The Johnstown Tragedy

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Showing God in the midst of tragedy, this book gives the graphic accounts of the worst tragedy in the USA until 911, while giving an angel’s perspective of backstories that they were able to impact.



The Worst Tragedy on US Soil Until 911

The scale of the Johnstown flood of 1889 is hard to imagine. Summarizing the flood’s impact in statistics and facts is a quick way to convey the enormity of the event. Here is a list of some of the most descriptive facts about the Johnstown flood:

  • 2,209 people died
  • 99 entire families died, including 396 children
  • 124 women and 198 men were left widowed
  • More than 750 victims were never identified and rest in the Plot of the Unknown in Grandview Cemetery
  • Bodies were found as far away as Cincinnati, and as late as 1911
  • 1,600 homes were destroyed
  • $17 million in property damage was done (equivalent to $431,949,885 in 2018)
  • Four square miles of downtown Johnstown were completely destroyed
  • The pile of debris at the stone bridge covered 30 acres
  • The distance between the dam that failed and Johnstown was 14 miles
  • The dam was owned by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, that counted Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick among its’members
  • The dam contained 20 million tons of water before it gave way, about the same amount of water as goes over Niagara Falls in 36 minutes
  • Flood lines were found as high as 89 feet above river level
  • The great wave measured 35-40 feet high and hit Johnstown at 40 miles per hour
  • The force of the flood swept several locomotives weighing 170,000 pounds as far as 4,800 feet

Join the angel Hael as he will tell you his story of an incredible tragedy that happened nearly one and a half mortal centuries ago in the United States of America.

I am not sure why Hael chose this tragedy, there are and have been many all over the world during these last 6000 years that he could have chosen. I believe that he chose this because the majority of  this book is made up by a book in public domain that he was able to use and not have to write everything from scratch. We may be angels, but there are some things that we must do as slowly as, well, mortals.

Nevertheless, all of us here in heaven, on the Guardian Angel side, are honored to have you read this. We would ask you only one thing. Be good Bereans and compare everything that you read from Hael, to the Word of God.

Approximately two thirds of the b0ok is from the 1889 author, and the rest is from Hael. You will instantaneously see which parts are Hael’s because he will begin those sections with his name and they will be italicized.

I would like to say, “enjoy the book” but I cannot, for it will be a painful book to read. What I will say though, is that this sobering book should cause your “trust-muscle” to be strengthened as you trust God Almighty to strengthen your faith in the midst of tragedies.


Immediate Supervisor to Hael
& Undersecretary to Michael

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2 reviews for The Johnstown Tragedy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mama Pat Barnes

    My Words of Advice
    “ Get quiet, Get Comfy and Get Kleenex”
    Have you ever thought about how in a blink of an eye or less than an hour your life could be changed completely?
    This is the first book I have ever read using non-fiction with fiction. The original version of the “Johnstown Flood” was written by James Herbert Walker shortly after the tragedy in 1889, Johnstown, PA.
    Mark Mirza has written this version with Hael, the guardian angel that he previously introduced in his novel “The Pray-ers Troubles, Book 1. His version with powerful history has many eye-opening messages that show how “real” and exciting our God was back then and still is today.
    Mark knows how much I have enjoyed his portrayal of Hael (my favorite 9 ft character) and asked me to read his latest work. Although his name is not in the bible, he speaks truth and shares scripture as he comments on the tragedy of 1889. Hael is a pretty smart angel (so he says) since he has been watching over us for 6000 years and he knows firsthand how lives can be changed in an hour or less. He compares things from Noah and the flood and the events of September 11, 2001, where so many lives were lost in these tragedies.
    I started reading this big book on a Friday afternoon and although it was longer than most I have read, it didn’t take long reading just a few pages, when I stopped and realized that I was going to need quiet time without interruption and a box of Kleenex to finish this book. I asked the Lord to give me this time because I would read and weep and weep and read, not just because of the sorrows but also because of the pictures painted of a Christian’s experience of faith.
    Be careful what you ask for…
    The following Saturday my daughter and I spent most to the day planting and replanting flowers, a huge task for an old gal (Marks likes to tease me by calling me “old broad”). Needless to say Sunday morning I could scarcely move my poor back (and Brenda wasn’t must better than me). We were a pitiful pair. I was quickly reminded that I asked for time, and I got just that. Quiet bedroom, heating pad and my big book. I know the Lord is sovereign and in control. He allows things to happen for a reason. I can’t help but wonder if my guardian angel shakes his head at some of my request! Even though we missed Sunday school and church, God used this time. I read all day and into the night learning lessons and having my heart blessed to the fullest.
    Spiritual warfare has gone on since the beginning of time. The demons focus on making death horrible for the unsaved. We who have been saved receive the wonderful assurance of eternal life. Jesus will send his angels to bring us home. Hael tells us how the angels cover us with their wings and hum a tune to calm us. Our heavenly father gave us the Holy Spirit to be our earthly comforter. Wouldn’t it be great to fall asleep in our beds and wake up in the presence of Jesus? Wow! I can hardly wait to see my loved ones waiting for me in heaven. When my guardian angel comes to take me home, I wonder if he will tell me his name is Hael. It doesn’t matter but it would be a big surprise!
    I am happy to say Mark has done a tremendous job in writing this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Now get busy Mark- I would like to read “ Pray-ers” book 2 and 3 before my angel comes for me!
    Praise God is still alive and in control. Love, Pat Barnes, aka Mama Pat

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Mirza

    This book has given me more joy and more tears than any book I have ever written.
    First, the graphic ugliness of tragic death.
    Second, considering how an angel comforts one who is dying.
    Third, this book came out the week my father passed away. I got to see my dad go through and then imagine what he was and is going through, which was precisely what I had written. Here is a link to a :59 second video, acknowledging this:
    I hope you enjoy the book. I sure have.
    Mark (author, but behind Hael, of course)

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