The Pray-ers – Vol 1 “Troubles”

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Mark (12/2/2018) Get Book 1 now as book 2 will be coming out soon!

The Pray-ers (Book 1) “Troubles” is the first book in a three-part series that teaches prayer through the fun of a novel.

There are:
3 Prayer Heroes, over
3 Historic Eras, across
2 Continents,
1 Nine Foot Tall Angel,
 and a host of demons.

The men and women in this book will model prayer for you. I am constantly teaching that “Prayer is more caught than taught” and I believe that you will enjoy reading this Historical Christian Fiction.

Troubles is the first book in The Pray-ers series.  It is a fictional novel series where men and women model prayer in their daily lives. This book is a fun read as it dives into the power of prayer.

Troubles focuses on the lives of three prayer warriors, separated by hundreds of years and located on two different continents.

Read about the life and loves of Epaphrus’ nephew from the first century. Enjoy the Yankee turned Southerner itinerant preacher from Georgia during the War Between the States (Alexander Rich) and the modern day track coach (Dr. Dale Riley) from Macon Poly Technic University. Share their troubles, frustrations and triumphs as they talk with God through this avenue that we call Prayer.

They are “The Pray-ers” and they will give you hope and inspiration in your daily life.

Size: 372 Pgs
8.5″ x 5.5″

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