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This is NOT Political

I know what you’re thinking, “Mark, anytime prayer is denied it is political!”

If you don’t believe me, just read on

What physical “needs” do you pray for?

Food, Clothing, Touch

What emotional “needs” do you pray for?

Security, Affection, Comfort


I have been burdened lately by Matthew 16:24, “. . . deny yourself. . .”

I wonder, how would our prayers would change if we denied ourselves, to follow Him?


Just wondering,


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  1. mjs 6 months ago

    Good day Mark,

    Your statement on Facebook about wanting see God was interesting. In the Old Testament the plea was the very same, most appealing was God’s answer with reason. The reason we are not allowed to see God in our earthly condition. The selfishness of man’s heart was inherited from generations back to Adam and Eve. Even in the time of Jesus Christ man’s condition was either legalism or neglect for the truth.

    If we seek the Holy Spirit we also seek God. In some ways I am encouraged by God’s hand but concerned to few respond. As a radio preacher said once the numbers seem many but the shallowness of belief is scary.

    • Author
      Mark Mirza 6 months ago

      Greg Frizzell, a teacher on prayer says, we have had more books written on prayer in the last 40 years, than in all of history, we have more “prayer-movements” than in all of history, and what it boils down to is “prayer, a mile wide and an inch thick.”
      I believe, my friend, that God loves us enough to take us to the woodshed, and bring us to our knees, not out of anger, but out of love. After-all, He is preparing for Himself, a church, The Church.

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