Ministry Visits

The ministry to Kenya began here. but as I look back I realize that even before my first visit, this is where the ministry began.

Bro. Zachariah and Mark Mirza in Nakuru KenyaBack in June of 2012, John Fetner, from my Tuesday morning Bible study set up a breakfast with me and his friend, Bro. Zachariah Shahazi, my eventual host in Nakuru.

Since that first breakfast we have developed a relationship that appears to be spreading far beyond what we would ever have asked or hoped or imagined. He and his wife Rebecca are so kind as to allow their home to be home away from home, when I am in Nakuru.

As we shared our ministry ideas, his words remain as fresh to me as ever. Talking about his fellow Kenyans, Zachariah said, “Oh Brother Mark, I’m so ashamed of the way we order God around.” It was at that moment that I knew Common Thread Ministries would branch into Kenya.

August 2013, My first trip to Kenya was to Nakuru and Kisii

May 2014, A quick meeting with the Nakuru team before returning to Nairobi

March 2016, While in Kenya to prepare for the May trip a quick visit to Nakuru was needed

May 2016, With a team of Georgia pastors we visited Kisumu, Kisii and Nakuru


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