Taking Sin Too Lightly

Staged photo of Mark Prostrate

Sobering Look at Sin

The 30 minute audio below came from Pinehurst Baptist Church in November 2017.

It is sobering and so I will merely give you the link, and below it, a few notes. Please note that when it gets a bit difficult to hear, it is because I am on my belly talking to God. This I did in front of the congregation, and would do it again if given the chance.

Psalm 51:17

The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart.

What’s In Your Mind When Sin is in Your Heart?

Sin’s Impact on Your Prayer Life

Deuteronomy 3:26

But the LORD was angry with me on account of you and would not listen to me. The LORD said to me, ‘That’s enough! Do not speak to Me again about this matter.

Isaiah 1:15

When you lift up your hands in prayer, I will refuse to look at you; even if you offer countless prayers, I will not listen. . .

Isaiah 59:2

But your iniquities have built barriers between you and your God, and your sins have made Him hide His face from you so that He does not listen.

Lamentations 3:41-44

41 Let us lift up our hearts and our hands
to God in heaven:
42 We have sinned and rebelled;
You have not forgiven.

ס Samek
43 You have covered Yourself in anger and pursued us;
You have killed without compassion.
44 You have covered Yourself with a cloud
so that no prayer can pass through.

Proverbs 28:9

Anyone who turns his ear away from hearing the law– even his prayer is detestable.

Cry Out for Mercy

By Praying Thru Psalm 38, then

Remember Psalm 51:17 . . .

So You Can Get to Psalm 118:19


Blessings my friends,

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PS. Forgive me for “staging” the featured image above, but I searched and searched the internet and couldn’t find anyone prostrating themselves that looked remotely like they might be Baptist.

Seriously, that is where I prostrate myself before the Lord, the only thing is there is normally a  cocktail table in the center of the rug, but again, this is ONLY A VISUAL.

Thank you for understanding.

Answer? Bind the strongman!

Photos of weeping during the Florida shooting tragedy

The Politics

While the world, the politicians, the activists, etc. are responding to yesterday’s school murder in their typical way, I would like to have an “in-house” discussion with Christians.

Let those in politics, Christians and non-Christians deal with these things on that level. If you are a Christian and you are a part of those discussions, we are glad you are there and our prayers are with you.

The Christians

But I’d like to have an “in-house” discussions with Christians centered around a post I saw yesterday.

On Facebook I saw a comment aimed at “murder on our school campuses.” Among the responses, there was an interesting one, “Bind the strongman.”

Let me state up front that while I am involved in many prayer organizations and ministries, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ANY OF THEM, except my own, Common Thread Ministries (found at MarkMirza.com).

The Solution?

Let me narrow down the discussion that I would like us to have.
How do we “in-the-pews” impact the issue by “Binding the strongman?”

I realize this is a little vague, so let me ask it this way, and feel free to respond based on any of the following questions. I just ask that you respond with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15e).

  1. As pray-ers why do we “Bind the strongman?”
  2. What impact does, “Binding the strongman” have?
  3. How could “Binding of the strongman” have impacted yesterday’s tragedy?
  4. Why is “Binding the strongman” a/the solution?
  5. What does Scripture tell us about “Binding the strongman?”
  6. Why did Jesus talk about “Binding the strongman?”
  7. What point was Jesus making?

I look forward to us talking about this. I only ask that we adhere to the fisherman’s words at the end of verse 15 in First Peter chapter 3, “with gentleness and respect.”


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NDPGeorgia Update February 2018

NDPGeorgia Countdown Banner with our website on it


As a member of the state of Georgia NDP Team

I just wanted to take a moment and encourage you to keep us posted of your NDPGeorgia kick-off meetings for volunteers.

I have had the opportunity to attend a few of them now and they are a great encouragement to me and to the team. Our role on this team though is to encourage YOU!

So thank you for the great encouragement that you are to us. And however you want us to, we are there to support you.


Our state website, www.NDPGeorgia.org
Our FB page, NDPGeorgia
Our Twitter page, @NDPGeorgia, and
Our Instagram page, @NDPGeorgia

Please give us your Social Media links so that we can join our efforts together to mobilize unified public and personal, Christ centered prayer for America.


If you are involved in NDPGeorgia, make sure that it is:




Obviously, being in the prayer business I have a number of resources available to you. You can CLICK HERE to see them.

But I’d like to highlight two that, frankly, I didn’t put much stock in, for years. And then a few months ago I went through them and am now very, very impressed.

You see, they were originally put together after 9-11. Their age alone kept me from looking seriously at them. AND THEN I looked, read and used them. They are timeless ways of praying for our nation.

You may enjoy them, and so they are on sale the rest of this month for $4.00 each. Normally they are $14.99 each.

Resource Available, Presidential Prayer Devo Cover

Resource Available, Presidential Prayer Journal Cover

Again, however we can serve you, we want to.



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Who’s Influenced Your Prayer Life?

Title showing Babbie Mason's influence in my life

Prayer Influencers

In my life there have been key people influencing my Prayer-Life. I have mentioned portions of this in my previous posts, but felt like I should put it onto a short video too:


One of the songs that Babbie sings, that I remember most impacting my life was her song, “To The Cross” which I have embedded into this post. Please enjoy it as much as I have:

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So we DON’T pester you!


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Blessings my friends,


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National Day of Prayer – Praying for Our Military

George Washington and Modern Military Personnel praying together

I just had the opportunity to join with others and pray for our military.

Below is the outline we used. There are a few things on the outline we did not get to, but it is a decent representation of what we prayed.

Praying for our Military


  • Begin By Praising the Lord
  • Pray for the spiritual maturity of our military members.
    • Remember The Centurion (Matthew 8:7-9)
  • Pray the Word of God as a warrior with authority.
  • Homecoming
    • Coming home from deployment can be the hardest part of serving.
    • Remember Romans 15:13
  • Potential Massive Deployment Later this Year
  • Pray for Families Left Home
  • North Korea, it’s Menacing Tones
    • And the Hope of unifying Christian liberty in North Korea as in South Korea
  • Honor for Our Military from Stateside Men and Women
  • Cyber Security
  • Veterans and their Stateside Affairs, including the VA Hospitals
  • Bases all over GA, including the Churches/Pastors/SS Teachers who minister to the children left home when a parent is deployed
  • Commander In Chief
  • The Greatest Military, the Christians,
    • 1 Peter 4:17, Judgment Begins in the Church House
    • #Pray4Unity (John 17:21, has got to become truth)
    • Ephesians 6:12, Our Struggle is not Against Flesh and Blood

I want to specifically thank T. C. for being on the phone with me for the entire hour.


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Invited to Babbie Mason’s: Babbie’s House

Babbie Mason’s Babbie’s House

What a great call I just got. I was invited to an interview at Babbie Mason’s. Babbie’s House taping this Thursday.

So I pulled out my two CD’s, Standing In The Gap and Timeless

Album cover for Standing In The Gap by Babbie Mason

Album Cover for Babbie Mason's Timeless

I started to list a few of the songs that I like from these but, I have to tell you, I LIKE THEM ALL!

The album above, Standing In The Gap, came out at a time in my life when I was willing to “give-up-the-ghost.” Of course I could never do that though, because with my luck I’d mess it up and be disabled and in pain my whole life.

So I started listening to these songs. They are all great! But two that caught my heart were:

The Title Song, Standing In The Gap.

For the Cause of Christ

After The Storm

Jesus the Sweetest Name Of All

And the last song, To The Cross. I want to offer this one to you here:

I never realized this, but re-listening to these two songs today I realize that they had an incredibly significant part in my calling, to prayer.

So I guess, for those of you who may wish me to NOT teach on prayer, “It’s Babbie’s fault!”

I Am Excited!

Can you tell that I am excited about this interview?

The other album, Timeless came out when she performed at FBA, where I purchased it.

Great songs on it also:

Wade In The Water

He Keeps Me Singing

Simply I Love You

Black And Blue

Babbie’s House

CLICK HERE for her website. Keep it and follow it so that you can see our interview.


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Prayer In The News, Prayer Box In Front of Church

Prayer Box in Front of a Church in Rincon GA

A couple of years ago I was speaking in Rincon GA and saw the “Prayer Box” that you see above. It’s a great idea!

I love how a number of churches have these, of various shapes and sizes, in their church entry, and of course their church prayer rooms.

Below is an article about a Catholic Mission in Branford FL doing the same thing.

Now before my fellow Baptist pastors begin to hyperventilate, remember, there will be a few people in heaven that pray differently than you do, there will be some folks there who vote differently than you do, and, God forbid, there will be some folks in heaven that baptize differently than you do.

Just enjoy the “Prayer in the News” article:

Prayer Box in Front of a Church in Branford FLBRANFORD — The Angels of Mercy of San Juan Catholic Mission has recently announced a new initiative in its service to the community — a Prayer Box to help in serving the spiritual needs of the community.

The Prayer Box, located in front of the church at 304 Plant Avenue SE, will receive short notes of the spiritual needs of those who wish to have the church parishioners pray, whether for themselves or for family members or friends who are seeking intercessory prayer for their needs.

To take part, one simply drives by the clearly marked box and drops in a note of the prayer need. The prayers are distributed to a group of people who pray for persons in need — sickness, other need or for the deceased. The prayers are also presented in a group on Sunday Mass for prayer by the entire congregation.

The initiative compliments and rounds out the outreach the church provides for the community. The Angels of Mercy of the Catholic Church has provided free clothing on the third Friday of each month (3-6 p.m.), without charge, identification or any limitation. A person or family can come and take as much clothing as they need. In recent months the Angels have also distributed a small bag of food for those needing a few meals.

Most recently, San Juan Catholic Mission has joined with the local Ministerial Association —Branford Area Inter Church Ministries to provide it with a table in conjunction with the monthly clothes give-away in order to provide a brown bag lunch to those that wish to have it.

The President of the Branford Area Inter Church Ministries (BAICM) is Pastor Bruce Arnold of Beachville Advent Christian Church.



Blessings my friends,

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Prayer Boot Camp Promo Videos

Prayer Boot Camp Featured Photo Montage

If you are hosting an upcoming Prayer Boot Camp (PBC) Mark has recorded a couple of 1 minute promos for you to play in your church, before the PBC.

The first video is 53 seconds and the second video is 1:12.

We hope this helps.

Below are the two YouTube videos and below each one is the actual YouTube link.

1st of 2, play this 2 or 3 Sundays before the PBC

Direct YouTube/CTMPrayer Link: https://youtu.be/6PV_X5wtVbQ

2nd of 2, play this 1 Sunday before the PBC.

Direct YouTube/CTMPrayer Link: https://youtu.be/h5bONHYJXB4

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Cease Not To Pray

Masthead for Cease not to pray post

During My Walk

After returning a rental car today (originally published July 1, 2016) I took a back road walking home and went on to our local bike trail.

While I walked a very nice young woman asked me for 30 seconds of my time to talk to me about a subject that I knew I would strongly disagree with her. I won’t share with you any of the details of the subject because I don’t want it to cloud the focus of this post, namely, The Results of Praying Without Ceasing.

Prepared For An Encounter

But let me back up, before I met her on the trail. For after I dropped off the car and started walking, my mind was bombarded with thoughts that took me in directions I know my brain should not go. I found myself constantly and, praise the Lord, consistently, taking those thoughts captive, which, above all things meant submitting myself to the Lord in every area of my thought life.

Here’s the point to this short post. Because I was prayed up. Because I was constantly in prayer. Because I was submitted to the Lord, by the Holy Spirit, when I met her on the trail, I had the words to say in that hour (Matthew 10:19). And instead of strong antagonism and deep resentment being the result of our discussion, we parted company in a friendly manner.

I walked away reflecting that she not only knew clearly why I believe what I believe. But she heard from a Christian, a love for her that she didn’t expect when I answered her by saying, “I’ll give you 30 seconds, but I’m one of these wacko Christians.”

Praying For Her

A little further down the trail I was able to pray for her. And because our conversation went the way it did, from beginning to end, I was able to pray, with confidence that she would be moved by something that the Holy Spirit may have spoken to her heart.

My words were just my words. They weren’t said to convict or to change her mind. My role was to speak the truth in love (1 Peter 3:15) and let the Holy Spirit touch her and speak to her heart (Matthew 10:20).

And then I started to consider, what might I have said had I not been completely prayed up? What attitude might I have given off had I not been constantly in prayer before her introducing herself to me?

What Are You Like

Do you notice a difference in yourself when you are not prayed up? Do you treat people differently than would like to when you have not been taking your thoughts captive?

Be constant in prayer. Try it you’ll like the results.

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Solemn Assembly Questions

Solemn Assembly Masthead

I am so honored to use these questions when I do A Solemn Assembly.

These questions are so penetrating that they humble you every time you hear them.

If you have been in a service where I have gone through these questions with you, remember my plea to you, “finish doing business with God.”

Solemn Assembly QuestionsThese questions remind us of things we may have disregarded previously. Please deal with them.

To print this, you will find it easier to use 8 1/2 x 14 paper.

Also, note the information on the bottom of this form as it gives contact info to Greg Frizzell.

Click on the link to the left or Copy & Post the link below:



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