Praying For Miracles


God Does Miracles

God does Miracles, NOT because you are praying about it.
God does Miracles because God WANTS to do miracles.
You’re not praying to coerce God to think your way and do your will, your miracle.
You are praying to allow God to coerce your thinking to His ways and His will, and therefore His miracle.

John 15:7

This is the essence of John 15:7.
When you abide in Him AND you let His words abide in you,
and then the last one third of that verse becomes true, “whatever you ask you receive.”

Whose Will

Why does that occur?
Because you are praying HIS WILL not your will.

Abide in Him

Often, especially when we want a miracle
We Begin by praying our will,
but over time
God changes our will to His will
as we abide in Him AND we allow His words to abide in us.

Love you guys,


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