September Prayer

Conference Call Prayer. . .

. . . is important to our ministry.

We pray for numerous ministries every week, usually with the principals.


We want to pray EVERY DAY during September, just as Ken Ham, from Answers In Genesis, has asked.

Answers In Genesis (AIG) is sending out 266,000 books to every church in the USA. They are also sending another 30,000 books to various churches around the world.

WOULD YOU JOIN US?We will host this call every day during Septmeber.

We ask you to join us when you can.

AIG September Prayer

5:30pm (Eastern)
15-30 minutes every day

Call In No. (641) 715-3680
Access Code 347361#

Prayer Structure During the Call:
1st:   Praise
2nd: Pray for YOUR church’s receipt of this mailer
3rd:  Pray for OTHER churches’ receipt of this mailer

What to Pray:
Pray that they will:
. . . Read the Book
. . . Take Advantage of the Free Tickets/Media
. . . Utilize the VBS and the Apologetics Curriculums

Answers in Genesis Reset Prayer Collaboration



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