Praying for Direction

Praying for Direction

The God of Peace

What do all of these have in common?

  • When you need direction
  • When someone near you needs direction in their life
  • When you are confused
  • When you have no peace

ANSWER: The God of peace has the answer.

Lack of Peace is an Answer

And remember, that you DO NOT HAVE PEACE is also an answer.

You may call it a “check in your spirit.”

Until you have peace, you do not move forward.

No Peace, No Move!

Blessings My Friends,


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Praying for Direction

Mark’s Secret Mathematical Prayer Formula

Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer (Psalm 11:3)

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My Dear Pray-ers,


After a DECADE of study
I am ready to REVEAL
the coveted . . .


Y = P * 2A + (∞F ⟹ W) + (S ≈ I) * Ø(d+c)


Have fun with me as we go through this, and note that, as with many complicated mathematical formulas, they are constantly being rewritten.

This one is no exception.

Going through my Secret Mathematical Prayer Formula I realized an error.
If I were to multiply “zero” by the rest of the formula, the logical  answer to “Y” would be zero. That needed to change.

Fortunately mathematics gave me the solution. Hence, the last multiplication sign was recalculated as a minus sign.

And voila!

So this is our FINAL equation:

Y = P * 2A + (∞F ⟹ W) + (S ≈ I) – Ø(d+c)


Defining Terms

At the end of this E-Letter I will read the completed equation to you.

In the mean-time, let’s dive in.

“Y” stands for a YES to your prayer!

Have you ever considered that Jesus never went to the Father wondering about His answer? Jesus always prayed expecting a “YES” and so should you. Even when He gave us the model-prayer in Matthew 6:9ff the entire tenor of it is, expect God to answer. And earlier in verse 6, talking about prayer Jesus said, “. . . your Father . . . will reward you.”

If you are wondering about the Garden of Gethsemane experience Jesus had, consider two words, “wrestling” and “submitting.” Jesus wrestled and since He knew the Father’s will, He (Jesus) submitted to the Father.

Jesus’ dealings with prayer were ALWAYS with an expectation of a YES, because He trusted His Father.

In my novel, The Pray-ers, watch these men and women model prayer where they expect God to answer, not out of arrogance, but out of trusting their God.

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“P” is the act of PRAYING.

This should be easy to figure out since this is what we are dealing with. And yet, do you realize that there are SOME THINGS that we do not have, because we do not ask? (See James 4:2).

I suspect some of you are thinking, “Why ask? Doesn’t God already know our needs BEFORE we ask (Matthew 6:8)?

Have you considered why we pray at all? It is for one reason. God WANTS a relationship with you! Think about that! In spite of you (and me), He wants a relationship with you (and me).

“A” stands for the word ABIDING.

And why is the equation “2A” above? Because the word “Abide” appears twice in John 15:7 and both occurrences are very significant, and very different from one another.

I recently heard a pastor quote this verse by saying, “. . . abide in Him and in His words.” BUT MY READERS, that is not what the passage says. It says that you are to ABIDE IN HIM and let His words ABIDE IN YOU.

When His words abide in you, that is when you start asking His will. This happens because they are His words. And then the last part of the verse becomes true, “then you will ask whatever you will and it will be done unto you.”

You can abide in him all day long but if you don’t let his words abide in you, you don’t have a prayer. Sorry for the pun.

Originally written in the 1830’s, we have taken this Daily Devo with “A Precept, A Promise and A Prayer” for each day and molded them into a powerful prayer tool. This is one of our CTMPrayer Classics and believe me, it is.

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“F” stands for FAITH.

But not just any faith! It stands for “∞F” which is an “infinite amount of faith.”

Now before you start to get depressed, because your faith isn’t that great, let me remind you of what Jesus said by first telling you what He did NOT say.

  • Jesus did not say you have to have a TON of faith. The AMOUNT OF YOUR FAITH is not the issue.
  • Jesus DID say, you could have as little faith as a mustard seed and accomplish what is needed (Matthew 17:20).

Another time we’ll discuss why teachers tell you to build your faith to astronomical proportions, but not here.

What I will tell you though, is why you can have “infinite-faith, sufficient-faith, perfect-faith,” even if your faith is only comparable to a mustard seed.

The answer is the rest of the equation within the parenthesis.

“W” is WILL, God’s will.

The equation says, “infinite faith ⟹ W

In other words, infinite faith occursIf and Only If it is centered on God’s will.”

Look at 1 John 5:14-15. When does God’s answer come? The passage clearly says, when we ask according to His will.

It ain’t rocket-science, is it?

But it does require the next portion of the equation.

“S” is the act of SUBMITTING to God.

I’m sorry, but you knew that the “S” word would enter this equation somewhere, didn’t you?

The problem with the “S” word is that it requires you to trust Him. Do you think you trust God? Are you sure? Or are you just hoping you trust Him?

Take this test and find out:

  • Get a blank piece of paper.
  • At the top write, “God’s Will for My Life.”
  • And then sign-it, BLANK.

Okay, I just told you the PROBLEM with the “S” word. Now let me give you the “ginormous” benefit of the “S” word. It is found in both Mark 11:24 and the rest of the equation, within the parenthesis.

Note that the “S is Congruent to I” and,

“I” represents God already “IN THE PROCESS” of answering your prayer.

You see, the ginormous benefit in doing “S” namely, submitting to God is because God tells us we can believe that we have “already received” what we are talking to Him about.

Let me say it this way, “God is already “I” IN THE PROCESS of giving me what I ask.

Work the Secret Mathematical Prayer Formula backwards:

  • “I” God is already “In the process” of answering my prayer,
  • “S” When I submit
  • “W” To His will,
  • “F” With my mustard seed faith

“d” represents DISOBEDIENCE.

The mathematical term in front of this parenthetical portion of our Prayer Formula means “an empty or ‘null’ set” of both the “d” and the “c” of our formula. In other words we’re not to have any “d” and any “c” in our life.

“d” being disobedience is pretty straight-forward, right? So let’s look at “c” and understand it. 

“c” is the act of using the word CAN when you pray.

Going back to Mark 11:24, where we are told to “believe that we have already received” that which we are praying for, I’d like to ask you, the reader, to do something for me, okay?

I would like you to be EMBARRASSED the next time you use the word “can” when you pray!

And here’s why.

Assuming the Holy Spirit didn’t make a mistake, and Mark 11:24 can be believed, God is already in the process of giving you your answer! Think about that! Since that is the case, why are you asking Him if He “can” do it?

Let’s get back to the “d” word for a moment. In Psalm 24:3-4, we are told to enter His presence with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Why? Because sin has an impact on your prayer life (Proverbs 28:9, Isaiah 59:2, and a host of others).

Allow this incredible history of the godly and obedient Moravians to motivate your life, including your prayer life. You will be moved by their commitment and challenged by the questions at the end of each chapter, making this book an excellent small group study guide. It was written 90 years ago and is an addition to our CTMPrayer Classics. The questions were added by me and have been regarded well. By the way, this is our latest full length book.

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Putting It All Together

  • You WILL get a YES
  • When you PRAY,
  • If you ABIDE in Him AND His words ABIDE in you.
  • Then your sufficient FAITH,
  • Subject to His WILL,
  • Causes you to SUBMIT to Him
  • After all, He’s already IN THE PROCESS of answering!
  • Motivating you to OBEDIENCE
  • Eliminating CAN from your prayers

We hope you enjoyed this fun formula.
Don’t forget about our resources above.
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Praying for Direction

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Our Latest Book makes a great Small Group Bible Study.

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Cover of Power From On high


Let me quote Dave Butts from Harvest Prayer Ministries who wrote the foreword:

“Many are writing on revival with the hope of seeing such a move of God in our day. Power From On High, grounds that hope in history . . . ”

Praying for Direction

Supplementing Your Faith Sunday School Lesson Take Aways

Dear Class:


Today we continued our study of the Book of Acts (Part 2) as we looked at Acts 17:16-18:23.  In these chapters we find Paul in the major Greek cities of Athens and Corinth where idolatry was widely practiced.  God provides Paul and the team the opportunity to witness about what the one true living God had done to provide salvation from the penalty for their sin – spiritual death and eternal separation from their creator.

Education is a useful thing.  It can have a positive effect on an individual’s future prospects as well as on the prospects of an entire society.  It has been responsible for great advancements in science and medicine as well as the eradication of widespread poverty.  But as with anything that man uses, it can also contribute to man’s estrangement from God.  When not applied as God intends, education can encourage man’s pride in himself as was the case with the first century Greeks to whom the Apostle Paul revealed the truth about their spiritual condition.

I consider myself to be fairly well educated but that has nothing to do with where I will spend eternity.  That has been determined by God’s grace and by my willingness to accept His amazing love gift.  It’s a gift I did not earn or deserve but which compels me to submit myself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the conviction, correction, guidance, and education of the Holy Spirit.


Please note that next Sunday, Jan. 21 is “Sanctity of Life Sunday”.  Willie Hart will be leading our study of Acts 16:16-19 and Psalm 39:16-19.   Our lesson focuses on the value of human life and how our God acknowledged that value by sacrificing Himself as the ultimate love offering for mankind.



Praying for Direction

Who’s Influenced Your Prayer Life?

Prayer Influencers

In my life there have been key people influencing my Prayer-Life. I have mentioned portions of this in my previous posts, but felt like I should put it onto a short video too:


One of the songs that Babbie sings, that I remember most impacting my life was her song, “To The Cross” which I have embedded into this post. Please enjoy it as much as I have:

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Blessings my friends,


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