Praying 25 Days of Christmas – 2017 (Day 05)

December 5

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • How many times do you look down your nose at someone whose faults you know,
    • Or, you may not know their faults, but they are just different from you, and so you struggle with that.
    • And yet, God uses whom He wills. He is the One who decides who He’ll use.
    • I recently worked with the Alma Ministerial Association to put together a city-wide event, where we brought together a number of different denominations and ethnic groups to hold a day long event in each other’s areas.
    • The real blessing came afterwards when people said, “The next time we do this…”
  • Today’s prayer

Lord as we enter into the early part of this Christmas season, the advent of Your Son I am reminded that His lineage was not pure (Matthew 1:1-17 & Luke 3:23b-38), that there were many sinners, and Gentiles mixed into His line. Lord please forgive me for the times when I look down my nose at someone else. Lord, as well as I think I know, so many of someone else’s faults, I am reminded that You choose whom You want to choose. You use whom You want to use…to bring glory to Your name. Lord, I, less than all those that You use, deserve to be used, yet thank You for using me. And Lord just like the City of Alma put aside their racial differences for one day, October 15, 2011, Lord let this happen more and more, not just in Alma but in other small towns too. And Father, use me to foster it in these little towns I work in Lord.

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