Praying For Miracles


God Does Miracles

God does Miracles, NOT because you are praying about it.
God does Miracles because God WANTS to do miracles.
You’re not praying to coerce God to think your way and do your will, your miracle.
You are praying to allow God to coerce your thinking to His ways and His will, and therefore His miracle.

John 15:7

This is the essence of John 15:7.
When you abide in Him AND you let His words abide in you,
and then the last one third of that verse becomes true, “whatever you ask you receive.”

Whose Will

Why does that occur?
Because you are praying HIS WILL not your will.

Abide in Him

Often, especially when we want a miracle
We Begin by praying our will,
but over time
God changes our will to His will
as we abide in Him AND we allow His words to abide in us.

Love you guys,


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Praying To The God of Hope

Praying for a Suffering Saint,

When You’re not Compelled to Pray for Healing

This is not an uncommon scenario, which is why I recorded this short, 2 minute video.


Romans 15:13 (HCSB)

Now may the God of hope
fill you with all joy and peace
as you believe in Him
so that you may overflow with hope
by the power of the Holy Spirit.

My Oft’ Prayed Prayer

I pray this verse so often for people. I love this verse.

And don’t miss how the prayer ends. . . . WITH expectation!


PS. Credit for the word, “Suffering” above goes to:


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End of Summer Sale

End of Summer Sale

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Pray-ers like Ruth Graham Bell Contribute to this book, Prayers from A Mother's HeartRuth Bell Graham was the child of missionary parents, wife of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, mother of five children, grandmother of nineteen, and great-grandmother to a growing number. She was the author of many books, including Footprints of a Pilgrim, One Wintry Night, and Mothers Together (written with her daughter GiGi Graham Tchividjian).

Both the prayers and the watercolor illustrations in this book are lovely. It is one of my absolute FAVORITE “mom” books. I love to give it as part of baby shower gifts. There are prayers for all kinds of different aspects of mothering — some examples: an unborn child, strength for a new mother, protection and friendship, the death of a father, adopted children, teenage children, prayer for hurting mothers, a gentle voice, back from the pigpen, on a daughter’s wedding day, prayer for grandchildren, and many others. A wonderful tool to help us be a people of prayer in the raising of children and grandchildren.

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2 Continents,
1 Nine Foot Tall Angel,
 and a host of demons.

The men and women in this book will model prayer for you. I am constantly teaching that “Prayer is more caught than taught” and I believe that you will enjoy reading this Historical Christian Fiction.


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Alongside these cards you may want to purchase the “Prayer Made Alive – Book 3” which is a compilation of these cards with sample prayers and notes for each.



THE HIDDEN LIFE OF PRAYER (by David M. MacIntyre) — was: $ 9.99 but now only $ 4.50

David Macintyre's The Hidden Life of PrayerJohn Piper ~ Founder of Desiring God Ministries, Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, Minneapolis, Minnesota says: “God brings books at their appointed times. The Hidden Life of Prayer arrived late but well-timed. This little jewel-strewn tapestry has done for me at 64 what Bounds’ Power Through Prayer did at 34. I could be ashamed that I need inspiration for the highest privilege. But I choose to be thankful.”





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Courageous City Official Encourages Prayer

Masthead for Aug 12 Prayer in the News showing Mayor Gloria Garcia

Kudos to Victorville CA Mayor Gloria Garcia.

Prayer, In or Out of the Public Arena

We have spent a generation (and more) taking God out of the city center, it is promising to see Him asked back in by a city government official.

As you pray for her you will want to also pray for those who will oppose her. But as you pray, ABOUT THEM and BECAUSE OF THEM remember HOW you are to view them. Think of this, thru the eyes of Scripture.

You will want to pray AGAINST those opposing her, but you must remember that your struggle and her struggle is not and will not be with flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12).

So, with that being said, how would you pray for them (those opposing her) and how would you pray for her?

Let me suggest 2 simple passages:

For Those Opposing Mayor Garcia:

Lord, as I think of those that even now are planning the destruction of Mayor Garcia’s decision to plan and encourage prayer in the public square, we recognize that they are deceived by the evil one into thinking that a person’s religion does not impact the rest of their lives. Father, let this event begin the process OF THEIR eyes and ears being opened. Father, begin to change the hearts of those who would come against this brave mayor. (Genesis 3:1, Ephesians 1:18)

For Mayor Garcia Herself:

Lord, Mayor Garcia has been moved by You to do a very courageous thing, encouraging public prayer because of the city’s problems. Lord, allow her to recognize the deception of those around her, “good people” who will want her to reverse her actions, for various reasons. And Father, let her see, open the eyes and the ears of her heart, that she might recognize the various ways You are using this action of hers. Lord, let her courageousness not only curb the violence in Victorville but please also encourage other Christian mayors to do the same thing. (Genesis 3:1, Ephesians 1:18)

To see Shea Johnson’s (@DP_Shea), Daily Press (@VVDailyPress) article from Victorville ( CLICK HERE or go directly to:




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Bible Time With Ken And Gary June 19, 2017

Featured Photo for a 1 hour video with the guys from Bible Time with Ken and Gary (June 19, 2017)

A New Video

This week I attended Bible Time with Ken and Gary in Columbus Georgia.

I love working with these guys. They have a heart for prayer, a heart for serving people, a heart for the church, and a heart for the lost.

This video encompassed a number of things on prayer, as well as them giving me a REAL BAD TIME about having my San Francisco Giants baseball cap and my Barry Bonds Baseball T-Shirt with me.

I thought they may want to convert!

They also allowed me to talk about my books at the end of the video.

I look forward to serving these guys again, and probably setting a few dates to speak over there.

Gary Hartman and I will set up another War Room Prayer Boot Camp for the Columbus area. This one will be at his church, Antioch Baptist in Fortson Georgia.

And then Ken Grubb who is the Southeast regional missionary for BCM International ( will have me speak next year at his staff retreats,

All in all a great time yesterday.

If you get the chance, listen in on our discussion about prayer. We covered a lot of ground, and didn’t “sugar-coat” very much of it.

Oh yeah! They also invited me to speak at their Hands Across America event on September 9th in Columbus.

We’ll keep you posted right here!


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Mt Zion Bus Crash, Part 5

Mt Zion Bus Crash Photo

Mt. Zion Bus Crash, Friday,


Monday we committed to addressing a number of issues in these five posts. Each day we will link to the previous posts:

The Big Picture
Why Did This Happen?
When Can This Be Prevented?
What Should I Pray Now?
• How Can I Trust God Again?

Here are today’s issues we left you with on Monday. . .

How Can I Trust God Again:

In fact, the real issue after all of this is a TRUST issue. Since prayer doesn’t seem to work, how can I trust Him? Even if I do not worry about the issues in MY life, how can I trust Him with my loved one’s life? I hate to admit this, but if I have ever wondered about trusting God, wondered if prayer is worth doing, then this surely proves to me that I cannot! And what argument would someone use to show me that I can trust God again? I can’t imagine trusting Him again, I just can’t!

If you do not want to read the rest of this post, here is the conclusion, “God is still trustworthy!”

I left you yesterday without any real resolution. Some of you may have even heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR PROTECTION!” You may have also heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR HEALING!” And finally, you may have heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR TRAVELING MERCIES.”

I know that’s what it sounded like, but that isn’t what I want you to take away. In fact, just the OPPOSITE is what I want you to hear. Let me tell you why. I believe that God is so much bigger than we imagine. You see, one of the wonderful names of His is that He is the God of Comfort. And He longs, let me say it differently, He LONGS to comfort you. And when you pray for protection, or healing, or traveling mercies, and a whole host of other things, God transcends your words of despair and as you trust Him, He gives you a peace, a peace which transcends your understanding (Philippians 4:7).

I Don’t Pray For Protection:

I personally don’t pray for protection, but if you have heard me speak for any length of time you have heard me tell you that God and I do talk about protection, but it is never from the standpoint of, “Oh Lordy, Lordy, I need protection!” NEVER! My praying for protection is always from the standpoint of trusting Him because He has already said that He is my Protector.

I do the same thing with money. I never say to Him, “Oh Father, how am I going to pay the house payment!?!?!?” My prayer is more along the lines of, “Lord, You have said that when I seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, You will take care of all the details in my life (Matthew 6:33).

When I begin to think that I’m going through something that is too difficult, or that I am going through something that I do not deserve to go through I love the reminder of 2 Corinthians 7:5 where Paul confesses that he experienced the same thing, “troubles without and fears within.” But do you know what I love the most about verse 5? It’s verse 6. You see, Paul tells us in verse 6 his secret to dealing with “troubles without and fears within.” He tells us whom God comforts. He says that God comforts the humble.

Far from focusing on wriggling our way out of our problems, Paul is telling us the story of God’s chosen people, from cover to cover, namely, in the midst of difficulties, tragedies, etc. humble yourself before God, submit to Him, trust Him, and what will be the result? Yes, comfort! His comfort. Do you know what He will accomplish in your life? He will comfort you so that you can comfort others in the self-same way (2 Corinthians 1:4).

May I confess something to you? There are times when circumstances in my life have taxed my faith so strongly that the only prayer I have is, “Father, thank you for another opportunity for You to rebuild my faith muscle, and I get to watch You do it! I may begin because of despair, but I cannot say those words without a sure hope because of who God is!

I had lunch today with two Christian friends. We talked about the disciples who OBEDIENTLY followed Christ’s direction, and ended up in a storm. And then one of them reminded us that a long time ago there were 3 godly young men who were thrown into a fiery furnace (they forgot their names so I reminded them, My-Shack, Your-Shack, and A-Bungalo, which was the way I learned their names 4+ decades ago). Anyway, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago said something very interesting to King Nebuchadnezzar. They said, in Daniel 3:17, “Our God can save us.” And then verse 18 is an amazing statement from them. They said, “but if He doesn’t. . . ”

They Knew God:

There is only one reason they could talk like that. They KNEW the comfort of their God, your God, my God, and the God of the Mt Zion folks.

God is trustworthy my friend, even in the midst of tragedy.

If you are willing to trust Him, can I just remind you of something? Trusting God is like loving your spouse. You love your spouse because you choose to love them. You trust God because you choose to trust Him.

Will you allow me one more cheesy application?

My wife and I have this saying between us, “I love you, I just don’t like you right now.”

Here’s my application to our Mt Zion bus crash, “Lord, I trust you, I just don’t understand You right now.”

He, the God of comfort can be trusted, will you choose to trust Him right now?


POSTSCRIPT: I hope that you know that I have written these 5 day’s posts because I love you and want to help strengthen your faith. And if it appears that I have had any other motive, then I apologize because I didn’t communicate clearly enough.

Mt Zion Bus Crash, Part 4

Mt Zion Bus Crash Photo

Mt. Zion Bus Crash, Thursday,


Monday we committed to addressing a number of issues in these five posts. Each day we will link to the previous posts:

The Big Picture 
Why Did This Happen? 
When Can This Be Prevented?
• What Should I Pray Now?
• How Can I Trust God Again?

A friend of mine shared something that hadn’t occurred to me. He said, “Mark, I’d take the posts down. You sound like you are being critical of the good people at Mt. Zion.” Friends, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Far from being critical of them I am empathizing with them and asking OURSELVES questions that naturally result from a tragedy like this. My goal is to discuss the difficult questions that we normally react to by “salving-over” our heart, instead of searching Scripture to allow the Word of Christ to comfort our heart.

Here are today’s issues we left you with on Monday. . .

What Should I Pray Now:

I guess the next question, related to this bus crash is, how will it impact my prayer-life? And not just for protection, for myself or others, but about EVERY subject! I mean really, what works? Is prayer just “blind-luck?” What words should I use when I pray? Is there any confidence that God gives us about prayer, because “I’m not feelin’ it” if there is? Are there parameters that I can follow (and still get what I want)? Again, what will work?

If you do not want to read the rest of this post, here is the simple answer, “Yes, to get what you want, pray God’s will.”

But in the next few paragraphs I will share a sobering thought, namely that “your-will” may not be “His-will.”

The Open Door Test:

Revelation 3:8 is where people get the quote that they use when they say, “God opens doors that no one can shut. . .” I’m not going to discuss the relevancy of this verse to our subject, merely to acknowledge that the Word says that phrase. I would rather go a different direction with the idea of “open-doors.” Have you ever considered that God often TESTS us, by the doors He opens?

Yes! I think that God often opens doors, NOT so that we can jump thru them, but so that He can test us to see if we will jump through the door because we want to, rather than waiting for the door that He wants us to go through.

Here’s my point, and it fits perfectly with our dilemma of what to pray now. You do NOT go through a door just because it is open, you go through a door because it is His will, and if you do not know what His will is yet, you don’t go through the door!

God Gives WHATEVER You Ask:

A lot of my friends like the part of John 15:7 which says, “then you will ask what you will and it WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. But folks, that is the SECOND HALF of the verse. Do you remember the first half? The first half says, “Abide in me and I in you. . . ” What is the point? The point is simple, if you are abiding in Him, He will abide in you AND THEN you will ask WHATEVER you want and it will be given unto you. Why? Because you will be asking what He wants you to ask, You will be asking His will NOT YOURS!

Are you interested in knowing God’s will? Then get into His Word when you pray. Men and women of old used to pray with their Bibles open. Why? Because they wanted Scripture to direct their praying.

Do you remember the passage I brought up yesterday, 1 John 5:14-15? The idea behind confidence in asking for something, NO MATTER WHAT and having confidence that you will receive it is based on one thing. What’s the one thing? Answer: Praying His will!

That’s the issue my friends!

Healing The Sick Prayer:

Before I talk “traveling-mercies” and God’s will to the Mt Zion bus crash let me broach another difficult subject that potentially has the same root problem. The issue of God healing the sick, because we pray the right formula. Before I say anything, ANYTHING, let me assure you that I believe in miraculous healing even today! I have prayed for people’s healing and then watch them be healed, immediately.

But friends, when I pray for healing, physical healing, I NEVER pray from Isaiah 53 or 1 Peter 2 which both say, “By His stripes you were healed.” Do you know why I NEVER use that passage when praying for physical healing? Have you read the verses before and after the two passages? They are talking about SPIRITUAL healing, NOT physical healing!

Here’s how I pray for someone’s physical healing. I simply let the Holy Spirit lay on my heart what to pray and if I do not get a CLEAR sense to pray for their physical healing, I do not! And if I do get a clear sense, then I confidently pray trusting God to heal them.

The issue is the same as our dilemma, namely, am I praying my will or God’s will? There is lots to say about healing but this isn’t the forum. My question is simple. Am I sure of God’s will when I pray?

Coercing God:

Let me tell you why people like to pray for someone’s physical healing from the two passages above. For the SAME reason they like to pray for protection. To coerce God into doing what we want! In the Isaiah 53 and the 1 Peter 2 passage there is a 4-letter word, “WERE” so we tell God that since physical healing was ALREADY given to us we expect Him to heal the person we are praying for. My friends, that is the way we pray for protection!

We see that God talks about being our protector so we plead with Him what we want without seeking His will for what He may want.

Have you ever looked at how many times people pray for protection in Scripture? Answer: About 1 1/2 times! Now there’s a lot of talk about protection, but God is the One doing it! He is telling us that HE IS ALREADY our protector! The way I hear people pray for protection, I feel like I am hearing people call God a liar as they plead with Him and plead with Him, rather than merely trust Him.

So this brings up our problem, namely that not every plane makes it all the way across the ocean, not every car makes it all the way to its destination. And the same goes for buses, obviously.

Traveling Mercies:

Is the answer to this that we should pray for traveling mercies? It would be if I found that in Scripture, but I do NOT see traveling mercies in Scripture! Where is it!

Let me tell you what I have found, Exodus 23:20, although written to and for the Israelites, I believe it has great application to us. It says that the Angel of the Lord (which in this context is God) is alongside you, guarding you along the way so that you arrive at the place that He has prepared for you.

When you travel, you can trust that the Lord is alongside, and He is making sure you make it to where He says you will go. And then when you arrive there, He has ALREADY prepared that place for you. Think about that! Instead of getting off the plane, or out of the car saying, “WHEW! We made it!” You are ending your travel saying, “Cool Lord, what do You have prepared for us/me here?”

But You have to be willing to do something.

Believing God:

Do you know what the problem is with the view in the previous paragraphs? We are not interested in God’s will if it contradicts our will! Do think that is “crazy-talk” from this prayer pastor?

I’m reminded of the church that called me to teach them to pray God’s will, until God’s will contradicted their will. Or the woman who prayed for her son who just joined the military, but was unwilling to say, “Lord, you can do whatever You want to my son.”

So how does this apply to our Mt Zion bus crash, simple (notice I didn’t say “easy,” I merely said “simple”). Imagine that your pastor gave you a blank piece of paper and at the top of it was written, “God’s Will For My Life” and your pastor wanted you to sign it, BLANK. In other words, let God put in WHATEVER He wants into your life.

This is what I think the issue is, God wants us to pray His will, not our will. And sometimes His will contradicts our will, or, more often, we don’t even seek His will because the truth is, we’re not interested in giving Him a free hand with His will in our lives. You see, we’re okay praying His will, if it doesn’t contradict our will, too much.

Summing Up What We Know:

1. God WILL hear and answer our prayer IF we’re asking His will
2. He gives us His will in His Word, so abide in Him
3. And what happens when You abide in Him? He abides in you so that you are now asking His will, and the result is you can ask WHATEVER you will and it will be given unto you

Do you want confidence when you pray? Then pray, accepting His will.

Tomorrow we will explore “trusting Him” even though prayer doesn’t work the way we want it to.


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Entangled By Sin

Featureed photo for the post on the sin which so easily entangles us

And Liking It?

Forgive me. I am NOT giving a license for sin. I just want to discuss sin in light of the way we, or I, often look at it. And I think you might too.

What is the sin that so easily entangles you?

I know which mine is!

Do you know what is yours?

This morning I was reviewing today’s Devo that will be put up on our ministry FB page

As I reviewed it I came under deep conviction about the way I sometimes handle sin in my life. I want to share my notes with you, and be a bit transparent, but, I’d like you to try and do the same thing.

Would you take a moment and be transparent with yourself, as I tried to be with myself? Even as I write these words I am thinking about my notes that I journaled this morning and am wondering “how-transparent” should I be with you?

Well, let’s see what comes out.

Here’s what I want to do. I will give the Devo verse in Italics and then my notes below it.

Again, let the Lord speak to you about what sin you have going on in your life that you want to jettison, that you no longer want to hold onto. Or maybe . . .

. . . you TRULY want to hold onto your sin?

Be honest with God about it. Remember, he already knows your sin better than you do.

Precept (Principle)
Luke 12:15
Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
— Lord, I know this! Why is it so hard to live it? Especially when I am dealing with that sin which so easily entangles me (Hebrews 12:1)? The truth is Father, there are times when I do want to covet that elusive sin that keeps kicking-my-tail!

Promise (from God)
Isaiah 29:19
The meek also shall increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
— Father, I confess that my joy in You is so fickle. And its fickleness is usually based on whether my attitude about my sin has my focus or if You have my focus. Forgive me Lord, the issue isn’t sin kicking-my-tail, the issue is me choosing to NOT submit to You.

Prayer (to God)
Psalm 27:4
One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in His temple.
— I am grateful Father, that my desire for this sin and my lack of joy, THEY DO send me to Your presence. Oh Lord, my Lord, be majestic in my life today (Psalm 8:1, 9).


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The Future of Today’s Public Vitriol

The future of Public Vitriol's artful cartoon


That we live in a society where things are going from bad to worse should not surprise Christians, after all didn’t Paul warn of this? Look at what he says in 2 Timothy 3:13 “Evil people and impostors will become worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

If we look at all of chapter 3 we could outline it as follows:

  1. Expect difficult times in the end
  2. Expect to be persecuted
  3. Trust Scripture
  4. Be complete and equipped

Not exactly a harbinger of smiling times, eh?

So what does all this have to do with the public vitriol we see today? Simple!

Let me preface this by telling you that I hope I am wrong. I WANT to be wrong. I would LOVE for you to find this post in 3 years and say, “Mark, you are NOT a prophet! You completely got this wrong!”


That being said, and meant, let me tell you my concern. I believe this public vitriol that we see on the news, in our politics, in our families, and yes, in our churches is becoming the new norm.

Now I’m not concerned about the unsaved “becoming worse” because I expect that. Paul said that above.

Look at my outline above. I’m not focused and therefore concerned about “difficult times” coming and “persecutions” coming. They are a fact of life.  My concern for the church is that we are missing the next two points. I don’t see us “trusting Scripture” and therefore, I don’t see us “complete and equipped” which tells me that we will cave to the pressures and the vitriol of the day when real difficulties and persecutions come our way.

Let me back up in time a few years. There is a reason that the Vision Statement for Common Thread Ministries was written as it is, “Rebuilding the foundations of prayer” (from Psalm 11:3). The reason is that when (not “if”) things get worse in your hometown, if your prayer life isn’t solid you will cave. And THAT is my concern for my Christian brothers and sisters.

Friends, this public vitriol is becoming the new norm, which, I suspect, will be focused upon the Christians before long. And my question is simple, “Are you ready?”


Forgive me for stepping all the closer to your toes, but I must. If you think the cartoon above is the way to handle public vitriol, namely, giving-it-back just as hard as it comes to you, then you have forgotten Jesus’ example who, “when He was reviled, He did not revile in return; when He was suffering, He did not threaten but entrusted Himself to the One who judges justly.” 1 Peter 2:23


May I give you some hope? The hope comes in a “backdoor sort-of way” from Romans 8:6, which basically says that if I focus on the things of the flesh, I end up with death. But if I focus on the things of the spirit, I have life and peace (that’s a Mark Mirza Paraphrase). I believe that the best way to understand this verse is to look at it in reverse. This is what it is saying. Again, in Mark Mirza paraphrase:

If you do not have peace, I don’t care how “righteous” or “self-righteous” you are, you are NOT focusing on the things of the Spirit.

You might be asking where the hope is, and here’s the hope.

Let the verse be a simple wake-up call to you, that if you are NOT at peace, you simply need to go back to the Lord, go back to His comforting Word, for your focus has become the things the evil one wants you to focus on, namely, the things of the flesh, the angst, and the vitriol, which may soon be the new norm.

Let me take one possible argument away from you before the evil one convinces you to forget my plea to you, okay?

I am NOT SAYING, “do not be aware” of what is going where this vitriol is served up, I am merely saying, “Don’t FOCUS On It!”


Let me end with this. If you struggle with worry, go to my short 3 minute video where I address that subject for ALL of us:

Worry, You Don’t Gotta


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Webinar By Strategic Renewal – The Power of AND

STrategic Renew Webinar called the power of AND

The Webinar

This last week I had the chance to participate in a webinar put on by my friend Daniel Henderson. He has been a leader in encouraging pastor’s prayer lives for years.

Below you will find some of my quick quotes/paraphrases from the webinar, but more importantly, you will see the link, giving you access to the webinar itself.

Trust me, it’ll be worth your time.The

The Quotes

Teaching on prayer thru a Strategic Renewal live webinar:

“We agree” with one another, all over the congregation

Most of life is mundane, and that’s okay.

Be flexible on the form, to capture the participation.

Prayer leading is one of the most faith-filled things I do. I don’t look at the parking lot when I drive in because it is too depressing.

Kids learning to pray by watching adults pray. So we only have nursery, we do not have children’s groups those Sunday nights that we do our monthly prayer meeting.

Our leadership team ministers in the context of Prayer, meaning we PRAY with people..

We are prone to self-trust.

Where is the place that your church prays?

Making a value that isn’t practiced is a hope. A core value of Prayer CANNOT be on the list of core values until we actually pray!

The power of “AND” meaning if we do not focus on both the Bible AND Prayer you’re missing both!

The Links



I hope you’ll take the time to watch and/or listen. It’ll be worth your while.




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