Thanksgivings Revisited

Three and a half turkeys, 3 wild, 1 cooked

Let’s revisit recent Thanksgivings


Back in 2016, In my novel, The Pray-ers, Book 1, Troubles, Epaphras struggles with Paul’s teaching on giving thanks.

In this short post I quote the two historical characters, as they walk thru this issue.

I think you’ll find it entertaining, as well as informative.

CLICK HERE for the post and Epaphras’ struggle. The Itinerant preacher Alexander Rich is also quoted in the post.

Click above or on the characters below:

The novel cover of The Pray-ers with the main characters for all 3 eras

If you’re interested, the book is available for FREE after you pay shipping and handling of $7.95. Just CLICK HERE, or the book below.

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Last year I wrote the following post at Thanksgiving:



A Thanksgiving scene with lots of food

The title tells the story of the post. To read it, CLICK HERE, if you dare.



Only one, I promise.


CLICK HERE to read the short post and view the short video. It’s titled, Thanking God For The Tough Stuff.

Video Still of Thanking and Praying

Believe me when I tell you, “It’ll challenge ya!”


Okay, One More

Do you mind if I give you a little perspective?

Here’s an Instagram post of mine from the other day.

Recent post from Instagram




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Book 2 Sneak Peek

Just like the title says,
I get to give you a
SNEAK PEEK of my book.

Forgive the photo. I don’t particularly like that shot, but the publicity department in heaven told me to use it.

Below is the FIRST CHAPTER. Give me your feedback:


Day One




Her sobbing was uncontrollable and watching her caused my throat to constrict. My chest wanted to heave and a tear, which I could not hold back, slipped from my eye. I was angry, really angry.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I mean, I knew in my mind this would occur, but watching Mary bury her head into John’s shoulder, and hearing her sobs for her Son, they were heart-wrenching and impacted my emotions, something for which I was not prepared.

Somehow it comforted me to see John hold Mary close to his heart. As I watched her release her emotions, I wished I could too, but I was one angel amongst the twelve legions of angels[1] on assignment. We were literally on the most important call of our four-thousand-year-old lives.

Every sinew of my nine-foot-tall body burned. I had been on full alert for the previous twenty-four hours, muscles taut, leaning forward, unblinkingly watching the chaos around my God, and your Saviour. I awaited a call from our mutual Creator’s lips.

Anger wasn’t the only emotion I dealt with. I experienced a frustration I had never felt before or since.

We numbered more than eighty-thousand angels and represented every department in the Realm. My department is the Company of Guardian Angels, but I confess, right now I felt like we were worthless angels, not guardians at all.

While every single one of us were poised and ready to move, we just stood there. We watched the self-righteous Pharisees judge Jesus in their kangaroo court proceedings. We then stood and hovered watching the political leaders who were more interested in building relationships than making hard decisions.

Watching this, I had one overarching thought, “Give me the word, Jesus, Son of God, so I can race to my position, take my stance and bring You victory.”

The call I wanted to hear never came. Instead, Nesah, my immediate supervisor, an Undersecretary to Michael the Archangel, gave the order, “Hael, stand down.”

And just then I heard those words, “Into Your hands I commit My Spirit.”[2]

I wouldn’t be allowed to do a single thing. I could only watch. And I did, I watched as the lifeless body of my Creator hung there, limply, on a cross.


Outside of the Earthly Realm there is the Heavenly Realm which includes the Angelic Kingdom and the Demonic Kingdom. Technically the demons are angels too, but this nomenclature has worked best for us since the rebellion.

As a result of the two kingdoms being in the same Realm we can hear everything going on in both Kingdoms, which comes in handy for the Winged Rotating Oversight Committee (WeROC), which is located in the redacted department in Heaven.

But at Golgotha today, I didn’t need WeROC. I heard them. We all heard them, and they knew it.

They acted like they were on bleachers in a stadium watching a sporting event. They cursed and laughed, yelled and screamed, hooted and hollered. Their celebration seemed to know no bounds. It was nearly more than I could handle. But when they cheered in a unison chant, it unnerved me.

I had put up with it all day and the previous night.

It began when Jesus, in the garden sweating drops of blood, returned to Peter, James and John who were asleep.[3]

“Simon are you sleeping?” Asked Jesus.

When the agony in His voice became palpable to all of us, the demons cheered.

When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss[4] and Jesus was then arrested,[5] the demons cheered.

During the physical abuse in the company of Annas, then Caiaphas, the demons cheered.

At Peter’s denials[6] the demons mocked the big fisherman, but when they noticed Jesus turn and look directly at Peter,[7] the demons cheered.

In Pilate’s courtyard, Jesus and Barabbas were offered to the crowd. When they rejected Jesus,[8] the demons cheered.

Pilate’s Roman soldiers mocked Jesus in the Praetorium, shoving a crown of thorns into his scalp. They stripped Him and led him out to be crucified,[9] and again, the demons cheered.

At the sight of the weakened Christ stumbling, falling and dropping his cross, the demons cheered.

When the soldiers put the mocking title on the cross, above Jesus’ head,[10] the demons cheered.

Not only did their boisterous arrogance and cheering infuriate me, but the incredible number of them shocked me. I was surprised how many of them were arrayed around Golgotha. I had forgotten how many they are.

Not since the rebellion lucifeR perpetrated in heaven, shortly after the creation of Adam and Eve, had I seen the entire horde all in one place. Back then, when the demons chose to follow sataN, a full one third of the original angelic host[11] were huddled together leaving heaven.

They had just lost their positions of authority and rank, and were all leaving heaven, humiliated.

Today, they were anything but humiliated.

As I review and record the events of that night and day, I am reminded of the three hours of darkness which engulfed the entire land.[12]

I sensed a gleam of light, as it were, and want to record it for you. They were fearful. While the demons couldn’t put their clammy talons on it, they knew something was amiss.

Since this darkness came from the Lord, the demons knew they could not control it, and I sensed fear in them.

When the curtain in the sanctuary was ripped in two,[13] I sensed fear in them.

During Jerusalem’s earthquake,[14] I sensed fear in them.

When dead bodies of the saints were raised,[15] I sensed fear in them.

And then when they realized the hardened centurions were moved by this Nazarene Carpenter’s death,[16] I sensed fear in them.

I tried to imagine what these demons were thinking. Surely, they knew they had just suffered an incalculable loss. And while they had been arrogant for the previous twenty-four hours, the reality of their condition had to have finally hit them.

But that very evening, the strong influence of deception showed itself. These demons, initially created perfect, were like their chosen father, the devil. They spoke only lies, which is their true nature. And they constantly want to carry out their father’s desires, for there is no truth in them.[17]

Paradoxically, another noteworthy thing happened which I will never forget. When Jesus gave up His spirit, I saw lucifeR edge away from his demons, for the evil one knew something they did not yet comprehend.

The day sataN dreaded, had arrived.

[1] Matthew 26:53

[2] Luke 23:46

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[12] Matthew 27:45

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[17] John 8:44

Book 1

Buy it while you are awaiting book 2. You can click the picture below, or CLICK HERE.

The novel cover of The Pray-ers with the main characters for all 3 eras



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Church Unity, Then and Now

Church unity, then and now, featured picture

Demonstration of Unity

I have been spending a lot of time with the book of Colossians. Because book 2 of my current novel series, (which I just finished this week, YIPPEE!!!) includes a major section that centers around the ancient city of Colossae (you can find book 1 HERE).

I was up late last night rereading the beginning of Colossians and it struck me that Paul says, “hello” to so many of his churches by telling them how much and how often he and his entourage thank the Lord for them.

Love in the Colossae Church

And though I have read it dozens and dozens of times over these this last few months. It struck me how this view of Love in the Colossae Church must differ from ours in the 21st century Church.

Now I recognize that I am painting churches with one broad brush and that is unfair. I give that to you and I apologize if am wrong about your church, which I know I will be.

Love For All the Saints

But I started thinking about many, many of the people that I pray with and I recognized that I see Love For All the Saints in Jerry and Todd, and in the 3 Davids, in Lew and Derrick and Tony.

Love For All the Saints is evident in Bryan and Greg and Aaron and Bryant.

There is Love For All the Saints in Tom and in Bennett, in Brandon and Ben and Marc, in Jerry and Vince and Victor.

I also see Love For All the Saints in Roger and Eugene, in Don in Craig and in John and Reed.

I even see Love For All the Saints in the women that I pray with on these conference calls.

They all pray!

Now you need to realize, these men and women come from all over the economic landscape and the spiritual maturity landscape. They come from all over the theological landscape, and, God forbid, the political landscape.

And it took me only half a second to realize what the common denominator was and is, in every single one of them. Surely you know what that common denominator is, don’t you?

They all pray!

The Colossae Leader Prayed

DON’T think I’m writing ONLY TO PASTORS!

Are you a leader in your home, with your siblings, at work, when you are alone and by yourself?

This message is to ALL OF US!

Is it any wonder that Epaphras who played an important role in the Colossae church (Colossians 1:7a) before he went to Paul’s side, is known and remained known as a man of Prayer (Colossians 4:12-13)?

Whose Fault is Dis-Unity

PS. You may want to stop reading this. Continue at your own risk. . .

There is a reason we do not have unity in the church . . . And it is our fault.

It’s not the fault of those that we believe are wrong in their thinking. It’s not the fault of those who won’t change “no matter how much we pray” that they do change.

I believe the problem is in us, the ones who won’t pray that we would love others unconditionally.

Love them when they see the light and get their act together? Absolutely!

But humbly come before the Lord and ask Him to fix me because I don’t like somebody, with a righteous dislike of course! Absolutely No Way!

What’s the Cost

Why don’t we have #ChurchUnity?

I believe the reason we do not have #ChurchUnity is because it is too costly. And we, the ones who “claim we want” unity are, for the most part, unwilling to pay the price.

Imagine what #ChurchUnity means. It means that I have to engage with, “those other people.”

Scripture and Unity

Romans chapter 15 verse 5 (Mark’s paraphrase) May the God of endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves, as you follow Christ.

You want unity? It’s the other guy’s responsibility, right?

Not at all. You want unity? It’s on you, not them.

John chapter 17 verse 21 (again, Mark’s paraphrase) The way they will know that I came from the Father has nothing to do with your ability to parse doctrine, how you baptize, how you pray or how you vote. The way they will know that I came from the Father is if you have unity. By the way that was Jesus speaking.

The next time you talk about unity in the church, would you ask yourself if you’re willing to pay the price to be united with those that you vigorously disagree with?



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Spiritual Warfare Treatise

Featured Image for the Spiritual Warfare quote from Dr. Dale in The Pray-ers, Book 2

Well, the Beginning of a Treatise

Many of you know that my second Historical Christian Fiction novel (what a mouthful) in The Pray-ers series is going to focus on Spiritual Warfare.

I want to share with you a few sentences that Dr. Dale, the modern day track coach says at the beginning of his series on Spiritual Warfare:

Spiritual Warfare has been marketed so we are wrongly calling God’s actions on earth and His sovereign work in our lives, spiritual warfare.

Acts of God, natural disasters, are wrongly considered spiritual warfare.

The difficulties He brings into our lives so we can be a Godly example to others, are wrongly considered spiritual warfare.

The challenges which come our way to strengthen our faith muscle, if we let it, are wrongly considered spiritual warfare.

The opportunities God gives us to comfort others, because he has first comforted us, are thwarted because we wrongly look at the situation, the difficulty, the challenge, as spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Warfare has been so marketed, the things God uses to prepare us for the future are wrongly considered spiritual warfare!

You may find this a concern, and I fully understand that. But please allow Dr. Dale to challenge your thinking.

He is challenging mine!


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Ricky Skaggs’ Somebody’s Praying

Spiritual Warfare Short Story

Gretchen’s next short story will be out in mid-April, and it will focus on spiritual warfare, what it is, and what it is not.

Part way thru her husband’s memoir, the Guardian Angel, Hael is giving us the back-story around spiritual warfare and he references Ricky Skagg’s live performance of “Somebody’s Praying.”

Here it is for you to enjoy.

If you are interested in receiving Gretchen’s FREE short stories, CLICK HERE.



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Valentine’s Day Gift From Gretchen

Gretchen Short Story Covers Fanned Across

Gretchen, from Book 1 of The Pray-ers

. . . has decided, all on her own, I might add, to give you her memoirs as a mini E-Book, as a Valentine’s Day Gift, for FREE!!!

You can download this onto your E-Book platform or as a downloaded document. However you prefer.

We just want you to, I’m sorry, she just wants you to enjoy them, on this Valentines Day (AND IF YOU FORGOT to get a gift for someone special, this will save you!!!).

For the FREE short stories as one E-Book (or standard download) CLICK HERE or the icon below:

The Collection Cover, Gretchen's Short Stories

They’re Usually Romantic
They’re Often Funny, AND
They’re Teaching Prayer Principles

Below is a video I just did explaining the relationship between Gretchen and the Itinerant Preacher in my first novel called, “The Pray-ers, Book 1” which will SOON have a companion as I am working on Book 2, Spiritual Warfare.

Gretchen also convinced us to reduce the price of The Pray-ers from $23.95 to $10.00. I  agreed, but ONLY until the end of this month. I personally think she’s crazy, but it is Gretchen, so we’ll let her get away with it. CLICK HERE or click the icon below, to get The Pray-ers, a full length novel, for $10.00.

Book Cover for The Pray-ers Book 1




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Latest FREE Short Story

Newest FREE Short Story


Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer (Psalm 11:3)

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A New Short Story


Sorry, By Gretchen

(She’s Writing Them)






Considering Removing My Photo


They say I’m the author, but I’m not too sure.

Nevertheless, the latest of Gretchen’s Memoirs is out.

She is writing her husband’s memoirs for their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. Her husband is Alexander Rich, our itinerant prayer hero in the novel, The Pray-ers, Book 1, Troubles.

In these FREE short stories she constantly writes about his prayer principles.

This one will stretch you a bit, as it is about Protection, a Dinosaur and a Horse.

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Note the photo near the bottom of the short story. It comes from Answers in Genesis. In fact, their “Hall of Dinosaurs” was the inspiration for this short story.

. . . I mean, for Gretchen to write this short story!


Blessings my friends,

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Only if you are interested.


Lots going on every day!
Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us as we continue to pray that God will open doors so that we can spread this message and spread it boldly.Thank you for praying.


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Miss Pat Loves Hael

Mama Pat and Mark S Mirza

As you listen closely to the 3 minute audio below I begin to talk about Hael, and angel in the book. You will hear this “old-gal” give a high pitched, I don’t know, whoop, screech, something. It was Freudian in nature I’m sure!

Hael Wishing Happy BirthdaySeriously she has become a good friend, in part, because of this character, this Guardian Angel in my book. And as you can tell by the picture to the left, Hael clearly likes her too, for he actually sent a birthday card to her.

She tells that the first time she read the book she, “read it in 1 day, and how far along are you Mark with the second book?” She has been a PAIN in my side, but a cute one.

She recently told a friend of mine, “You tell Mark that I’m 81 years old, and if he doesn’t get that book finished real soon he may have to read it to me in heaven!”

Her and I have had a lot of fun, except a few weeks ago when I told her I put book 2 aside so that I could focus on another novel. “But,” I told her, “Hael is the one telling the story.”

The interview below I did over the phone because I spoke in her previous church and I knew everyone would love to hear from her, even though she wouldn’t be there.

I’ve never done an interview like this before, but then I’ve never known someone like Miss Pat before.

Enjoy this short interview with my friend, Miss Pat.

If you are interested in the book you can CLICK HERE. The idea behind the novel is to teach prayer through the fun of Christian Fiction. I often teach that “prayer is more caught than taught, so if you want to learn to pray, get around people that pray.” Hence, in the book, men and women are modeling prayer.

Be aware that we also send out E-Letters every 10-12 days, and we NEVER beg for money.

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End of Summer Sale

End of Summer Sale

This is huge!

Our Biggest Sale This Year!

4 Books and 1 Digital Download

This sale includes some of our most requested items:

Prayers From A Mother’s Heart Gift Book (by Ruth Bell Graham) — was: $ 14.99 but now only $ 7.50

Pray-ers like Ruth Graham Bell Contribute to this book, Prayers from A Mother's HeartRuth Bell Graham was the child of missionary parents, wife of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, mother of five children, grandmother of nineteen, and great-grandmother to a growing number. She was the author of many books, including Footprints of a Pilgrim, One Wintry Night, and Mothers Together (written with her daughter GiGi Graham Tchividjian).

Both the prayers and the watercolor illustrations in this book are lovely. It is one of my absolute FAVORITE “mom” books. I love to give it as part of baby shower gifts. There are prayers for all kinds of different aspects of mothering — some examples: an unborn child, strength for a new mother, protection and friendship, the death of a father, adopted children, teenage children, prayer for hurting mothers, a gentle voice, back from the pigpen, on a daughter’s wedding day, prayer for grandchildren, and many others. A wonderful tool to help us be a people of prayer in the raising of children and grandchildren.

The Pray-ers (Troubles) — was: $ 23.95 but now only $ 12.50


The Pray-ers (Book 1) “Troubles” is the first book in a three-part series that teaches prayer through the fun of a novel.

There are:
3 Prayer Heroes, over
3 Historic Eras, across
2 Continents,
1 Nine Foot Tall Angel,
 and a host of demons.

The men and women in this book will model prayer for you. I am constantly teaching that “Prayer is more caught than taught” and I believe that you will enjoy reading this Historical Christian Fiction.


Prayer Made Alive (Book 3) ~ Praying Paul’s Prayers — was: $ 6.95 but now only $ 3.50


Prayer Made Alive (Book 3) is a companion volume to the material from the first two books.

But it is also written to work directly with Mark’s Prayer Cards. Each Prayer Card is copied into the book with a sample prayer as well as notes to help you personalize each prayer to your life.

It will allow you to “Pray Paul’s Prayers” in your daily life.

This is book 3 in the Prayer Made Alive series by Mark S Mirza and published by CTM Publishing, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.



Prayer Made Alive – Prayer Cards (Digital Download) — was: $ 4.95 but now only $ 2.50

Prayer Cards are a simple tool you can use to pray Paul’s Prayers back to the Lord.

The cards were developed in 2010 by Mark S Mirza, and published by CTM Publishing, Inc., from Atalanta, Georgia. He had originally designed these cards for the First Baptist Atlanta Men’s Prayer Ministry, Sons of Thunder. He also uses these cards every time he speaks on “Praying Scripture Back to God” which is nearly every Sunday.

Alongside these cards you may want to purchase the “Prayer Made Alive – Book 3” which is a compilation of these cards with sample prayers and notes for each.



THE HIDDEN LIFE OF PRAYER (by David M. MacIntyre) — was: $ 9.99 but now only $ 4.50

David Macintyre's The Hidden Life of PrayerJohn Piper ~ Founder of Desiring God Ministries, Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, Minneapolis, Minnesota says: “God brings books at their appointed times. The Hidden Life of Prayer arrived late but well-timed. This little jewel-strewn tapestry has done for me at 64 what Bounds’ Power Through Prayer did at 34. I could be ashamed that I need inspiration for the highest privilege. But I choose to be thankful.”





I Can’t Believe We Are Doing This!

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A Memorial Day Pray-er (A Gretchen Short Story)

Cover for Gretchens latest short story

Memorial Day became a Federal holiday in 1971, but the memorial has its roots in the memorials held after the Civil War.

In this FREE short story Gretchen brings in the great man of prayer, the German, George Müller, who built orphanages in England and has taught us about faith ever since. The memoir that Gretchen tells will go back and forth into time.

And then the demon katepA is in the background causing more havoc than normal. Beware that when he leaves, he leaves the scene with a threat, that I suspect Gretchen will address in her next short story.

Get this short story and Gretchen Short Story Covers Fanned Acrossall of the short stories by clicking on the icon of Gretchen’s short stories, or by CLICKING HERE.

And remember, to sign up for these FREE short stories to be sent to you directly, please go to Gretchen’s own page, where you will see a discount for the purchase of the book.

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Blessings my friends, and please, GIVE ME your feedback.


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