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Dear Class:


We continued our study of Galatians with a focus on Galatians 5 in which we saw how Paul explains that when we “walk in the Spirit” we will necessarily live out the true meaning of our faith and bear “the fruit of the Spirit”.  Saved people are to live out their salvation by reflecting God’s character as revealed in Christ Jesus.

During our discussion today regarding what it means to “walk in the Spirit” there was general agreement that it takes considerable effort on our part to stay “in step with the Spirit”.  Like anything that we aspire to do well, commitment to training is critical.  For believers, that equates to spiritual discipline.  There are several forms of spiritual discipline all intended to bring us closer to our goal – to abide in Christ.  Spending quality time reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word is one of the disciplines that is essential to our spiritual growth.  Yes, there is value in coming together weekly as a group to study and apply God’s Word, but it’s also very important that we make time to be in the Word on our own.  Personal alone time with God in prayer is another spiritual discipline that strengthens our relationship with God and focuses our attention on Him.  Fasting, tithing, and serving are spiritual disciplines that help to grow us up spiritually as well.

Jesus told His disciples, “abide in Me” because He knew that would be the only way that they would be able to effectively witness.  He said, “without Me you can do nothing” John 15:5.  The same is true for us.  No matter how hard we try to “do holy”, we will never be as effective in our Christian witness as when we are “walking in the Spirit” and “abiding in Christ”.  To do that well takes a lot of commitment to the spiritual disciplines.  Just as a great athlete diligently trains, pray that God will give you the desire to more diligently train in the spiritual disciplines.

Please note that next Sunday, October 14, Richard Douglas will lead us as we continue our study of Galatians with a focus on Gal. 6 in which the Apostle Paul speaks about the need for compassion within the Body of Christ.  As we experience God’s compassion toward us we should display compassion toward those in need and especially within the church.


In His Service,



Greg Nicholaides
supplementing your faith sunday school class



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