectrum, knowing that nothing is impossible with God.
    • My prayer for us today is that we would be open to the Lord working these truths into our life.
  • Today’s prayer

Zechariah looked to man’s wisdom and doubted while Mary looked to Your sovereignty and trusted. What do I do? Lord, Psalm 103:19 tells me that You are sovereign over all…yet I so often act like Zechariah wanting to decide if Your ways fit into my box (Luke 1:18) whereas Mary trusted in Your words that came through the angel (Luke 1:38). Father, we often quote verse 37, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Lord, would You convict our hearts to be broken for our selfish misunderstanding, causing us to glory in child-like faith instead.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 09)

25 days of christmas - day 9

December 9

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Imagine the joy and just, fun that old Zechariah and Elizabeth must have had when they realized they were pregnant.
    • Can you imagine how cute this old couple must have been together.
    • I want you that are praying with me, to have the same kind of “giddy” time with the Lord, and that is my prayer for you.
    • For you who pray alongside me, each and every morning.
  • Today’s prayer

After Elizabeth  became pregnant she remained in seclusion for five months (Luke 1:24). Lord I can just see her and Zechariah, wanting to enjoy every happy moment they could in this very unique miracle of life for them. Lord we trust You to grant joy and peace to Your children that are praying through these 25 Days of Prayer, simply because they are believers (Romans 15:13). Not because we deserve it Lord but simply because of Your mercy and Your grace. Thank You Lord.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 08)

December 8

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Think about Gabriel standing before you, and if you’re like Zechariah, you doubted.
    • I can’t imagine Gabriel then saying, basically, “You doubt me? I stand before God Almighty…”
    • I’d believe anything he said…Or would I?
    • Don’t you and I do the same thing when we talk to God about something He has already CLEARLY talked about in scripture?
    • Let’s see…
  • Today’s prayer

Lord, as I think of the words of the angel to Zechariah (Luke 1:11-17) I cannot throw stones at him for doubting (vs 18) because I too doubt. I doubt Your clear word as stated in scripture. Lord forgive me for this. Let me take responsibility for the times when I want to blame someone else, even though Your word is clear that my struggle isn’t against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12a). Or the times Lord when I want to hold onto my anxiety, even though Your word clearly says that I can have peace instead (Philippians 4:6-7). Father, thank You for all these and so many more promises that have been made real to us because of Your Son’s coming.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 07)

25 days of christmas - day 7

December 7

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Why did John the Baptist come to earth?
    • He came for one very specific purpose…to go on before the Lord, the Messiah.
    • Why are you here on earth?
    • What does God want you to do?
    • And then once you ask Him what He wants you to do, are you willing to?
    • You see, John the Baptist’s roll, had an eventual outcome, and that was to turn the hearts of men and women and boys and girls.
    • How about you?
    • What do you, and to whom do you, plan to share the truths of this season to?
  • Today’s prayer

Father, the purpose of John the Baptist’s birth was to “go on before the Lord [Jesus] (Luke 1:17a). And with us celebrating the Your Son’s entrance into earth this Christmas season, my prayer Lord, is that we will have the opportunity to go before Him, sharing the truths of this season, and “turning the hearts of fathers…and the disobedient…” (Luke 1:17b) to You Lord.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 06)

25 days of christmas - day 6

December 6

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Job was blameless, yet look at all that God allowed, in fact, PROMPTED satan to put into his life
      • loss of possessions,
      • loss of family,
      • attacked by friends,
      • attacked by wife.
    • In the west we  do not think we should suffer.
    • We expect to be RELIEVED of suffering.
    • Is this the new disease of affluence?
  • Today’s prayer

Reading about how Zechariah and Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s dad and mom) were upright and blameless (Luke 1:6), I’m reminded of Job who was also blameless (Job 1:1,8;2:3) and look at the trials You allowed in his life. Lord, as we wander through this joyous time of giving, let us remember that blessings are not defined by those around us, but by our relationship with You. In the West we have difficulties come our way and we want, no, we expect, relief from them. Forgive us Father for thinking that following in Your Son’s footsteps, the footsteps of suffering (1 Peter 2:21) is NOT for us, even though Your Son’s advent into this world was for the, purpose of the cross (John 12:27) Forgive us Lord for our arrogance.

Common Thread Ministries

Praying 25 Days of Christmas (Day 05)

25 days of christmas - day 5

December 5

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • How many times do you look down your nose at someone because you know their faults,
    • or, you may not know their faults, they are just different that you, and so you struggle with that.
    • And yet, God uses whom He wills. He is the One who decides who He’ll use.
    • I recently worked with the Alma Ministerial Association to put together a city-wide event, where we brought together a number of different denominations and ethnic groups to hold a day long event in each other’s areas.
    • The real blessing came afterwards when people said, “The next time we do this…”
  • Today’s prayer

Lord as we enter into the early part of this Christmas season, the advent of Your Son I am reminded that His lineage was not pure (Matthew 1:1-17 & Luke 3:23b-38), that there were many sinners, and Gentiles mixed into His line. Lord please forgive me for the times when I look down my nose at someone else. Lord, as well as I think I know, so many of someone else’s faults, I am reminded that You choose whom You want to choose. You use whom You want to use…to bring glory to Your name. Lord, I, less than all those that You use, deserve to be used, yet thank You for using me. And Lord just like the city of Alma put aside their racial differences for one day, October 15, 2011, Lord let this happen more and more, not just in Alma but in other small towns too. And Father, use me to foster it in these little towns I work in Lord.

Common Thread Ministries