Kenya-August 2013


The First Trip

My first trip to Kenya was to Nakuru and Kisii. Entering a country for the first time had its challenges.

  • How do I dress? Well, I found out later that shorts for men in the city limits were a rarity. I’ve not done it since.
    • And while I wore a jacket and tie I quickly found that wearing Kenyan shirts worked better for me.
  • Driving? Let’s just say that a title for a future chapter in a book I’ll write about missions work will be entitled, “The Lines on the Road are Merely Suggestions.” I think that says it all.
    • This did however prepare me for a future missions trip to Honduras where I drove and practiced my “Mario Andretti” impersonation.
  • The people? By and large, they TRULY want their visitors to have a pleasant experience. That fact alone was an incredible blessing to me.
    • Their sincere desire for their country’s visitors was a nice change from the USA.
  • Showers? Normally, yes, they are available, but my host had some water pressure problems so imagine my delight when, about 10 days into my trip I went to a hotel, excited about having my first shower of the trip.
    • Now imagine my disappointment when, the day I arrived, the water went off for 3 days.

Allow me to encourage you with details of the ministry at the above links

PS. Did I tell you that I arrived in the Nairobi airport 5 days after the international terminal burned down?


Mark S Mirza


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