Praying 25 Days of Christmas – 2017 (Day 04)

December 4

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Do you pray for revival?
    • Have you ever thought about how it might come to us…especially here in the USA?
    • Friends, it will not come without brokenness.
    • And realize, that when I say brokenness, I mean brokenness IN THE  CHURCH!!!
    • The world will not change until AFTER we do.
    • With that in mind, let’s go to today’s prayer.
  • Today’s prayer

In the counsels of eternity past, even though Your Son came to save the Israelites and Jerusalem in particular, the Godhead knew He’d lament over Jerusalem (Matthew 23:37). Lord this is also Your heart for the church. Even though we reject You by our lukewarmness, You want to gather us up, like a hen gathers her chicks, but we are unwilling. Forgive us Lord and give us another chance. Be merciful to us one more time by filling us with a brokenness for those around us, preceded by a brokenness on behalf of our sins, both individual sins and the corporate sins of the church. Father, give us the blessing of brokenness and then Lord, we will be willing to let You gather us under Your wings.

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