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From the Desk of Mark S Mirza

I have been honored to receive these comments and testimonials from some of the churches and pastors that I have worked with these past few years.  Thank you for your comments and may God continue to pour out his blessings on you and his church.

Pastor Ray Burnette, Penia Baptist Church, Cordele GA

There is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished through prayer and “Prayer Made Alive” is such a blessing to make your prayer life stronger.

Pastor Todd Coble, Covenant Baptist Church, Hoschton GA

The Lord has truly blessed Mark with divine insight regarding the lost art of allowing Scripture to guide our prayers so that we can be confident we are praying, “nevertheless not my will, but Yours be done.”

Pastor Jim Pitt, Morven Baptist Church, Morven GA

It is amazing to see prayer come alive when prayer is made alive in the church body. Our congregation has seen prayers being answered in ways we never imagined. Our interpretation of Jeremiah 33:3, “God says, call to me and I’ll make you go Wow!”

Dr. Gary Hadden, Arlington Baptist Church, Arlington GA

God is using Mark Mirza to call people back to our knees. Praying scripture back to God is a positive force for extending the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

Rev. Curtis Hardie, Macedonia Baptist Church, McIntyre GA

God is using Bro. Mark’s ministry mightily by awakening the church to the POWER of prayer!

Rev. Bryce D. Mitchell, Georgetown Baptist Church, Georgetown GA

Mark’s ministry was a blessing to our church as he encouraged the people in various and practical ways to pray. Also, he provided tools and resources that led the people to seek the heart of God.

Dr. Tom Rush, Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Social Circle GA

Mark Mirza gets right to the heart of making prayer a practical and fulfilling experience. Your frustration with prayer can be overcome and this book will help you to that end. You will be blessed.

Rev. Greg Schermerhorn, Equip the Kingdom Ministries, Gainesville GA

Mark has been gifted to teach others about the truths of prayer in simple, easy to understand ways. One of the things that has really stuck with me is how he taught about God’s sovereignty. While the Lord knows everything, He still allows us to choose, to make good decisions and bad decisions…to choose to know Him or to deny Him. God earnestly desires a relationship with us and nothing ever catches Him by surprise.

Pastor Trent Boulineau, Rosemary Baptist Church, Millen GA

Mark has developed a heart for prayer and a love for seeing men and women deepen their personal and corporate prayer lives. Relying on Scripture as the guide, Mark offers biblical and often unconsidered methods for anyone to take the next step in his or her spiritual life.

Pastor Charles Asbell, Associational Missionary, Ebenezer Assn, Dry Branch GA

It is said of Moody that he didn’t have a hold on the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit had a hold on him. Mark doesn’t have a hold on prayer but prayer does have a hold on him. I’d recommend you using him as the Lord leads.

Pastor William Calhoun, Gillsville Baptist Church, Gillsville GA

We were very blessed to have Mark in our church, he has a wonderful way of making prayer come alive.

Pastor Jacky Connell, Eden Westside Baptist Church, Pell City AL

Mark is truly a man that God is using in a mighty way to encourage the body of Christ to make their prayer life come alive. I highly recommend Mark’s book series Prayer Made Alive, and I also recommended having him come to your church. He will motivate your people to a new level of prayer intensity.

Pastor George Dye, Transitional Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Braselton GA

Mark is a practitioner of prayer and is an outstanding teacher of both the “how to” of prayer, and also the power of prayer.

Pastor Brad Boynton, Pineora Baptist Church, Guyton GA

Very few people I have met does such a great job of explaining and encouraging us all in our prayer life. You and your church will be blessed by his ministry!

Dr. Charles R. Roots, Senior Pastor, Ripon Free Methodist Church, Ripon CA

Prayer is nearly a lost practice within the church today. Mark challenges people to reengage in the arena of prayer.

Rev. Roger Hardy, Canon Baptist Church, Canon GA

Mark has an insight about the principles of prayer that will transform your time in prayer before the Lord. By applying some of these insights, I have seen God begin to work in areas that previously had been a source of real struggles. What a gift he has been to my ministry.

Pastor Jon Sullivan, Beulah Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA

I highly recommend Mark Mirza as he has been a mentor of mine in understanding how to pray. Our Lord has certainly gifted him to communicate the ways to pray, strategies to use in praying, and the heart of prayer.

Pastor Gordon Cloud, Pine Park Baptist Church, Cairo GA

Hey Brother Mark, I just wanted to let you know that God is continuing to use what you taught us. The past couple of Wednesday nights we have been looking at the Lord’s Prayer and discussing the doctrinal and practical implications of it, then taking time as a body to let it guide us in praying. It has led to some of the best prayer time we have had since I have been here. Thanks again for allowing God to use you here. You showed us that the Scriptures can open an entirely new dimension to our praying. Learning to do this has had a transformative effect on my prayer life as well as that of our church. God bless you, Brother. I appreciate your ministry and your friendship.

Dr. Bob Hadley, Westside Baptist Church, Daytona Beach FL

Mark is a man whose heart is after God. God is using this ministry to encourage and equip His people to come closer to Him. When he was in our church, he made a statement I have not forgotten and have in fact repeated on several occasions. Mark said, “God has never looked over the edge of heaven and asked, ‘How did that happen?’” God is never caught off guard and He is never a day late; He is always right on time! My life has been blessed because of Mark Mirza.

Pastor, Mitch Clements, Summerhill Baptist Church, Boston GA

Meeting Mark Mirza was not an accident. I was really trying to strengthen my prayer life, and Mark was instrumental in helping me do just that. He taught us how to approach prayer at so many different angles and to think to expand our prayers. Mark is for real, he continues to check on me and pray for me long after the church visits were over.

Pastor Kenny Rice, Life Connection Baptist Church, Flowery Branch GA

Mark Mirza came to our church and lit a fire that is still burning strong. I thought we were in high gear but Mark showed us how to get into overdrive. We are grateful for his ministry.

Pastor Jimmy Culpepper, Mountain Hill Baptist Church, Hamilton, GA

I have been blessed by Mark’s teaching ministry. His insights on scripture and “praying back scripture” have certainly enhanced my prayer life personally and in the life of our congregation.

Dr. Todd Sullens, Bethesda Baptist Church, Ellerslie GA

Mark Mirza’s passion to make prayer “come alive” is contagious. His passion flows from his relationship with the God who created him. The primary way we can know the God who created us is through his enduring Word. Mark’s prayer life is fueled by his love of scripture. Thank you brother for modeling praying scripture!

David Self, Associational Missionary, Washington Association, Milledgeville GA

There is no greater need for prayer. There is no better time to pray. Mark Mirza truly has a calling to lead you there.

Pastor Chris Parkin, Auburn FBC, Auburn GA

What is it about receiving instructions that makes my mind go numb? Mark has bypassed that “confusion zone” by providing a simple, useful, hands-on tool for praying Scripture back to God. These ‘cards’ take me by the hand and lead me to speak with God in His own language – His Word. Profound, and profoundly simple!

Pastor Erik Palmberg, New Providence Baptist Church, Guyton GA

Mark Mirza’s prayer ministry has been a tremendous asset to our church!His heart for God and His people shines forth through his passionate appeal to get the church on her knees.

Rev. Paul Robertson, Windsor Spring Baptist Church, Augusta, GA

Mark Mirza has led two conferences in our church on prayer and they have truly been life changing moves of God. Mark has a passion for prayer, a passion to see God’s people embrace prayer in their own lives, and a passion to see God glorified through the prayers of His saints.In Mark’s series “Prayer Made Alive,” the reader will be taught and encouraged how to pray more effectively.It is a must read for all Christians!

Pastor Mark Malcolm, First Baptist Port Orange, Port Orange FL

I first met Mark at a pastors conference in Atlanta Georgia. My friend and I were attending some of the brakes out sessions. We would go to separate ones in order to receive the most teaching and then share with each other what we had learned. After the first session we met and he told me that I needed to go to the session on prayer being taught by Mark. I told him that I have been to many prayer conferences and did not think I needed another one, but he insisted, so I went. After a few minutes listening to Mark teaching on “The Lost Art of Praying Scripture to God” I knew it would change my prayer life forever, and it has. I pray as you read and use this book that it will change yours too.

Pastor Don Mulkey, Colonial Woods Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, GA

Google “prayer warrior” and Mark Mirza’s picture will pop up as one of the images. Mark knows how to teach about prayer, write about prayer, and train churches to pray. That’s because he prays. A lot. Our church advanced several steps in our praying as a result of Mark’s ministry. You’ll find him to be a great help and encouragement to you and your church!

Pastor C. Gary Hartman, Antioch Baptist Church of Harris County, Fortson, Ga.

Having not only read but used Mark’s books on prayer, I would highly recommend his latest book. Mark has spoken at Antioch Baptist Church a number of times. His passion for prayer is felt when he speaks. Mark is honest in his assessment on prayer. It is easy to think of prayer as just going to God and asking for things. Mark brings an honesty to prayer that truly brings one into the throne room of God. Mark speaks about praying Scripture back to God. Wow, what a way to pray. As one reads the Bible, take the Word of God and turn those verses into prayer. God can really speak to us and through us as we use this not only in our quiet time, but as we journey throughout the day.

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