Celebrate NDP Summit 2021

Celebrate NDP Summit 2021

Teresa Cantrell, our perennial Capitol Coordinator was at this year’s National Day of Prayer Annual Summit, in St. Louis, MO. This event is where NDP leaders from all over the USA come, once a year, to share ideas, get better acquainted, and meet our board members.

Board members such as Byron Paulus, Dick Eastman, David Butts, Jeff Noel, and others, shared insights into prayer as well as leadership, but what I found most encouraging was their absolute support for Kathy Branzell, the NDPTF President.

Kathy spoke a number of times this weekend, leading us into a deeper commitment to this being a “Movement of prayer, not merely a day of prayer.”

As I continue to introduce you to Georgia Coordinators, I have asked Teresa to give us some thoughts from this year’s Summit.

Here are her words:

This years summit was powerful, practical and refreshing.

The highlight by far was the manifest presence of God in our praise and worship.

We began with an intentional focus on Christ alone, exalting Name after Name, and often erupting into applause for Him alone. I felt His delight as we adored Him.

Every other session was on point, filled with hope, and included creative practical ideas.

The unity, humility, and dedication of the entire group made us feel more like family than an organization.

I am Praying each coordinator can bring the Presence and Praise to every team member and to every aspect of our new year.

The summit was a very tangible expression of the new theme, with a heart to exalt Him as He establishes us!

Thank you Teresa.

I can’t really add any more than that. The venue was excellent, the worship time was incredible, the meals were brilliant, and spending time with NDP men and women from all over the USA was priceless.

There’s something about spending time with colleagues who do the same thing, but in different ways and in different venues which was encouraging.

Please plan to join us next year in Philadelphia.

“This ain’t your grandma’s NDP” was said more than once, at the Summit. One aspect of the Summit which made it unique was the precious movement of the Spirit.

But there was another unmistakable aspect. You have heard me talk about the “Multi’s” — Well, in St. Louis there was great diversification. We were multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational.

It was brilliant.

Thanks again Teresa for your report.





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Celebrate NDP Summit 2021

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