Prayer Marshals

You’ll note that “Marshal” is spelled with only 1 “L.” Lest you think that is a mistake, let me explain to you the idea here. Going to Kenya as many times as I have, I realize that this “false gospel of self” that we suffer from in the USA, we have exported to Kenya.

You’ll also remember that the vision statement for us here at Common Thread Ministries is “Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer” from Psalm 11:3. In a very real sense we are doing Prayer Discipleship which must, correction, MUST result in other pray-ers teaching other pray-ers.

Ezekiel Ministry

My first visit to Kisii introduced me a retired pastor we’ll call Bro. Ezekiel. From that day forward I have had a burden for these retired pastors who have no income.

Pray with me that our Kenyan Team will be able to “marshal” the retired pastors, teaching them prayer, SO THAT they can “marshal” the elderly in their towns and villages, unto men and women of prayer.

As these elderly get closer and closer to crossing over Jordan into the promised land, FAR FROM being useless, I believe these older saints are in positions to TRULY do the heavy lifting, being more active for God than they have ever been.

Pray with me to this end.

Thales Ministry

Inspired by my first novel, The Pray-ers, Thales is a young man being trained in prayer, by his prayer-warrior uncle, Epaphras (see Colossians 1:7; 4:12; Philemon 23).

While we are reaching out to the ekderky we want to also reach out to the young people, the High School and College age.

Again, please pray with us to this end.


Mark S Mirza

Man Praying

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