Praying 25 Days of Christmas – 2017 (Day 10)

December 10

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Trust…a scary word when you are dealing with an unknown.
    • And yet two biblical characters, in two very difficult situations handled truth very differently from one another.
    • Let me jump to the opposite end of this spectrum, knowing that nothing is impossible with God.
    • My prayer for us today is that we would be open to the Lord working these truths into our life.
  • Today’s prayer

Zechariah looked to man’s wisdom and doubted while Mary looked to Your sovereignty and trusted. What do I do? Lord, Psalm 103:19 tells me that You are sovereign over all…yet I so often act like Zechariah wanting to decide if Your ways fit into my box (Luke 1:18) whereas Mary trusted in Your words that came through the angel (Luke 1:38). Father, we often quote verse 37, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Lord, would You convict our hearts to be broken for our selfish misunderstanding, causing us to glory in child-like faith instead.

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