In Jesus Name Amen

In Jesus Name Amen

From: A Simple Benediction

Numbers 6:24-‬26 HCSB
24 May Yahweh bless you and protect you;
25 May Yahweh make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;
26 May Yahweh look with favor on you and give you peace.

Reading thru the Bible allows you to find new insights into things which you may have read many, many times. Here’s one of those, and I found myself applying this great benediction, to how I end my prayers, namely, “In Jesus Name, Amen.”

First let me ask you, what is meant when you end your prayer, “…in Jesus Name, Amen.”

  • In the authority of Jesus? Yes.
  • According to all that He represents? Yes.

His Bigness

It has to do with His “bigness,” right?

I love Psalm 145:3, one version says, “…His greatness, no one can fathom.” When I quote it I usually say, “His greatness is unsearchable, which means we’ll get to heaven and spend an eternity learning insights into His height and breadth and depth and width.”

So, when I found and studied these three verses above, my understanding of God’s greatness, of what is included in, “His Name,” just exploded!

Friends, I get to enter the throne room of the Lord because of Christ’s authority, made available to me when I accept that His shed blood on the cross is my ONLY way to heaven.

All that’s Bottled Up In His Name

I hope this post helps you understand better, the solemnity which is bottled up in the words, “In Jesus Name, Amen.” In the video above, whether you use those words or not isn’t “magical,” the point is your attitude, in whom you trust.

And your attitude tells you under whose authority you enter the throne room.

By seeing some of the insights into this benediction in the book of Numbers, I am trusting that you will see the greatness of God, bigger than you ever have before.

The three verses above are a blessing given by Jewish priests to the Israelites, however, there is good application for us today, after all, is not all scripture for us today (Romans 15:4). At the end of 2 Corinthians, Paul gives a New Testament Blessing which, I think, in large part, draws from these verses.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.
2 Corinthians 13:14 (NASB 1977)

3 Commentaries and Their Insights

Numbers 6:24 May Yahweh bless you and protect you;

  • May God speak good unto thee, by . . . his excellent promises! (Clarke’s Commentary)
  • The Lord is the keeper of Israel. He will care for thee. (Homiletics Commentary, W. Binnie)
  • We can confidently commend ourselves, and all who are the “blessed of the Lord,” to his keeping, both in regard to spiritual preservation . . . and temporal deliverances (Homiletics Commentary, E. S. Prout)
  • Security the first of blessings to those who have much to lose . . . Insecurity was the mark of Eden. God’s face shone, his countenance was lifted up on Adam and Eve, but he warned them there was danger in the midst of all their blessings. Perfect security belongs to the New Jerusalem. (Homiletics Commentary, D. Young)

Numbers 6:25 May Yahweh make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;

  • God the Son is gracious unto sinners in remitting their offenses, which he died to blot out. (Clarke’s Commentary)
  • “The face of God” imports not merely God’s good will in general, but His active and special regard. With the “face” or “eye of the Lord (Barnes Notes)
  • There is grace in God’s heart for thee. He has given proof of this times without number. . . [that we] may bear thy name to the nations who know thee not. (Homiletics Commentary, W. Binnie)
  • The shining of God’s countenance is an assurance that God will be gracious; its shining upon “thee” a pledge that we have received the grace and pardon we need (Homiletics Commentary, E. S. Prout)

Numbers 6:26 May Yahweh look with favor on you and give you peace.

  • God the Holy Spirit takes of the things which are Christ’s, and shows them unto genuine Christians, and diffuses the peace of God in their hearts. (Clarke’s Commentary)
  • [May the Lord] direct His thought and care toward thee . . . Through such loving providence alone could the peace of God in which the blessing closes be given. (Barnes Notes)
  • There is a look of God which fills the soul with peace. (Homiletics Commentary, W. Binnie)
  • The lifting up of God’s countenance may suggest his active intervention to secure to us the blessing of peace . . . The Christian’s peace is “the peace of God,” “my peace,” communicated by Divine power to the soul (Homiletics Commentary, E. S. Prout)
  • Our trust and expectation should agree with what is a benediction to us through Christ, as much as it was to the Israelites through Aaron. (Homiletics Commentary, D. Young)

The Awe of “In Jesus Name, Amen”

I hope I never run through the words, “In Jesus Name, Amen,” without a sense of awe in its “bigness,” its greatness, in the awesomeness of God.

Here are the inks to the 3 commentaries which I perused, and have quoted above, to help me get my arms around Numbers 6:24-26:




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NDPGeorgia Emails

NDPGeorgia Emails

NDPTF 2022 Theme

Exalt the Lord, Who has Established us (Colossians 2:6-7).

As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him.
Rooted and built in him, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving:
1599 Geneva Bible

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Racism In The Church

Racism In The Church

(This Post was originally released October 2018)

3 Anecdotes about Racism in the Church

From them you will be:

  1. Encouraged
  2. Angered
  3. Frustrated

But my friends, this is where it begins. With you and me (IN THE CHURCH) looking honestly at the issue.

Where are you in these 3 stories?

Below are 3 ways of dealing with racism:

The Right Way

The Wrong Way

The Typical Way


The first time I saw this sidewalk insert, I eagerly sought the story.

The broken part of the sidewalk says,


As the story goes, that part of the sidewalk had been there since the church was built at this location in 1892.

But, in the mid 60’s someone asked, “a bit too loudly” if all people were welcome, as the sign said.

Nobody answered, but the next week the sidewalk-sign was gone, replaced by a blank slab of cement.

Sometime late in the 90’s, in its broken state, it was returned to the sidewalk to proudly show that, YES, All People are welcome.

That it lies there in a broken state tells its own story, don’t you think?


A few years ago I did a 4 night prayer revival during the Obama administration. The associate pastor of the host church continually talked down the President. And frankly, it got up my  nose.

I asked the Lord for a very tactful way to deal with it, and so the next night I pulled him aside and delivered what I believe the Lord laid upon my heart. It turned out to be so significant that I included it in both Book 1 and Book 2 of The Pray-ers.

Instead of giving you the conversation with this pastor, let me quote Alexander Rich, the itinerant preacher in my novel, who dealt with the exact same issue, just 130 years earlier, EXACTLY the way I did.

“. . . Alexander Rich continued. “You believe in the flood right?”
“Oh yes!” The preacher responded, “Worldwide disaster, worldwide flood.”
“Then,” Rich interrupted, glad at least that this young pastor had not caved to the growing debate about the age of the earth and the truth of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. “Then, my friend, if we all came from the same parents, do you know what that means?”
Brother Rich had the young man’s complete attention. He leaned forward, intrigued, eyes widening, and awaiting a deep truth.
“What that means my young racist friend is that you have a little black guy inside of you somewhere.”

Sorry for the shameless plug (

When I said this to the pastor, it shut him up, but only until the next day when he returned. I am sorry to share with you what he said, but I think you need to hear it.

He  cornered me after the service and then said, “They may be your relatives but they aren’t mine.”

No matter the amount of melanin in your skin, you and I BOTH have people in our lives that think this way.


I was in another church for an all day intensive. At lunch, the pastor and I talked about the feedback he was getting from the Sunday School and Worship Services that I led. The feedback was a great blessing, and so after lunch we sat down, prayed about it and decided that I needed to come back for an all week prayer revival.

A few days later he called me. We chit-chatted for a few minutes and then he said, as broken as I have ever heard him, “Mark, my deacons said that you can’t come back, you’re too dark.”

Now BEFORE YOU GET excersised over this anecdote, let me remind you, this happens on ALL SIDES of the issue, Asian, Hispanic, White and Black.

True, there are some churches I can’t get into because I am too dark.

But there are other churches I can’t get into because I’m not dark enough.

Is it any wonder that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week?

Whose Fault Is Racism

Obviously we can point our fingers at the deception of the evil one. But may I take this question in a slightly different direction?

Let me make a broad statement, that you may or may not agree has some merit.

“The unsaved can’t be expected to act like anything other than what they are, UNSAVED!”

QUIT LOOKING AT THE WORLD, expecting them to act differently!

But what about the church? My friends, in the church, we are the ones without excuse. Why? Because:

We are the ones that have the Holy Spirit living within us. And,
We are the one’s who have been given the grace to live above this.

Consider this. Do you think that maybe God loves us enough to discipline us?

If He does, it will NOT be:

Because the unsaved are acting like the unsaved.

Rather, it will be:

Because the church is NOT acting like the church?

May God have mercy upon us, in spite of us.


One of the Congressmen I pray with in DC ( likes to say, after I have said, “We, the church, are the problem.”

“Yes, Mark, but we are also the solution.”



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Engage Elected Officials

Engage Elected Officials


Tired of acronyms?

I’d like you to hear my heart regarding EEO (Engaging Elected Officials).

It’s easy to engage the elected officials that WE AGREE with, but what about those we do not agree with?
ANSWER? We usually DO NOT engage them at all!

I want that to STOP, in the State of Georgia.

Now hear me clearly, I do not want you to give the podium to ANYONE who does not qualify to sign the “Speaker’s Agreement” which I know you are making ALL OF YOUR SPEAKERS sign.

Remember, the National Day of Prayer Task for is NON-PARTISAN. We need to stop ignoring those we disagree with politically. How will we have an impact upon them if we keep ignoring them? Scripture is even more succinct, (Romans 10:14 HCSB) But how can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher?

It won’t happen, folks.

You see, I think we can figure out an Equation that the Georgia NDP can do. . .

  1. First, decide now, to invite EVERY elected official in your area, from State Senators and Representatives to County Commissioners to Mayors to Dog Catchers. If you’re a Dog Catcher I apologize for putting you at the bottom of the list, but I did capitalize your title.
  2. Second, remember, just because they are invited, DOES NOT MEAN, they get to speak (even if they’re an elected official). So, in your letter, tell them (if they are not going to be allowed to speak), “Mr. So and So, or, Madam So and So, we will have a special seat for you in the front row, and during the service we will come down off the stage and pray for you by name.”
  3. Finally, if you are not already, begin now to start TELLING THEM BY EMAIL, you are praying for them. I would email them weekly or every other week (no more than weekly). And when you tell them you are praying for them, ASK THEM if they have something in particular you can pray, on their behalf. You will be surprised by their responses.

Also, this will give you some “street-cred” because you took the time to reach out to them.

This third point above, LETTING THEM KNOW you are praying for them is HUGE! Last week I got a call from a State Senator. He said, “Mark, we don’t know each other, but I wanted to thank you for your emails. They are very encouraging.”

Here’s my goal:

I want us in the State of Georgia to figure out how to do this. I want us to work out the details and fix the kinks. So, if there is something I missed, or something odd you experience, I want you to tell me.

You see, I think that if we figure out the right “Equation” for Engaging Elected Officials (do you feel a knew acronym comin’ on), there may be other states who will want to do this too.

I know not every elected official will participate, but how exciting if ANOTHER THING that the National Day of Prayer is known for, is Engaging Every Elected Official.

Holy smokes! It would become the EEEO, instead of the EEO.

I know, I know, I know. “Preachers, they do everything with acronyms.”

It’s true! I can’t tell you how many times I’m talking with someone on the phone and instead of chuckling I want to say, LOL.


This year folks, EEEO, Engage Every Elected Official.




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What is Truth?

What is Truth?

John 18:37e-38a
Jesus answered, “. . . Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.” “What is truth?” Retorted Pilot.

In our bitterly divided nation and world we cannot always believe what we read and hear, from the news agencies, to our friends, to our coworkers, and our family.

But there is one place where truth is ALWAYS given.

God’s Word.

Spend time in Truth, by spending time in His Word.