Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Prayer Really Works

Photo of people praying for the Surprise post

Prayer in the News

So I saw this interesting article today.

Scientists think prayer works. Cool!

I know, there’ll be a lot of “smart” people that look at religion as a crutch and in their mind, this article makes their point. But. . .

My Calling is to the Church

I’m not concerned, in this post, with unbelievers. My concern is for the myriads of people IN THE CHURCH who give “lip-service” to any realities on prayer.

Are you one of these people?

I know that you know prayer is important. And I know that you know that prayer works, but again, are you a person who only gives lip-service to prayer?

Here’s a 2 Question Test

It’s a test to determine if you give lip-service to prayer.

QUESTION: How much time each day, on average do you spend in prayer?

QUESTION: How much time each day, on average do you spend watching T.V.?

Below is the original article that I am referring to:


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