The Father Book – An Instruction Manual



The Father Book: An Instruction Manual:

Coming to Grips with Being a Dad


by Frank Minirth (Author), Brian Newman (Author), Paul Warren (Author)

With a little theory and a lot of practical guidance, The Father Book explores what it means to be a father, how fathering has changed in the nineties, and how you as a father can meet many of your children’s needs as no one else can. The Father Book offers valuable advice for taking your children through every stage of growth–infancy, preschool, grade school, early adolescence, teens–and addreses those important developmental issues that come up along the way.

Sex–how and when to discuss it Self-image–how to ensure your kids will have a healthy one Social skills–how to be sure your kids will adapt Spirituality–how to best instill important values

Start building a happy and unique relationship with your children today–it’s the key to successful fathering


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