Reaching The “Big-Time”

Well, Kind-Of

Umm, Maybe, A Little

Actually, Not At All

But it is a Fun Photo

Have you been to the Ark Encounter yet?

Go! And see if you can be luck enough to get your photo taken!

First of 3 Photos from the Ark Encounter in Central Kentucky

We’re in here somewhere:

Second of 3 Photos from the Ark Encounter in Central Kentucky

Alright, that’s still a little tough to see. How about here?

Final of 3 Photos from the Ark Encounter in Central Kentucky

Thank you to my good friend Mark Looy of Answers in Genesis that pointed this out to me.


And while you are there, get up to the Creation Museum too.

Let me give you some advice:

Ark Encounter

  • Get there at 8:30 am and you’ll beat the crowds and go completely thru the Ark in 3/4 of a day.
  • If you’re lucky it will rain while you are there (think about it).
  • Until they change it, you can see the above photo/s here:

Creation Museum

  • Plan on a day and a half to see it all
  • Don’t miss the planetarium. They designed a BRILLIANT way for you to get a good sense of the size of the universe. It is well, well done.
  • As you enter the museum, you’ll walk through the “Hall of Dinosaurs” which was the motivation for my short story, “Sterling Meets A Pterosaur.” It’s a free short story you can download from

Blessings friends (And thank Mark Looy for the heads up)


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