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A NEW Short Story from Mark S Mirza






My Dear FREE Short Story Readers,

My plan is to eventually send new stories out every few weeks.


This FREE short story is a little different from the first three. This one is not so “tame” and it incorporates two different main characters. In this prayer story the modern day track coach, Dr. Dale and Colossae’s Thales, from 2000 years ago find themselves in trouble because of work delegated that was never done.

You will find yourself on both ends of this conflict, and you will find an ending that is all too familiar.

Please enjoy it and forward this email to your friends.

Of course if you would like to receive the original FREE short stories please CLICK HERE.

Enjoy your FREE short stories and let me know your thoughts, good and bad!

Gretchen is writing a Mother’s Day Short story where the demon katepA  causes her to feel inferior to her husband’s “saintly” mother. It’ll be out soon.

Blessings my friends,


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This will allow us to make one of our part time teachers a full time employee and enable Mark to return to Kenya to continue rebuilding the foundation of prayer in that country.


Lots going on every day!

Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us. Thank you.


Mark S Mirza
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New Short Story – FREE

We are excited that we have a new short story available for our readers. This is another free story about one of my favorite characters – Dr. Dale from the book The Pray-ers.   Here is a quick sample for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to download your copy today from this link: Dr Dale and The Lazy Pray Organizers.

A Doctor Dale Short Story


If Dr. Dale’s eyes were opened to see the angels around him his mood might have changed. Because of his anger right now he may have just been sarcastic as to what he saw. For as he left church on this Saturday, where he had just led the men’s prayer ministry, there were myriads of guardian angels milling about awaiting their charges. In his state of mind, he would have looked and seen these angels and quipped that they looked more like angelic bouncers.

Each of the angels stood nine foot tall and had bodies that were chiseled as if out of solid rock.

Again, knowing Dr. Dale’s state of mind he probably would have looked around and said, “You guys look like you are mafia king-pin body guards.”

His own guardian angel Hael was sitting in the back of Dr. Dale’s little car but he wasn’t alone. Tephillah was with him. Tephillah had just been reassigned to a mortal named Billy Bob Johnson who would be exiting the church soon.

Since Dale’s eyes were not opened to see this part of the heavenlies he didn’t have to see these two angels, whose bodies would naturally decompress to fit into any size they needed to. But just the thought […More…]

He’s Back! I’ve Missed Y’all


He’s Back! I’ve Missed Y’all

Real quickly, I want you to be aware that the first 3 of Gretchen’s short stories are available, FOR FREE!

We want you to enjoy her memoirs of her husband’s prayer principles.

Do you remember Gretchen?

She’s the one who itinerant preacher, Alexander Rich is falling in love with (even though he doesn’t realize it yet).

The basis of her short stories is that she is writing his memoirs for their 20th wedding anniversary.

We think we’ve got a home run with these. We’d sure like your feedback.

Please do 2 things for us:
1) Download and enjoy her stories.
2) Forward the link below to a friend.

Common Thread Ministries 850 Piedmont Ave NE #1506 Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
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Early Book Promo-Live

Novel Promo Logo

Back in June I recorded this short 3 minute video of my book.

Since I am heading to the #Proclaim17 #NRBConvention this week, I thought this an appropriate post for those interested.

Below is a QR code link giving you access to the same “special-deal” I am giving the NRB attendees.

Please take advantage of it.


Scan the QR Code below and follow it to a special we are offering.

QR Code for the NRB Convention


2 Free Short Stories

The Pray-ers for half price

And an additional special offer



Mark S Mirza Signature

Review from Day By Day In Our World



review-daybyday This post, Learning the Importance of Prayer via The Pray-ers, was made possible with a digital copy of The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles  by Mark S. Mirza and available through CTM Publishing Atlanta for review as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

There is a long history now of authors creating a work of fiction to teach an important truth or set of truths. I’ll admit that typically the fictional allegorical works tend to capture my interest more than some of the dry nonfiction works. The Pray-ers is a title that seeks to educate in a more entertaining manner.


Enjoy Christian historical fiction? The Pray-ers takes that approach by highlighting 3 men of prayer through the ages.The Pray-ers can be placed into the genre of Christian Historical Fiction. Through the pages, you are introduced to 3 key figures across time: Alexander Rich, Dr. Dale, and Epaphras. Each man is from a different era with 2 from the United States.

Epaphras is from the early Church. He was a colleague of the Apostle Paul and is mentioned a few times in Scripture. Many believe him to be the founder of the church at Colosse. Most importantly, he is known for his fervent prayer life and fighting against heresies in his local church. His prayers often sought God to help the Colossians be made perfect in the perfection of Christ.

Alexander Rich is an itinerant preacher in Georgia. Born in Massachusetts, he is called to minister to the people of Georgia. When the Civil War begins, he is compelled to remain with his flock and enlists as a preacher in the southern army. Captured by the north, he elects to remain with the men he is ministering to.

Beyond learning about these individuals, you also see a glimpse into the nastier side of life.

In a realm we cannot see with human eyes, angels and demons are active through time. Though this work of fiction, they are shown to be working towards their own goals. The angels are there to glorify God and when sent on a mission, protect humans. The demons are constantly finding ways to drive a wedge between us and God, bringing more souls to Satan’s control.

For this story, there is a guardian angel, Hael, assigned to Dr. Dale. And there are demons doing their best to drive that wedge between the prayerful Christian men and God. Something unique for this novel is that Mr. Mirza has chosen to put demon names (e.g. katepa and joln) lowercase only. While it takes some getting used to reading this alternative formatting, I like how it removes a level of importance from them.


So far, I am the only person in the house who has been reading this title. While I am an avid reader, I have to admit that getting through the pages of The Pray-ers has been a struggle. I’m just not entirely sure of the reason.  The writing is decent. The book is long, but not outrageously so.

My best guess is that this book is not one to rush through and my spirit senses that through the words God is speaking to me. Prayer life is important and I know that my personal prayer life has suffered in the last few years. So, I am persevering to complete this particular novel and see how the reading of others with a strong prayer life will help my own. And, that, I believe is a large part of why Mark S. Mirza authored it.

THANK YOU for this review!




Mature in the Faith


I so love going to Kenya and serving these folks, helping them mature in the faith. This photo is from Kisii during my last trip, in May of this year.

I find myself burdened though, about their maturity in the faith. Below is an excerpt from Epaphras as he deals with the same issues in my book:

Epaphras, still quiet, then heard the sounds of the city coming to life and thinking of his people who had to live in that world every day he exclaimed, “Oh Lord, how I long to see them mature in the faith.[1] I trust You Father to fill me with the knowledge of Your will, giving me all wisdom and spiritual understanding so that I walk worthy of You, especially as I correct my people, and grow in the knowledge of You.”[2]

Continue reading “Mature in the Faith”

Epaphras Struggles with Thanksgiving

Epaphras, Thanking God for EverythingIn The Pray-ers, on page 97, Epaphras

“. . . recalled his challenging learning experience with Paul three years earlier, about being thankful. . .”

As you read this short post, it came about from the need to check our motivation in our current politically charged world. And yet, as I was praying through this issue, I began to realize that the issues we face here, and that we truly desire to handle with prayer, require us to consider SO MUCH MORE, namely, we MUST look at how being thankful FOR everything, not just IN everything is a paramount prayer principle.

I so enjoy these character’s and the way they model prayer for us.

Continue reading “Epaphras Struggles with Thanksgiving”

Abortion In The Church

abortion, love, church

Abortion among believers in the church is an issue that I felt compelled to introduce in my first novel, The Pray-ers. The article referenced above which you can link to by clicking on the picture is an excellent read.

While I’d like to give you some of the excerpts from my book, so that you can see how it is dealt with, I cannot, because I fear that it would impact your enjoyment of this part of the story which, even though a small part of the book, impacts key aspects of the two of the character’s lives.

Continue reading “Abortion In The Church”

Earth’s Age Confirmed by Hael


While The Ark Encounter is being advertised on Times Square, our modern day prayer hero received a confirmation from Hael, his guardian angel. They are talking about the wonderful late teacher Dr. Walter Martin and how he never let dogma get in between his loving on people for the sake of the gospel, and then on page 126, this interchange occurs, with Hael speaking:

“And as for the age of the earth, you know that he believed in an old earth, right? Well, when he got to heaven, he learned that the earth is only six-thousand-ish years old.”

Dale smiled, “Yes, I knew he would. . . .”

If you haven’t picked up our book yet, you can do so by clicking here. Continue reading “Earth’s Age Confirmed by Hael”