You’d BETTER be on Track to Release Book 2 Soon!!!

You’d BETTER be on Track to Release Book 2 Soon!!!

postpicture-GregH-ThePray-ersNow Now I admit, that in this photo he looks like a harmless little fuzz-ball.

But I know him!

And that is NOT always the case . . . By the way, I’m talking about the adult here, not the child.

The adult is a friend of mine, a missionary in Honduras. I took a team down there and along the way this little guy found a friend in, well, the “harmless little fuzz-ball” we know as Greg Hines. In addition to being a missionary down there he and his wife are strongly encouraging the economy with Abundant Life Coffee.

But FORGET about his good deeds for a minute, and forget that an impressionable young kid could think that Greg is a harmless little fuzz-ball, I got a call from him the other day. You see, when I was down there I left him one of my books, you know, as a gift! Huh! He called me recently and with great threatening is his voice said, “Mark, You’d BETTER be on track to complete book 2 on time. I Just finished the book you sent me.

As a good steward I confidently told him I am 10,000 words into book 2. The problem is that I am still 10,000 words into book 2. So, if you think about it. Pray for me, that I would get moving again on book 2.

“Greg, we are still planning a Christmas release date.”


Mark S Mirza


Sunday, 5am Pray-ers

Sunday, 5am Pray-ers

Post Reviwed 5/27/2022

5AM Prayer Team

I don’t want you to miss this photo of this dedicated team.

Two weeks ago at a Church called Borangi, near Kisii, Kenya I met a group of Pray-ers who begin each Sunday at 5am praying in their church. They do this every Sunday!

Are you thinking, “Whew, this is a big commitment?” I thought the same thing when I saw their church’s Sunday Schedule:

After sitting in the back room awaiting some of the others to arrive, I saw this schedule and was immediately amazed at the commitment these folks make for prayer.

Please note that they are beginning their Sunday at 5am and then going nearly all day.

Can we be honest? How many of us check the snooze button on our wake-up clock to “squeeze” as many minutes of sleep out of a Sunday as we can. I know that I do.

And then we hop in our car so that we make it to the worship service on time, to say nothing of Sunday School, or, God forbid, an early morning prayer time.

I have a good friend who is a pastor here in greater Atlanta whose “early morning prayer time” (which begins at 9am) continues to dwindle in numbers, simply because, if you’ll pardon my directness, BECAUSE WE ARE TOO LAZY!

Friends, we have GOT TO learn the blessings that come with turning our ENTIRE life over to God, including our time of sleep. On Sunday mornings I pray Colossians 4:2-4, on behalf of the church’s I have visited. My prayer usually goes something like this, “Father, cause these men and women to be devoted to prayer, to be watchful (which means they will give up sleep to pray) and to be thankful, and periodically remember to pray for me…”

If you have read my book, The Pray-ers, you know that the itinerant preacher, Alexander Rich prays this for every church he visits also.

I have decided that the people above, from Kenya, will be mentioned in book 2, when a racist preacher that Bro. Rich squares off with in Book 1, has a real heart change, which is evident in book 2.

But, you’ll have to get the books to figure out what I’m talking about.

Blessings my friends, and give up some sleep to pray!


Another Pray-er, David Franklin

Another Pray-er, David Franklin



My book, The Pray-ers is dedicated to fictional characters living out prayer, modeling prayer, if you will, in their lives. We learn prayer from them by watching the way they model it and then we incorporate prayer into our life by their example.

But these articles are dedicated to REAL-LIFE pray-ers.

Meet my friend David Franklin in this article I wrote for the Christian Index.

Committed to looking at how pray-ers pray

Below is a photo of the time we spent praying in the Commissioner’s office, which you’ll read about in the above article.


Blessings my friends.

Mark S Mirza