Almost Like I Was Living Your Book

I won’t give you all of the email, just enough of it to get a feel for it.

But we recently did a Book Festival, The Decatur Book Festival (#DBF2016). Here is an email I received from, well, you just read it and see his comments.

#DF2016 Booth
#DF2016 Booth

I bought your book in Decatur Saturday afternoon. I started reading it and could not put it down. My mother died in May 2015 and since that time my prayer life has sunk to hardly any. You knew when you started talking to me that I needed to read your book. God led me to your booth. . . .

It was almost like I was living your book by being led to the only 2 booths I saw selling totally Christian books. I noticed several Muslim sellers and all sorts of New Age literature but very little Christian.

You asked which character I liked most in your book. It had to be the Angels since I was obviously led by an angel Saturday.

Thank you for this great blessing. I will pray for you

G. C.

This is why we do what God lays on our heart to do!

Amen, and Amen!




Your Passion for Prayer is Evident

passion the pray-ers

Just for the record, the title for this blog came from David as an email he sent to me. But please, don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice guy and all, BUT, his first quote WAS NOT SO NICE!

I posted his first quote onto my FB page here. Basically he said, “Hey Mark, I started to read your book last night and it put me to sleep.”

Being the positive thinker I am I chose to applaud the fact that my book is soothing.

So I was very pleased to get the following email from Dave today:

Hi Mark:

First of all let me say it was good to meet you last week at ICRS. You definitely have a passion for prayer and that became more evident as I read your book “The Prayers”. Just seeing the prayers flow from the book was encouraging. I enjoyed the way Hael and Dale interacted. Did you put the questions to the Wesley prayer book or someone else? Just wanted to let you know I finished it and did not fall asleep. Blessings and looking forward to the next book.

Dave Allen

Lam. 3:22-24

Seriously, I think he and I are becoming friends and I think I need to move forward on book 2.


Mark S Mirza

You’d BETTER be on Track to Release Book 2 Soon!!!

postpicture-GregH-ThePray-ersNow Now I admit, that in this photo he looks like a harmless little fuzz-ball.

But I know him!

And that is NOT always the case . . . By the way, I’m talking about the adult here, not the child.

The adult is a friend of mine, a missionary in Honduras. I took a team down there and along the way this little guy found a friend in, well, the “harmless little fuzz-ball” we know as Greg Hines. In addition to being a missionary down there he and his wife are strongly encouraging the economy with Abundant Life Coffee.

But FORGET about his good deeds for a minute, and forget that an impressionable young kid could think that Greg is a harmless little fuzz-ball, I got a call from him the other day. You see, when I was down there I left him one of my books, you know, as a gift! Huh! He called me recently and with great threatening is his voice said, “Mark, You’d BETTER be on track to complete book 2 on time. I Just finished the book you sent me.

As a good steward I confidently told him I am 10,000 words into book 2. The problem is that I am still 10,000 words into book 2. So, if you think about it. Pray for me, that I would get moving again on book 2.

“Greg, we are still planning a Christmas release date.”


Mark S Mirza


Started? I’ve Already Finished It!



I do a number of weekly prayer conference calls. One of them is a women’s call at 6:45 am on Thursdays. One of the ladies on this particular call started telling the other women about my book.

“My daughter (who bought the book for me) called me and asked if I’d started reading it. Started reading it, I replied to her, I’ve already finished it! And I have to wait until Christmas for the next one to come out!”

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I Knew What to Do


I am so moved to get these kind of notes:

Mark, I wanted to tell you what just happened in my Sunday School class.

I teach teenage girls and I have been reading your book. This last Sunday one of the girls spoke very personally after I asked them to relate the lesson to problems in their life.

At first I was stunned not knowing how to respond, but then I remembered one of the characters in your book and knew IMMEDIATELY how to help her.

Thank you,

B. F.
Atlanta GA


Mark S Mirza


From DL in Pt Wentworth GA



I haven’t read the whole book yet, I’m a few eras into it. I am enjoying it. I really like the subtle prayer hints, using them to improve the reader’s prayer time (I may be noticing it more because I’m currently working on improving my pray time).   The eras are cool as well, I especially like the War of Northern Aggression era ( I haven’t read much further than that). I also like the way you have the demons slip in at the characters most vulnerable times of doubt. Making light of how wicked and how much they hate Christians, but also they know how powerful God is.

Mark S Mirza