Nakuru-August 2013

August 2013,

My First Trip to Kenya was to Nakuru and Kisii

The time spent in Nakuru will never leave my memory.

And the suit and tie I wore, will never again be worn there. The traditional dishiki shirt is what I wear now.

Just the idea that I was Kenya was amazing, and, I suspect that even now, editing this page 3 1/2 years later I would have to admit that I have not gotten used to it. That I am on the other side of the world, and impacting men and women’s lives in prayer is just too special.

I remember arriving late in the Nairobi airport, 5 days after the international terminal burned down. We did our Visa paperwork in a large tent and then went to find my one checked bag, which didn’t arrive until my last day there. My overnight bag had everything I needed, but gifts I brought for m,y host had to wait until the last day.

Here in Nakuru I experienced my first Safari. It was a couple of days after a lion killed a bay giraffe which provided one of the highlights of the day. According to our guide lions are RARELY found in trees, but where did we find this lion? That’s right, within “eye-ball distance” to his dinner, and in a tree. But the most amazing part of that was the sight of his tail hanging down from the branch he was on. It had to of hung down 8 feet.


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