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What Happened Today

A number of years ago, a wonderful song was sung live by a musician who has now fallen out of favor because of his lifestyle choices. Don’t be distracted by that. On my YouTube channel, I have this video pegged in my Favorite Christian Music.

The makers of the video have marvelously showed, in a 7 minute and 45 second music video.

Let this great video encourage your life, as you remember what Jesus went thru today.

FYI. Admittedly, the makers of the video took some creative license. Again, don’t let that distract you.

Our job at Common Thread Ministries is to encourage your prayer life. We get to do that because our saviour not only condescended and came to earth as a babe, but He saw His Father’s will for His life thru to the end.

Tomorrow we will look at “Losing Your Faith” as a result of your expectations NOT coming about, as the Apostles surely must have experienced.

Blessings to you my friend,


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Taking Sin Too Lightly

Staged photo of Mark Prostrate

Sobering Look at Sin

The 30 minute audio below came from Pinehurst Baptist Church in November 2017.

It is sobering and so I will merely give you the link, and below it, a few notes. Please note that when it gets a bit difficult to hear, it is because I am on my belly talking to God. This I did in front of the congregation, and would do it again if given the chance.

Psalm 51:17

The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart.

What’s In Your Mind When Sin is in Your Heart?

Sin’s Impact on Your Prayer Life

Deuteronomy 3:26

But the LORD was angry with me on account of you and would not listen to me. The LORD said to me, ‘That’s enough! Do not speak to Me again about this matter.

Isaiah 1:15

When you lift up your hands in prayer, I will refuse to look at you; even if you offer countless prayers, I will not listen. . .

Isaiah 59:2

But your iniquities have built barriers between you and your God, and your sins have made Him hide His face from you so that He does not listen.

Lamentations 3:41-44

41 Let us lift up our hearts and our hands
to God in heaven:
42 We have sinned and rebelled;
You have not forgiven.

ס Samek
43 You have covered Yourself in anger and pursued us;
You have killed without compassion.
44 You have covered Yourself with a cloud
so that no prayer can pass through.

Proverbs 28:9

Anyone who turns his ear away from hearing the law– even his prayer is detestable.

Cry Out for Mercy

By Praying Thru Psalm 38, then

Remember Psalm 51:17 . . .

So You Can Get to Psalm 118:19


Blessings my friends,

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PS. Forgive me for “staging” the featured image above, but I searched and searched the internet and couldn’t find anyone prostrating themselves that looked remotely like they might be Baptist.

Seriously, that is where I prostrate myself before the Lord, the only thing is there is normally a  cocktail table in the center of the rug, but again, this is ONLY A VISUAL.

Thank you for understanding.

Billy Graham Entered Heaven Today

Various Photos of Billy Graham

The Tragic Johnstown Flood

I’m finishing up a book on The Tragic Johnstown Flood. It occurred in 1889 and there were over 2200 people that died. It is considered the worst tragedy on US soil until 911.

The goal of the book I am completing is To Show God IN THE MIDST of Tragedy.

We often hear two disparate sides to tragedies:

  1. The Graphic Details, and
  2. The God Talk.

This book combines the two in a completely unique way. An angel, Hael (from my first novel, The Pray-ers), is giving the backstory behind many of the folks that had to deal with the Johnstown flood, Hael gives their stories before the flood, during the flood, after the flood, and many, at their actual death.

The Segue

When the Guardian Angel, Hael talks about those that die, he doesn’t end his narrative at their death, he talks about their meetings in heaven.

And yes, that is not a typo, I DID, on purpose, type in, “their meetings,” plural.

Hael talks about people waiting in heaven for the one who has just died, so that they can welcome him or her.

Line of people

Can you imagine the line of people waiting to welcome Billy Graham into heaven today?

Remembering Billy Graham

Years ago, a wonderful song was sung live by a musician who has now fallen out of favor because of his lifestyle choices. Don’t be distracted by that. On my YouTube channel, I have this video pegged in my Favorite Christian Music.

The makers of the video have marvelously uplifted Billy Graham’s life.

Let this great video encourage your life, as you remember Billy Graham.



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Invited to Babbie Mason’s: Babbie’s House

Babbie Mason’s Babbie’s House

What a great call I just got. I was invited to an interview at Babbie Mason’s. Babbie’s House taping this Thursday.

So I pulled out my two CD’s, Standing In The Gap and Timeless

Album cover for Standing In The Gap by Babbie Mason

Album Cover for Babbie Mason's Timeless

I started to list a few of the songs that I like from these but, I have to tell you, I LIKE THEM ALL!

The album above, Standing In The Gap, came out at a time in my life when I was willing to “give-up-the-ghost.” Of course I could never do that though, because with my luck I’d mess it up and be disabled and in pain my whole life.

So I started listening to these songs. They are all great! But two that caught my heart were:

The Title Song, Standing In The Gap.

For the Cause of Christ

After The Storm

Jesus the Sweetest Name Of All

And the last song, To The Cross. I want to offer this one to you here:

I never realized this, but re-listening to these two songs today I realize that they had an incredibly significant part in my calling, to prayer.

So I guess, for those of you who may wish me to NOT teach on prayer, “It’s Babbie’s fault!”

I Am Excited!

Can you tell that I am excited about this interview?

The other album, Timeless came out when she performed at FBA, where I purchased it.

Great songs on it also:

Wade In The Water

He Keeps Me Singing

Simply I Love You

Black And Blue

Babbie’s House

CLICK HERE for her website. Keep it and follow it so that you can see our interview.


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Homecoming Lovely Grove Baptist , Eastman Georgia

Lovely Grove Baptist Church Homecoming in Eastman GA

Eastman GA

In the photo above you see numerous churches in the little town of Eastman GA preparing for and focusing on prayer. I love seeing this!

I had the opportunity to give the message at the Lovely Grove Homecoming service yesterday (July 23, 2017) in Eastman GA.

The accompanying musicians were the Dixie Rhythm Boys and were abosultely wonderful!

I would like to share with you some of my message. I tried to live-stream it but I didn’t have enough of a signal to do so.

Homecoming Message

Of course being a homecoming message I found some interesting facts about Lovely Grove. Some of these facts had to do with their cemetery, like erroneous dates of death, as well as people “born in the cemetery” which has all kinds of implications.

But what fascinated me the most was their Cottage Prayer Meetings. After the service an older woman told me that she remembers as a little girl coming to the Cottage Prayer Meetings in her grandmother’s buggy.

And so, my message was a constant reminder to the congregation of what these men and women at the Cottage Prayer Meetings would have prayed. While I had already planned to do this, the need to emphasize this was all the more made clear when, before I spoke, the pastor asked for prayer requests, and of course, 100% of the prayer requests were what I call, “organ-recitals” because all they wanted to do was to pray for this person’s organ and that person’s organ, etc.

With some trepidation I shared with them quotes from famous people already in heaven, whom the founders of Lovely Grove Baptist would already know, I quoted the following:

R A Torrey

Unless our focus is on Him, our prayers are not unto Him

Jonathan Edwards

How many is it likely will remember this discourse in hell

John Wesley Diary

God had cast us in his way, in answer to prayer.

Leonard Ravenhill

We will be in heaven 5 minutes and wished we’d have lived and prayed differently

Praise the Lord that no one threw me out, and they didn’t dis-invite me to homecoming lunch and so I went on and finished with a most humble man, one I am looking forward to meeting when I get to heaven, “Blind Bartimaeus.”

Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52 (HCSB)
46 They came to Jericho. And as He was leaving Jericho with His disciples and a large crowd, Bartimaeus (the son of Timaeus), a blind beggar, was sitting by the road. 47 When he heard that it was Jesus the Nazarene, he began to cry out, “Son of David, Jesus, have mercy on me!” 48 Many people told him to keep quiet, but he was crying out all the more, “Have mercy on me, Son of David!”

49 Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” So they called the blind man and said to him, “Have courage! Get up; He’s calling for you.” 50 He threw off his coat, jumped up, and came to Jesus.

51 Then Jesus answered him, “What do you want Me to do for you?”“Rabbouni,” the blind man told Him, “I want to see!”

52 “Go your way,” Jesus told him. “Your faith has healed you.” Immediately he could see and began to follow Him on the road.

I then had 4 simple points:

  1. Notice first of all that Bartimaeus was not dissuaded by those in the crowd who didn’t want him to reach out to Jesus. Verse 48 tells us that after many people told him to be quiet, “…he cried out all the more…” Probably all the louder! Let me ask you a question friend, “Why do you let others dissuade you from the presence of Almighty God? That’s just coo-coo!”
  2. And then notice that when Jesus called for Bartimaeus to be brought to Him, Bartimaeus, in verse 50, “threw off his cloak, jumped up, and went to Jesus.” How  do you think he “went to Jesus?” He probably RAN to Jesus. Can’t you just see Bartimaeus, BLIND-Bartimaeus, running to the sound of where Jesus was at, tripping all over people on his way. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited and smiling for Bartimaeus! Tell me, when you are in your prayer closet, do you, in your heart, RUN to Jesus…or is it just, not that big of a deal?
  3. Now this next verse (verse 51) is where Jesus then asks him, “What do you want?” I hear a lot of people praying today, and I could just hear them responding to Jesus, “What do You mean, ‘What do I want?’ It should be obvious Jesus! I want my sight!” I hear a lot of people today praying for, “my will to be done, here on earth, just as it should be in Heaven.” When of course the passage in the Lord’s prayer really says, “Thy will be done, on earth as it ALREADY is in Heaven.” And that is what makes Bartimaeus so special. I can see him bowing his head before Jesus, and then submissively, HUMBLY saying, “Rabi, I would like my sight.” I look forward to meeting this humble man.
  4. And then look at the end of verse 52. It says that this formerly blind man, immediately began to follow Jesus. . . It is as if he just, full out, without regard to anything in his past, just started living for God, Amen!

I then reminded the congregation, as I had numerous times during the message what Cottage Prayer Meetings were all about, namely, to gather like-minded people who share a common burden.

I told them of my friend Bill, who went to heaven before any of us on our prayer conference call had a chance to meet him. And I told the congregation that we periodically pray about Bill’s prayers thus, “Oh Lord, re-hear Bill’s prayers afresh, for his family, his church, his pastor and his friends.”

“And I believe,” I went on, “that God rehears your ancestors prayers afresh. Will he rehear yours?”

It was a solemn message, but I think a necessary one.

Mt Zion Bus Crash, Part 5

Mt Zion Bus Crash Photo

Mt. Zion Bus Crash, Friday,


Monday we committed to addressing a number of issues in these five posts. Each day we will link to the previous posts:

The Big Picture
Why Did This Happen?
When Can This Be Prevented?
What Should I Pray Now?
• How Can I Trust God Again?

Here are today’s issues we left you with on Monday. . .

How Can I Trust God Again:

In fact, the real issue after all of this is a TRUST issue. Since prayer doesn’t seem to work, how can I trust Him? Even if I do not worry about the issues in MY life, how can I trust Him with my loved one’s life? I hate to admit this, but if I have ever wondered about trusting God, wondered if prayer is worth doing, then this surely proves to me that I cannot! And what argument would someone use to show me that I can trust God again? I can’t imagine trusting Him again, I just can’t!

If you do not want to read the rest of this post, here is the conclusion, “God is still trustworthy!”

I left you yesterday without any real resolution. Some of you may have even heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR PROTECTION!” You may have also heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR HEALING!” And finally, you may have heard me say, “DON’T PRAY FOR TRAVELING MERCIES.”

I know that’s what it sounded like, but that isn’t what I want you to take away. In fact, just the OPPOSITE is what I want you to hear. Let me tell you why. I believe that God is so much bigger than we imagine. You see, one of the wonderful names of His is that He is the God of Comfort. And He longs, let me say it differently, He LONGS to comfort you. And when you pray for protection, or healing, or traveling mercies, and a whole host of other things, God transcends your words of despair and as you trust Him, He gives you a peace, a peace which transcends your understanding (Philippians 4:7).

I Don’t Pray For Protection:

I personally don’t pray for protection, but if you have heard me speak for any length of time you have heard me tell you that God and I do talk about protection, but it is never from the standpoint of, “Oh Lordy, Lordy, I need protection!” NEVER! My praying for protection is always from the standpoint of trusting Him because He has already said that He is my Protector.

I do the same thing with money. I never say to Him, “Oh Father, how am I going to pay the house payment!?!?!?” My prayer is more along the lines of, “Lord, You have said that when I seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, You will take care of all the details in my life (Matthew 6:33).

When I begin to think that I’m going through something that is too difficult, or that I am going through something that I do not deserve to go through I love the reminder of 2 Corinthians 7:5 where Paul confesses that he experienced the same thing, “troubles without and fears within.” But do you know what I love the most about verse 5? It’s verse 6. You see, Paul tells us in verse 6 his secret to dealing with “troubles without and fears within.” He tells us whom God comforts. He says that God comforts the humble.

Far from focusing on wriggling our way out of our problems, Paul is telling us the story of God’s chosen people, from cover to cover, namely, in the midst of difficulties, tragedies, etc. humble yourself before God, submit to Him, trust Him, and what will be the result? Yes, comfort! His comfort. Do you know what He will accomplish in your life? He will comfort you so that you can comfort others in the self-same way (2 Corinthians 1:4).

May I confess something to you? There are times when circumstances in my life have taxed my faith so strongly that the only prayer I have is, “Father, thank you for another opportunity for You to rebuild my faith muscle, and I get to watch You do it! I may begin because of despair, but I cannot say those words without a sure hope because of who God is!

I had lunch today with two Christian friends. We talked about the disciples who OBEDIENTLY followed Christ’s direction, and ended up in a storm. And then one of them reminded us that a long time ago there were 3 godly young men who were thrown into a fiery furnace (they forgot their names so I reminded them, My-Shack, Your-Shack, and A-Bungalo, which was the way I learned their names 4+ decades ago). Anyway, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago said something very interesting to King Nebuchadnezzar. They said, in Daniel 3:17, “Our God can save us.” And then verse 18 is an amazing statement from them. They said, “but if He doesn’t. . . ”

They Knew God:

There is only one reason they could talk like that. They KNEW the comfort of their God, your God, my God, and the God of the Mt Zion folks.

God is trustworthy my friend, even in the midst of tragedy.

If you are willing to trust Him, can I just remind you of something? Trusting God is like loving your spouse. You love your spouse because you choose to love them. You trust God because you choose to trust Him.

Will you allow me one more cheesy application?

My wife and I have this saying between us, “I love you, I just don’t like you right now.”

Here’s my application to our Mt Zion bus crash, “Lord, I trust you, I just don’t understand You right now.”

He, the God of comfort can be trusted, will you choose to trust Him right now?


POSTSCRIPT: I hope that you know that I have written these 5 day’s posts because I love you and want to help strengthen your faith. And if it appears that I have had any other motive, then I apologize because I didn’t communicate clearly enough.

Mt Zion Bus Crash, Part 2

Mt Zion Bus Crash Photo

Mt. Zion Bus Crash, Tuesday,


Monday we committed to addressing a number of issues in these five posts. Each day we will link to the previous posts:

The Big Picture
• Why did this happen?
• When can this be prevented?
• What should I pray now?
• How can I trust God again?

Before I move forward I have been reminded that some of you will look at this series of posts with various emotions, and not all good. Let me be perfectly clear. My ONLY goal here is to impact your hope in your prayer-life. But please note, I do not mean “hope” as we see it talked about today, I mean “hope” the way the Bible refers to it, a “sure-hope” (Hebrews 6:19).

You will have to tell me if your “hope” is strengthened or weakened by these posts.

Here are the issues we left you with on Monday, that we will address today. . .

Why Did This Happen?

Some would argue that bad things happen when there is unconfessed sin in people’s lives. Which leads to the question of whether or not God BRINGS BAD things into people’s lives. Since He’s a “good” God He merely ALLOWS bad things, right? What does His “ways being higher than our ways” mean to us? And then, does God owe us an explanation? Which begs the question, what is going to happen to my “faith” in light of this kind of tragedy?

If you do not want to read the rest of this post, here is the simple answer, “I don’t know why this happened!” But in the next few paragraphs . . .

I Will Share With You What I Do Know:

Romans 10:17 tells us that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.” In a nutshell, DO NOT rely upon people’s explanations to strengthen your faith. Search the word of God, as good Bereans (Acts 17:11) and hold fast to that which is true, jettisoning all that is false. This is no small matter, for it is our faith which overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). Your faith will be strengthened as you follow Scripture, not someone’s words. So again, view my words ONLY from the standpoint of the truth of God’s Word, which means CHECK what I say with the Word of God.

Bad Things Only Happen to Bad People:

Do bad things only happen when you have unconfessed sin in your life? We have all heard this stated in one form or another by some televangelists and teachers of the Word. Have you ever wondered why they teach this? I believe that there is only one reason for this, it is because those who want you to think this way are trying to offer you a “hope” by telling you that THEY have the answer. My friends they have a “hope” alright, a false hope. They are trying to give you a formula to keep difficulties from you, or to get rid of them when they are upon you.

In other words, if you caused the difficulty, then you can jettison it, and they have helped you. Forgive me, but they are merely telling us what our itching ears want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3). Namely, how to get rid of the difficulty in our lives.

This brings up another misunderstood principle in Scripture, and that is that a “good God” doesn’t bring difficulties into our life. He may allow them, but he never BRINGS them.

Often when I speak I ask a simple question, “Does God BRING difficulties into your life or merely ALLOW them?” And in EVERY situation, the greater number of people ALWAYS say that God DOES NOT BRING difficulties, only allows them.

Let’s Deal with God Bringing Difficulties:

In John 15:2 we are told that that God cuts off branches that bear no fruit, but consider the rest of the verse. Jesus is saying that the Father ALSO PRUNES those branches that DO BEAR fruit. Why? So that they can bear more fruit. Have you ever been pruned? Was it easy, nice, painless? Well my friend, it was from God.

In John 9:2 Jesus is asked, “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” And you remember His answer,” NEITHER of them! This man was born blind that the Father might be glorified.” Now before you argue that this does not prove that God caused the blindness, help me reconcile David saying that God knitted him together in his mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).

I realize that the two examples above may not be enough for you to say, “Okay, sometimes God DOES bring difficulties.” So let me make two comments:

  1. I’m GLAD that difficulties come from God, because I can trust Him, I think.
  2. Let me ask you, “Has God’s character ever changed?”

Of course His character does not change, He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). So if that’s true and His character does not change, then look soberly and seriously at these verses:

  • Deuteronomy 30:1, God set before them blessings and curses
  • Psalm 51:8, David asks God for relief from the bones that He has crushed
  • Proverbs 16:4, God prepared everything for His purposes, even the wicked
  • Lamentations 3:31-33, God caused suffering and brought affliction, even though He doesn’t like to
  • Isaiah 42:24, God says that He gave robbers and plunderers to ransack His chosen people
  • Hosea 13:8-9, God says He will attack, devour and destroy His chosen people
  • Haggai 1:9m, 11, 2:17, God ruined the crops

My friends, there are a ton of these verses. I have many of them written in my Bible right next to 2 Chronicles 7:13. That isn’t an error. I did say verse 13, NOT verse 14. I know that you know verse 14, but have you ever read verse 13? God is speaking and He says basically,

  • If I, meaning when I impact your income,
  • If I meaning, when I bring natural disasters, and
  • If I, meaning when I bring illnesses.

Here’s my point my friends, God often brings difficulties. And God allows difficulties. Now I’m not smart enough to know when it is brought by Him or allowed by Him. But the point is clear, He is in control. When difficulties come my way, He brought/allowed it, NOT the evil one! And that is critical to understand because God I can trust, sataN, I can’t. If he would lie to the Savior during Christ’s temptations in the desert, you know that the devil will lie to you and I.

So you might be saying, Mark, all of those verses were from the Old Testament. Didn’t things change in the New? Well, not His character, right? But just to be fair, let me share the following verses:

  • Matthew 10:16ff, Jesus is telling us that they WILL persecute us, as they persecuted Him. Lest you argue that this is not an admission that God brings the persecution, I am speaking to my positive confession brothers and sisters and I would argue that the One who should have known everything about positive and negative confession just negatively confessed persecution onto us all.
  • Philippians 1:13, 29-30 Paul’s imprisonment is in the cause of Christ and on His behalf
  • 1 Peter 2:21, We are called to suffer
  • 1 Peter 4:12, Peter chides us for being surprised that we’re going through fiery ordeals
  • 1 Peter 4:17, Who brings judgment? God right? And what He says here is that judgment will begin with the house of the Lord

Here’s the last point to be made and it comes from Isaiah 55:8-9 where God tells us, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

I have no idea why God does the things He does and to say that I should be able to know, or to get my brain around would be sheer arrogance.

Summing Up What We Know:

  1. Faith overcomes the world, but in all honesty, I need to see what else is written on this subject before I have re-strengthened faith.
  2. God brings and allows difficulties, which is comforting to me, because I can trust Him that all things are working out for the better. . . (Romans 8:28).
  3. Finally, God is God and I am not. Even David in Psalm 145:3 said that God’s greatness is unsearchable which tells me that I will spend all of eternity learning more about Him.

Tomorrow we will look into the satanic and godly struggle here on earth. And there are two reasons for this:

  1. The evil one is called “the god of this world,” and
  2. Because clearly something went wrong, which caused the bus crash, right?


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Easter and the Open Grave

Women at the tomb painting by Hanna Cheriyan-Varghese

Before the Dawn

I like to get up at about 4:00 am (when I can). There is something about getting up, making myself a large cup of Honduran coffee. I always put more sugar and creamer in it than I should, but I can sit on my sofa and spend some time in the presence of the Lord.

Two thousand years ago a bunch of women did the same thing. They got up early and prepared themselves to go and be in the presence of their Lord.

But you know the difference, right? They went to do what? They went for the purpose of COMPLETING the burial process. What do you and I get to do? We get to enter into the presence of a LIVING Lord! We get to talk to a Father, who has already been listening to an interceding Son.

Foolish Choices

Now before you consider those women, “so foolish,” after all, they didn’t remember what Jesus had told them. They didn’t expect Him to do what He said. In fact, when they saw the tomb empty, their first reaction wasn’t, “Hey, He said He’d arise and He did, surprise surprise. No! Their first reaction was, “Yo, gardener, where did you re-position the dead body that was here?”

Do you mind if I draw a parallel between them and us?

There are numerous promises that the Lord has made, that Scripture clearly states and that we just as clearly blow-off. May I be so bold? When I hear the way people plead and plead with God, about the things He has ALREADY promised, I have to tell you, they sound more like they are calling God a liar!

Sufficient What?

Let me finish with a simple and profound promise that the Lord has been reminding me of lately. In 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NASB) Paul recounts what the Lord told him, and by application, tells us too. He said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

Now what is the problem with this half of the verse? THE NEXT HALF! Paul then gives us his application to what Jesus said. Paul says, “Well, if He’s given me sufficient grace, then of course, ‘Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.’

And that is the problem my friend. You and I are not willing to remember AND THEN APPLY to our lives what God has already said. When we want God to deal with a difficulty in our life our attitude is. “Hey, if He doesn’t get rid of it, then clearly He has not answered my plea!

I don’t know your circumstance. Maybe you are estranged from a loved one, and yet you desire their company. Maybe you have an illness that just isn’t going away, though you ask the Lord to take it away. Maybe you have a sin and temptation that keeps harassing you, although return to the Lord often.

My friend, His grace is sufficient. Trust Him. And then watch the Lord work in your life. You truly will be able to return to His presence, boasting to Him and in Him, FOR YOUR WEAKNESS that He has dealt with by powerfully dwelling in you.

Sufficient Grace!

Just like the ladies two thousand years ago who left the garden with consternation, you and I have a tendency for looking at our problems as UNRESOLVED if they are not taken away. But what has the Lord told us, and Paul demonstrated to us? Simple, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

And how does that promise allow me to respond? I can, you and I can respond with, “Of course,  ‘Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.’

Happy Easter My Friend,


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The Storms of Life

Radar Blips

A Blip on Your Radar or A Downpour?

What are you going thru right now?

And how does it fit your view of your relationship to God?

In the 3 minute video below I begin to address it:


But in this video BELOW, my friend Dave Butts talks about the way he and his wife are dealing with their downpour.

Take the 2 minutes to listen to his quick story. And if you are wondering if he is sincere or not, I can tell you that after knowing him for nearly a decade, this IS who he and Kim are!



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End of Year Feedback

Mark with Question Masrks

Would you give us some feedback?

The idea behind this website is real simple. It is our “first line of offense to encourage your prayer life.”

A friend of mine shared that with me recently, and he is right-on! I can only share in your church, in front of you, a limited number of times, but this website can encourage your prayer life over and over again.

So we ask for your feedback in the comments below.

If you want to give us comments related to our E-Letters, please do so. If you want to look at some of them before you comment, they are all accessible by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us, we truly value your comments. I plan to share some or all of your comments in the next E-Letter, including the one that recently said to me, “Mark, they’re too long!”

We are trusting and praying that you have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.


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