The Pray-ers Now Available in SC & NC

Christian Supply - Bookstore in Spartanburg SC
Christian Supply – Bookstore in Spartanburg SC


Last week, Christian Supply accepted our book onto their shelves. We are excited about that. They are located at:

Address: Phone: Store Hours:
Christian Supply, Inc.
1600 John B. White Sr. Blvd
Spartanburg, SC 29301
9:30 am – 9:00 pm
Closed on Sundays

For directions:


A second store in the Carolinas accepted our book also, The Open Door.

It is in the Mall in Hendersonville NC, so, just in case you are lost, this photo should help.

The Open Door Location Map
The Open Door Location Map







They can be found at

1800 Four Seasons Blvd

Hendersonville, NC

(828) 698-1383
Below is the store owner Sheryl Seigler hold The Pray-ers and standing alongside a GREAT prayer board.
When you buy and read the book, please, PLEASE, let us know who your favorite character is.
Mark S Mirza

An Excerpt NOT in the Novel, or is it?

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No, Dr. Dale does not drive his car into a “Drive Thru Prayer Line” nor does he begin one in Macon GA, but, interestingly enough, there is a picture, in the mind of Hael, that if God ever gives Hael his wish, those around Dr. Dale’s car will begin to pray immediately. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what that scene is without stealing from the book, but as you read it, you’ll see what the Guardian Angel Hael wants to do.



And then there is our Itinerant Preacher, Alexander Rich. In a very real way, he and Sterling (his horse) ride up to Bro. Ted Mark’s home, and Bro. Hubert pulls up his buggy and all three go to town praying. They are, if you’ll allow the stretch, driving-thru to pray-thru a very challenging problem, together.


Blessings my friend, and enjoy. Remember that you can download the e-pub version, which is a .PDF that you can play on any device, and of course you can order the book, or get it on Kindle.


Mark S Mirza

Dr. Dale and Stanislaus State College



Doc had gone to Stanislaus State College, at the time a small college in the California state system. Now it had university status in a little town called Turlock, located 90 miles south of Sacramento in the central valley. The central valley became prominent to Dale’s generation by the old cowboy TV program, The Big Valley, where the matron Barbara Stanwyck ran her ranch. The San Joaquin Valley where the TV program took place is part of the “Great Central Valley” which is made up of The San Joaquin Valley in the south and The Sacramento Valley in the north. Together this “Great Central Valley” is hundreds of miles long from north to south.

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Prayer Request (Nov. 21)

Below please find a short video (and my unshaven face) requesting prayer regarding the publishing of “The Pray-ers.”

It is very exciting to be at the start of publishing this book, teaching prayer through the fun of a novel. I do have a specific prayer request though:

Thanks for your prayers. And if you haven’t order this book yet, please go to ( to do so. You’ll save $8.00!

Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker at Common Thread Ministries
C: 404-606-2322

Our Children’s Book

Cover-with outline-2inWide

Our Children’s book is the first of three planned. They come from a children’s book of verses written in 1887 called Rainbows of Promises.

The verses in the book are written in “children-ese” and so we kept the graphic from 1887 and added a simple prayer on the facing page that corresponds with the verse. Thus, children learn to associate prayer with the Word of God. See below for a sample 2 page spread:


We think these will make great stocking stuffers. Buy them here, and check out the Christmas Sale Priceing.


Mark S Mirza

Lots of Work

Getting this book started was easy, now, getting “The Pray-ers” published is where the work really ramps up.


Plus we are also turning it into an audio book. So, below is our sound studio:

Our First Sound Studio
Our First Sound Studio