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Divided Together (book)

Tragedies are Everywhere

The Johnstown Tragedy

(Paperback, 384 Pages, 6″ x 9″)
— 25% off this month
— Discount code: p25

Worst Tragedy on US Soil until 911


Did you know that?

In this historical Christian Fiction novel, where nearly 2/3 of the book are newspaper articles from the days and weeks following the tragedy which began with a bursting dam. But over 1/3 of the book, are stories told by Hael, the Guardian Angel who got to carry believers to heaven.

The stories are compelling and exciting, and tough to read, but you will walk away with one over-arching reality, God is in the midst of tragedy.

How will you handle tragedy in your life?

Let this novel encourage you . . . in the midst of tragedy.

International Edition Prayer Book

Thinking About Prayer

(Paperback, 42 Pages, 4.5″ x 7″)
— New Author

— Only $ 9.95

By the Author and Creator of KFC’s PopCorn Chicken

A Prayer Guide for Workplace Devotionals

Dr. Darrel R. Suderman grew up on a farm near Wichita, Kansas. He attended Kansas State University where he received BS and MS degrees in Agriculture Education, and a Ph.D. in Food Science.

During his working years, he traveled to 15 countries and developed expertise in restaurant new product development, food processing information technology (IT) systems, and worked as an expert witness in over 25 food litigation cases.

While working at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Boston Market he started a bi-weekly Bible study, and a prayer newsletter called “We Care.”

Darrel has a heart for workplace ministries. This book was designed as a daily devotional guide or a prayer guide for workplace Bible studies.

He also wrote the course materials for child and adult spiritual giftedness at Southeast Christian megachurch in Louisville, Ky. His next book, entitled “Popcorn Chicken,” for which he was a co-inventor, will discuss the behind-the-scenes business principles that resulted in KFC realizing $20 million profit in eight weeks, recognized as a corporate turnaround. and now recognized as a billion-dollar international food product.

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A Pray-er’s Perspective on Alignment!

A short, 2 minute video which I think you’ll find informative and encouraging.

The simple point I’m making in this post/video (Alignment, A Caveat) is to make sure our alignment “Does not contradict Scripture.”


When you do “Spiritual-Warfare” where do you spend the bulk of your emphasis? Is it on the evil one, or is it on truth?

Let this 5 minute video and short post (Spiritual Warfare Roadmap) challenge the way you do Spiritual Warfare.


 Ukraine – Praying God’s Will

Let this short post regarding the Ukrainian #Conflict, #War, and #Tragedy, impact your prayer life.

It’s so easy to decide what WE WANT TO PRAY. Perhaps this post will give you some direction.

But you will also see a sweet sister and how God layed a burden on her, which YOU WILL BENEFIT from . . . and I suspect she is too.


 Enjoy our website,



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911 has become an infamous date prmpting its own prayer focus, often called “We will not forget” and “Patriot Day” as well as others. While we completely support these, we want to encourage you to join us in our #PrayAllYear focus this month. Take the month of September to pray for our nation. Mark’s daily devo (from an 1830’s American Tract Society book) guides our prayers. You can find it in our store: https://ctmpublishinginc.com/products/the-three-fold-cord

You will enjoy our short daily Precept & Promise & Prayer. You will be blessed.

As the lyrics to the song ‘History Maker‘ by Delirious states, prayer can break the storm clouds of oppression and doubt. In Revelation chapter 8, the apostle John describes a scene in heaven where an angel takes the prayers of Christians and mixes it with fire from the altar before God and hurls it to the earth with devastating effect.

Our prayers do make a difference.

As part of CTM’s commitment to prayer, I host 50 – 55 prayer conference calls each week – and we want you to participate with us:

  • Men, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 AM
  • Women, every Monday at 8:45 AM & Thursday at 6:45 AM
  • (All Times are Eastern)

This time has been set apart and made holy (sanctified) and those that have been involved are very excited about what God is doing.

Even if you cannot make it onto the call; you can join us all in prayer wherever you are for God to have His way in your life. To see the lives of young and old transformed for eternity by the love of God and the good news of Jesus is our ultimate purpose.

It is so exciting to hear about God stirring the hearts of His people to pray. Be blessed, and as the song title says, let’s be ‘History Makers!’