Thanksgivings Revisited

Three and a half turkeys, 3 wild, 1 cooked

Let’s revisit recent Thanksgivings


Back in 2016, In my novel, The Pray-ers, Book 1, Troubles, Epaphras struggles with Paul’s teaching on giving thanks.

In this short post I quote the two historical characters, as they walk thru this issue.

I think you’ll find it entertaining, as well as informative.

CLICK HERE for the post and Epaphras’ struggle. The Itinerant preacher Alexander Rich is also quoted in the post.

Click above or on the characters below:

The novel cover of The Pray-ers with the main characters for all 3 eras

If you’re interested, the book is available for FREE after you pay shipping and handling of $7.95. Just CLICK HERE, or the book below.

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Last year I wrote the following post at Thanksgiving:



A Thanksgiving scene with lots of food

The title tells the story of the post. To read it, CLICK HERE, if you dare.



Only one, I promise.


CLICK HERE to read the short post and view the short video. It’s titled, Thanking God For The Tough Stuff.

Video Still of Thanking and Praying

Believe me when I tell you, “It’ll challenge ya!”


Okay, One More

Do you mind if I give you a little perspective?

Here’s an Instagram post of mine from the other day.

Recent post from Instagram




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Who Are You Encouraging?

Encouragement Posts

Encourage, encourage, encourage!


I’m not trying to be ugly, but the truth is, sometimes it takes all you have to encourage someone else, right?


Below are some ways that I encourage, using FB, TW & IG. I trust they will
encourage you, to
encourage others,

My editor will be grumpy with that sentence.

Facebook Encouragements:

FB encouragements

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Twitter Encouragements:

TW encouragements

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TW encouragements

I love Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter. CLICK HERE for some AIG cartoons


Instagram Encouragements:

IG encouragements

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IG encouragements

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IG encouragements

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IG encouragements

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IG encouragements

If you pray with me you know how important praise is to me. CLICK HERE for a one and a half minute video on praise and Revelation 5:8.


Blessings my friends (and while we’re at it, be a blessing to others).

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Calling God A Liar

I’m almost scared to even write that title.

Here is the video that accompanies this post. Tell me what you think.

If this video doesn’t scare you away, you may be interested in some others. CLICK HERE to see the list of Prayer Basics videos. Nearly all are 2 to 3 minutes each.

Yesterday I posted the idea of BLAMING GOD regarding politics. CLICK HERE for it.



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You Pray Too Much

Pray the right thing

What would you think if I told you that?

But I’m Serious

This short video addresses 2 issues.

  1. Whose doing all the talking when you pray, and
  2. How to pray what you ought to pray

The tips from this video will help.

How’s your prayer-life?

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Troubles, How Will They End

How will your troubles end

The movie toy story has a cute little song associated with it, and part of the words say, “You’ve got your Troubles, I’ve got’em too.”

We’ve all got em!

And I suspect that we all deal with them the same way, namely, “LORD! Please get rid of this!”

What if I could tell you of ONE, ABSOLUTELY SURE PROMISE about your trouble.

Do you know how your trouble will end?

I Do! I Know!

And I want you to know too.
Believe me, you will love the answer!
It’s a PROMISE you can count on,
–if you’re saved.

How’s your prayer-life?

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Why Doesn’t sataN Want You Praying

sataN does not want you to pray

Stop and think about this!

sataN DOES NOT want you to pray.

But Why

When you know, it will re-excite your prayer-life.

I guarantee it!

But, don’t let your first thought, as top why he doesn’t want you to pray, be your only thought.
That is his deception.
Trust me on this one.

Watch the short video:

How’s your prayer-life?

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Prayer Denied

Featured image showing the denying of prayer

This is NOT Political

I know what you’re thinking, “Mark, anytime prayer is denied it is political!”

If you don’t believe me, just read on

What physical “needs” do you pray for?

Food, Clothing, Touch

What emotional “needs” do you pray for?

Security, Affection, Comfort


I have been burdened lately by Matthew 16:24, “. . . deny yourself. . .”

I wonder, how would our prayers would change if we denied ourselves, to follow Him?


Just wondering,


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Unity In The Church


  • #ChurchUnity

  • Unity Because We Need It

  • Unity Because We Don’t GOT it

I am spending a lot of time in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah lately. While it was specifically written to the Israelites, I believe that it gives us some interesting “jumping-off” points that we can apply to our lives.

Please hear me when I say that I’m not being critical toward either political party or various theologies, even though I have strong beliefs myself. I am being critical towards us, in the church, us that are saved, that are NOT IN UNITY with one another simply because we think differently than others.

Look, they may baptize, or pray, or vote, or look different from us, so instead of getting off our soapbox for a few minutes, we choose #DISUNITY.

Remember, we are the problem, when it comes to lack of unity, not the world! The world is acting like the world. The problem is us, the saved, the church. We are acting like the world. And that has got to change! Let me confess to you, I’m talking about me as well as you. When I use the word “you,” I’m using it in the Southern sense “y’all,” which includes me.

We have prayed 2 Chronicles 7:14 for years that God would fix Washington DC, or Nairobi, or Mexico City, or Tegucigalpa, depending upon where you live. But we have completely ignored the first clause in that verse, which is humbling ourselves before God. We can point out the ills in everybody else’s life but we refuse to talk to God about the sin in our life.

To my shame, I know that I sure do. And I don’t think I’m that much different than many of you.

Here is an article that I read today and it prompted this post. What caught my heart was the end of the post and the reference to Christians:

Christians’ Future

The article above made me think about what the future portends for Christians. And I believe that WHATEVER is in our future will directly tie to the issue of unity, and specifically, the current disunity that we have in The Body.

Friends, WE HAVE the opportunity, the GREAT opportunity, and, I believe, responsibility, to demonstrate UNITY IN THE MIDST OF DISAGREEMENT, which the world does not have the ability to do, or to flesh-out.

In the article above, Dianne Feinstein (now considered too conservative for the democrats to support) is quoted as believing that Christians are “unfit for public office.”

But she isn’t the only one who thinks Christians are ineligible for public office. I remember some 10 or 12 years ago listening to Neal Boortz on the radio when he said, “If you believe the earth is only 6,000 years old you should not be allowed to vote.” I remember this clearly because I immediately called the radio station, was put on hold for 45 minutes, and when Mr. Boortz came on the line he said, “I don’t care if you ever listen to me again and hung up on me.”

By the way, I have reached out to Neal Boortz and will put his response below, if he responds.

(Insert Neal Boortz’ response, 500 words max)

But are these two folks the only two who think this way?

Again remember, the purpose of this post is to advocate #ChurchUnity within the body. I am NOT WRITING THIS so that you can focus on how you’d “change other people’s minds.” This is NOT about winning an argument, this is about unity within the Body of Christ that we are SOOOOO LACKING today.

Look at the radicalization of attitudes in our world, such that, we see people in Great Britain tearing down bus advertisements ( because they don’t want others to hear Rev. Franklin Graham talk about hope.

Again, this is the world, and we expect that from the world!

Obstinate Church

I’m concerned that in the Church we are just as obstinate.

If you know the Mission Statement for Common Thread Ministries, “Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer” from Psalm 11:3, you may know that the reason this is our Mission Statement is because I believe that things are going to get much worse before Christ returns. You may have even heard me say that “if your prayer-life is not solid, when things get worse, you will cave.”

I told you that I have been spending a lot of time in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, and again, while this was written to the Israelites of old, I fear there are solid applications for us today.

God, speaking to Jeremiah says:

“. . . They will cry out to me, but I will not hear them.”
Jeremiah 11:11b (HCSB)

And then three verses later we read that God tells Jeremiah:

“As for you, do not pray for these people. . .”
Jeremiah 11:14a (HCSB)

Remember, that God is talking about His chosen people in the two passages above. Nevertheless, While I DO NOT THINK that God has said this to us yet, is He getting ready to?

Have we SOOOO DROPPED THE BALL that we have been asked to carry, that what portends us is, and should be, scary?

Remember, my SOLE-REASON (you may want to say “soul-reason” and I’d agree), for writing this is to point us to unity in the Body of Christ!

What Are You Thinking

So, here is my question to you, as you have read what is above, what has been going thru your head? My experience tells me there are two responses that the majority of us have had.

1. Oh, those stupid people, why can’t they. . . Or,
2. Lord, my heart hurts for the church.

Are you getting “ramped-up” to convince everyone else you are right and they are wrong? Or is this “ramping-up” merely reinforcing that you do NOT want to engage with others?

Are you wanting to prostrate yourself before the Lord and ask Him for endurance and encouragement, for a spirit of unity, as you follow His Son (Romans 15:5)?

There is an entire message here, on Romans 15:5-6, but I will refrain from it.

Make The Main-Thing The Main-Thing

Beginning with those in The Church that disagree with you.

And what is the main-thing?

Jesus made it clear, and it HAS TO BEGIN with us. In John 17:21 (His high-priestly prayer) He said, “The way they will know that I came from the Father, has NOTHING to do with your ability to parse doctrine. The way they will know that I came from the Father, has NOTHING to do with love (which He brings up 2 verses later). The way they will know that I came from the Father, has NOTHING to do with your politics! The way they will know that I came from the Father, is if you have unity.”

And Baby We Do Not!

I could be way wrong on this, but here is my bottom line. Expect God to say to us what He did to Jeremiah, if we continue this constant salvo of pointing our fingers at others, including, and especially, fellow Christians.

We have no more for time for petty differences! There’s a reason people do not want our Jesus and it is because that know us! They see our lack of unity!

And if our lack of unity is a sin, then we have so many sins that we can’t see over them (Psalm 40:12).

Let me briefly say something that may sound to you like I am speaking out of the other side of my mouth. If you are in politics, remember that you are to work as unto the Lord, and not unto man. And whatever you do, do it with excellence because it is the Lord you are serving (Colossians 3:23-24).

Because of our arrogant choice to NOT BE IN UNITY, if He hasn’t already, I fear that God is getting ready to tell us what he told Isaiah, “I will not listen to you anymore. I don’t care, even when you raise your hands towards me or how often you pray” (Isaiah 1:15). Or maybe God is getting ready to say to us, when we pray, like He said to Moses, “Stop talking to me about this subject!” (Deuteronomy 3:26b).

What subject you ask? ANYTHING! If we refuse to be united with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I don’t think God is interested in listening to ANYTHING we have to say!

What Church Unity Looks Like

Church unity is best understood by looking at a foundational point of the Christian’s existence here on Terra Firma, namely, that this is not our home! Just look at Hebrews 13:14 and 1 Peter 2:11.

The truth of these two verses, and their impact on #ChurchUnity came home to me recently when I thought through Colossians 1:5 where we are told our “hope is in Heaven.” 

When our hope is NOT IN HEAVEN. Where is it?

That’s Right: When our hope is not in heaven, our hope is on things here, on earth. How foolish and how selfish we are!

I believe that when our focus is on the things of the earth, our selfishness does not allow us to submit to one another (Ephesians 5:21).

Does this short discussion of #ChurchUnity remind you of the passage that says, “deny yourself?” (Matthew 16:24) Well it should.

Unity In The Body

This is what the Lord requires of us.

Turn Him down to your peril, and to OUR peril, as a Body.


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Jeremiah and The SBC

Featured Image using the SBC logo and Michelangelo's Jeremiah




Let me just pretend to be Jeremiah for a moment and stand at the gates and make an observation or two. (Jeremiah 6:27) You decide if it is from the Lord or not.

Whether you have won or lost, have you considered that there is a judgment involved here? And if there is a judgment, could it be that God is judging us for not relying upon Him? (1 Peter 4:17)

Ray Stedman back in the ’60’s made a great observation when he exegeted 2 Corinthians 10:5 and said, and I’m paraphrasing, “in the church, we pattern ourselves and decision making like they do in Washington D. C., to our shame.”

This is not rocket science my friends. We say, “well, if I were running the show. . .” or we say, “well now that I am running the show. . .” And I don’t see that in Scripture. I’m not saying, “don’t be involved.” In fact, I believe that whatever your involvement, you should do it with excellence, because you are doing it as unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)


The truth is, this disunity has given me an opportunity to speak openly, on a subject that I have only nibbled at for a number of years, Unity In the Body of Christ.

Let me switch gears now, from the SBC to the church in general. AND, I’m NOT speaking about the world, I expect the world to act like the world. It is the Body of Christ which concerns me.

And I want to ask you, Does the Body of Christ, and its lack of unity concern you?


Consider recent elections: November 2016, November 2012, November 2008, November 2004, etc., and of course, now at the SBC Annual Mtg, June 2018, the same thing has happened. What am I talking about? The evil one’s ability, by his deceit, to stick his hook into our mouth, and let his AGENDA, his schemes, designs, devices, plans, intentions, etc. drag us ANYWHERE he wants us to go. I see this happen regardless of which side of “the-win” we are on.

Again, I am NOT talking about the SBC in particular, although the shoe surely fits. I am speaking to the Body of Christ, as a whole, especially as it is impacted by our politics.

We have nearly ZERO unity within the church today! And I believe the reason is real simple, “Our Pride!”


My focus is not whether we’re Republican or Democrat, whether we’re a Calvinist or a non-Calvinist, nor whether we speak in tongues or not, or immerse or sprinkle.

My focus and concern is your identity, and whom, or what, it is in. I am grateful that the evil one’s deceit has finally placed a spotlight on this. We are not finding our identity in Christ.

Let me tell you what I see in politics, both in the church and in Washington D.C.


Our pride causes us to see “bad-people” associated with, what we believe are “bad-ideas.” And on the flip-side, our pride has blinded us to feel attacked by people because they disagree with us. Our pride takes our eyes OFF what we have in Christ, and places it ON our theology, our politics, our differences, our disagreements,  our, our, our. Do you see the problem?

Friends, Our Pride. . .

Has caused us to put our identity in our ideology, rather than in Christ.

It doesn’t matter the issue! We constantly prove that we in the church are no different than the world. Just look at our focus! Just look at what comes out our mouth from our heart. (Matthew 15:18) And if this be true, then why would ANYONE want our Jesus?


My goal is not to change your mind on your ideas, political or theological. The Holy Spirit has your address and He will contact you if and when He wants to. (I suspect He already has, but that is a message for another day)

My goal is not to win an argument with you. My goal is that we would have unity in the body, in the midst of disagreement. Does that last statement seem oxymoronic to you? At first glance you may think so, but I think God is big enough to allow unity in the midst of disagreement, but only when WE SUBMIT ourselves to Him, without us playing the Holy Spirit for others.

You want an action point to prove my seemingly oxymoronic statement? I’ll give you three:

  1. Start thanking the Lord for your opponent. (Ephesians 5:20) Forget about “why” you can thank Him, for him. Just start “blindly” doing what He says to do.
  2. Go to the Lord and ask Him where YOU have not followed His Son, relative to your opponent. (Romans 15:5) I’m not saying reach out to them and become their buddy, just do what He says to do in this verse. And,
  3. Accept the truth that your “opponent” is not your opponent, for your struggle is not with flesh and blood. (Ephesians 6:12) This will become an unwelcome barometer for you.

Let me put this last statement (point #3 above) into terms that we can ALL understand. I say this all the time when I am in churches, so my wife knows that I preach the following, okay! I always say, My wife is nearly perfect. She really is. There are only a couple of things I want to see “fixed” and they aint a big deal.  She even agrees! Nevertheless, I have had to come to the disappointing conclusion that the reason my wife is wired the way she is has to do with God. You see, God knows there are things in MY LIFE that I WOULD NOT DEAL WITH if Naida were “fixed.”

Do you know why those people are in your life that you disagree with? Remember, God already has their address and He knows how to fix them if and when He wants to. They are in YOUR LIFE so that you will deal with YOUR ISSUES and rely upon God to deal with everyone else, which may include Him using you, but not at the cost of unity in The Body.

Again, I’m not saying don’t get involved, and I reiterate, whatever you do, do it with excellence.


Let me finish this by metaphorically standing at the gates of our churches, as Jeremiah did in Jerusalem long ago, and say what I think Jesus would say, in light of John 17:21, “The way they will know that I came from the Father, has nothing to do with your ability to parse doctrine.  The way they will know that I came from the Father, has nothing to do with love. I’ll bring that up in a couple of sentences. The way they will know that I came from the Father is if you have unity. And you DO NOT have unity. No wonder people do not want Me as their Saviour. They know you, and they see the disunity, in your home, in your church, in your denomination! Why would they want to be a part of that? They already have that kind of disunity in their world, every day of their life!”

My friends, go back to my three action points above. I believe they will change your life for the rest of your life.



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Moses and the Lampstands (In 3 Languages)

Featured Photo of post talking about God in the Details


God and the Details

READ | Numbers 7:89-8:3

Numbers 7:89-8:3 (NASB)

(89) Now when Moses went into the tent of meeting to speak with Him, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony, from between the two cherubim, so He spoke to him.
(1)Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying,
(2)”Speak to Aaron and say to him, ‘When you mount the lamps, the seven lamps will give light in the front of the lampstand.'”
(3) Aaron therefore did so; he mounted its lamps at the front of the lampstand, just as the LORD had commanded Moses.

Have you ever wondered who to talk to about all of the “little things” in your life? I know that we all believe that we can talk to the Lord, but really, do we? How many of you talk to the Lord about which gasoline to put in your car, what date/s you should go to the ball-game, where you should go on holiday? I bring this up because if you look at our passage above it would seem that the Lord talks to Moses about something that we would think is inconsequential, the direction of the lamps! How bizarre is that? But it should be a reminder to us that our God is interested in EVERYTHING in our lives!

Look at the passage, the Lord essentially is telling Moses to tell Aaron which direction to face the lampstands…incredible!

Let me take this another step further, have you ever thought that God knows everything about everything? I know that you recognize that in your head, but I wonder if you recognize that in your heart. When you are at work, and you are stuck and don’t know what to do next, how quickly do you bring the Lord into the equation? How quickly do you ask the Lord to give you the wisdom to complete the work (James 1:5)? I don’t expect you to drop to your knees at your desk, but you can get up, walk to the restroom, walk outside, etc. There are all kinds of ways for you to bring the Lord into your workplace. The same thing goes at your home, when you are struggling with something (or someone) there, get away for a few minutes and talk to the Lord. He really is interested in each of those “little things” in our life.

There’s one more practical reason this is important. If you are a person who is committed to praying for others, we would all agree that it is important to take seriously trusting in the Lord. After all, those we are praying for expect us to have confidence, when we pray for their needs. I believe that we demonstrate to the Lord, to ourselves, and to those that are closest to us, how much we REALLY trust the Lord, by how we bring our “little things” to Him. If you pray for others with supposed confidence in the Lord you need to demonstrate it at home too.

So I challenge you to have confidence in coming to the Lord, even on those “little things” in your life, like which direction a lampstand should face.

Questions for Moses and the Lampstands:

  • Amazing that God would allow an example in scripture of how He is really concerned about the little things. Can you think of how you might make the same point to your family?
  • What things do those around you want prayer for, that you would have looked at as a little thing?
  • Now as you pray for them, what impact on your child do you think this will make?
  • How likely are they to pray for everything and anything as they get older, because they saw you praying for little things.
  • You have a wonderful opportunity to influence your family GREATLY.
  • Pray for the LITTLE things!


Dios y los Detalles

LEA | Números 7:89-8:3


Números 7:89-8:3

89) Cuando Moisés entró en la Tienda de reunión para hablar con el SEÑOR, escuchó su voz de entre los dos querubines, desde la cubierta del propiciatorio que estaba sobre el arca del pacto. Así hablaba el SEÑOR con Moisés.
1) El SEÑOR le dijo a Moisés:
2) «Dile a Aarón: “Cuando instales las siete lámparas, éstas deberán alumbrar hacia la parte delantera del candelabro.” »
3) Así lo hizo Aarón. Instaló las lámparas de modo que alumbraran hacia la parte delantera del candelabro, tal como el SEÑOR se lo había ordenado a Moisés.

¿Alguna vez ha tratado de de encontrar a alguien con quien hablar acerca de los “asuntos pequeños” en su vida? Se que todos nosotros creemos que podemos hablar con el Señor pero, honestamente, ¿Lo hacemos? ¿Cuántos de ustedes hablan con el Señor acerca del tipo de gasolina que van a poner en su auto, o de las fechas para ir a ver un partido, adónde ir un día feriado? Hablo de esto porque si usted mira el pasaje anterior, pareciese que Dios le habla a Moisés respecto de algo irrelevante, la orientación de las lámparas. ¿No le parece raro? Pero esto debe ser un recordatorio de que Dios por TODO lo relacionado con nuestras vidas.

Échele una mirada al pasaje, el Señor básicamente, le está diciendo a Moisés que le diga a Aarón en que dirección poner las lámparas… increíble.

Permítame llevar esto un paso más allá. ¿Alguna vez ha pensado en el hecho de que Dios conoce todos los detalles respecto de todas las cosas. Yo se que usted lo acepta en su cabeza, pero me pregunto si lo reconoce en su corazón. Cuando está en su trabajo y no sabe que hacer, ¿qué tan pronto incluye al Señor en el asunto? ¿Qué tan pronto le pide al Señor que le de la sabiduría para completar su tarea (Santiago 1:5)? Yo no espero que usted se ponga de rodillas en frente de su escritorio, pero puede levantarse y caminar hacia el servicio sanitario, ir afuera del edificio, etc. Hay muchas maneras en las que usted puede traer al Señor a su lugar de trabajo. Lo mismo se aplica para su hogar. Cuando usted está batallando con algo, o con alguien, aléjese por un par de minutos y hable con Dios. El realmente está interesado en todas esas “cositas” en su vida.

Hay una razón práctica más por lo que esto es importante. Si usted es una persona comprometida a orar por otros, deberemos estar de acuerdo en que el confiar en el Señor es algo que debemos tomar con mucha seriedad. Después de todo, aquellos por los que estamos orando esperan que nosotros confiemos en Dios cuando oramos por sus necesidades. Yo creo que nosotros demostramos a nosotros mismos, a aquellos cerca nuestro, cuanto es lo que REALMENTE confiamos en el Señor, cuando traemos a el esas “pequeñas cosas” en oración. Si ora por otros con una supuesta confianza en el, usted debe demostrar esta confianza en su propia vida también.

Entonces, quiero retarle para que venga al Señor con toda confianza, trayendo inclusive esas “cositas” en su vida, tales como en que dirección deben orientarse los candelabros.

Preguntas para Moisés y los Candelabros:

  • Dios permite un maravilloso ejemplo en su Palabra para dejarnos ver como se preocupa aún por las cosas pequeñas. ¿Puede pensar en cómo explicar esto a su familia?
  • ¿Cuántas cosas de las que alguien le ha pedido orar le han parecido “pequeñeces”?
  • Ahora, mientras ora por sus hijos ¿Qué impacto cree que esto va a tener en sus vidas?
  • ¿Es posible que crezcan aprendiendo a orar por todo al verlo a usted orar aún por las cosas pequeñas?
  • Usted puede impactar a su familia TREMENDAMENTE.
  • Ore por las cosas pequeñas.


Mungu na Maelezo

SOMA | Hesabu 7:89-8:3

Hesabu 7:89-8:3

89) Kisha Musa alipoingia ndani ya hema ya kukutania ili kunena na Mungu, ndipo aliposikia sauti ikinene naya kutoka hapo juuya kiti cha rehema, kilichokuwa juu ya saduku la ushahidi. Ikitoka kati ya yale makerubi mawili, naye akanena naye.
1) Kisha Bwana akanena na Musa na kumwambia
2) Nena na Haruni ukamwambie utakaposiweka taa hiza taa saba, zitatoa nuru hapo mbele ya Kinara cha taa.
3) Basi Haruni akafanya, akasiweka taa zake ilisitoe nuru hapo mbele ya Kinara, kama Bwana alivyo mwagiza Musa.

Je, umewahi kushangaa nina unaweza kuongea naye kuhusu mambo yote madogo katika maisha yako? Ninajua tunamini kwamba tunaweza kuongea na Mungu, lakini kweli, je tunaweza? Niwangapi wenu munamuliza Mungu niainagani ya mafuta mutaweka kwa gari, nitarehe gani utaenda kwa michezo, niwapi utaenda likizo? Ninawasilisha hili kwasababu ukiangalia mandiko pale juu, inaonyasha kama kwamba Mungu aliongea na Musa kuhusu mambo tunayoweza kudhani si ya muhimu, Mwelekeo wa Kinara! Ni ya kushangaza namnagani? Lakini niya kutukubusha kwamba Mungu anahusika nakila kitu maishani mwetu.

Tazama andiko, Mungu anamwambia Musa aambie Haruni ni upendi gani ataelekeza Kinara…kushangaaza!

Ebu nipeleke hii mbele saidi,Je ushawahi kufikiri Mungu ana jua kila kitu ya kila kitu? Najua unajua kwamawazo yako, lakini nashangaa kama unajua kwa roho yako. Wakati uko kazini, na umekwama, na hujua cha kufanya, ni haraka kiazi gani unamuliza Mungu hekima kumaliza kazi (Yakobo 1:5) Sitarajii uanguke kwa magoti kwa kiti chako, lakini unaweza kuinuka, Uenda msalani, uende inje na kadhalika. Kuna njia nyingi mno za kuleta Mungu mahari pako pa kazi. Mambo hayo hayo yanaweza kutumika nyumbani kwako, Wakati unasumbuka na jambo (au mtu) hapo, ondoka kwa mnda mufupi uongee na Mungu. Kwa hakika ana husika kwa kila kitu kidogo katika maisha hako.

Kunasababu ingine ya wazi na ni ya muhimu. Kama wewe ni mtu amejitolea kuombea wengine, sote tunaweza kukubaliana ya kwamba ni ya muhimu kutilia maanani kuamini Mungu. Hata hivyo, wale tunaowaombea wanatalajia tuwe na ujasiri, tunapowaombe kwa mahitaji yao. Naamini tuna dhihirisha kwa Bwana, na kwetu, na kwa walio karibu nasi, jinsi tunamwamini Bwana, kwa vile tunaleta mambo yetu madogo kwake. Ukiwaombea wengine kwa ujasiri katika Bwana unahitaji kuonyesha nyumbani pia.
13 Kwa hivyo na kuchangamoto uwe na ujasiri ukija kwa Bwana, hata kwa hayo mambo madogo katika maisha yako, kama vile niupande gani Kinara kinaangali.

Swali kwa Musa na Kinara:

  • Ni ya kushangaza kwamba Mungu ana ruhusu mfano katika andiko jinsi anahusika na mambo madogo. Je, unaweza kufiri jinsi unaweza kufanya hivyo kwa jamii yako?
  • Ni mambo gani walio karibu nawe wanahitaji kuombewa, ambayo umeona ni mambo madogo.
  • Unapowaombea, Nimambadiliko gani kwa mtoto wako unafiri italeta?
  • Niuwezekano gani kwamba wataombea kila jambo watakapo kuwa wakubwa kwa sababu walikuona ukiombea mambo madogo.
  • Uko nanafasi nzuri ya kufutia jamii yako kwa kuu.
  • Ombea mambo madogo!




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