Another Pray-er, David Franklin



My book, The Pray-ers is dedicated to fictional characters living out prayer, modeling prayer, if you will, in their lives. We learn prayer from them by watching the way they model it and then we incorporate prayer into our life by their example.

But these articles are dedicated to REAL-LIFE pray-ers.

Meet my friend David Franklin in this article I wrote for the Christian Index.

Committed to looking at how pray-ers pray

Below is a photo of the time we spent praying in the Commissioner’s office, which you’ll read about in the above article.


Blessings my friends.

Mark S Mirza


National Day of Prayer Means Pray

Today(May 5, 2016) is the National Day of Prayer. We want to encourage you to pray and give you 4 venues for continued prayer:


ADDED 8/4/2017 —


(641) 715-3680 Access Code: 347361#






Come pray with us.


Mark S Mirza

F. Hammarsten, from 1911



I have been putting off this section of posts or just the right Pray-er to begin with. And I have found him. Actually, he has been in my bookshelf for quite awhile.

Fredrik Hammarsten wrote an insightful daily devotional in Swedish which was translated in 1911. While I don’t agree with all of his theology, his Daily Meditations are BRILLIANT!

So this first post into this section is how he  meditates on a scripture and it becomes a prayer. You can see his prayer in my post for the Common Thread Ministries website:

As you go through it, let it challenge your times of meditation on scripture. Let it encourage you to allow your meditations, turn into prayers.


Mark S Mirza

Started? I’ve Already Finished It!



I do a number of weekly prayer conference calls. One of them is a women’s call at 6:45 am on Thursdays. One of the ladies on this particular call started telling the other women about my book.

“My daughter (who bought the book for me) called me and asked if I’d started reading it. Started reading it, I replied to her, I’ve already finished it! And I have to wait until Christmas for the next one to come out!”

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I Knew What to Do


I am so moved to get these kind of notes:

Mark, I wanted to tell you what just happened in my Sunday School class.

I teach teenage girls and I have been reading your book. This last Sunday one of the girls spoke very personally after I asked them to relate the lesson to problems in their life.

At first I was stunned not knowing how to respond, but then I remembered one of the characters in your book and knew IMMEDIATELY how to help her.

Thank you,

B. F.
Atlanta GA


Mark S Mirza


From DL in Pt Wentworth GA



I haven’t read the whole book yet, I’m a few eras into it. I am enjoying it. I really like the subtle prayer hints, using them to improve the reader’s prayer time (I may be noticing it more because I’m currently working on improving my pray time).   The eras are cool as well, I especially like the War of Northern Aggression era ( I haven’t read much further than that). I also like the way you have the demons slip in at the characters most vulnerable times of doubt. Making light of how wicked and how much they hate Christians, but also they know how powerful God is.

Mark S Mirza

Dr. Dale and Stanislaus State College



Doc had gone to Stanislaus State College, at the time a small college in the California state system. Now it had university status in a little town called Turlock, located 90 miles south of Sacramento in the central valley. The central valley became prominent to Dale’s generation by the old cowboy TV program, The Big Valley, where the matron Barbara Stanwyck ran her ranch. The San Joaquin Valley where the TV program took place is part of the “Great Central Valley” which is made up of The San Joaquin Valley in the south and The Sacramento Valley in the north. Together this “Great Central Valley” is hundreds of miles long from north to south.

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