Dr Stanley & Sons of Thunder

Dr Stanley & Sons of Thunder

A Few Dr. Stanley Links, Below:

  • First, a short, three minute video where I tell of four great memories I have of Dr. Stanley.
  • Then, a copy of one of our Sons of Thunder Newsletters / Prayer Prompts, which I hope encourages yu to add some effort to your prayer-handouts.
  • Also, two variations of a handbook for starting your own, Sons of Thunder Power Team.
  • Finally, a pictoral memory of one Christmas with Dr. Stanley at the Sons of Thunder.

Thank You Dr. Stanley

My Prayer Ministry’s Roots

The day Dr. Stanley graduated to heaven, I was in Washington DC praying with our elected officials.

My ministry of prayer DIRECTLY has its roots in the man himself allowing me to lead the Sons of Thunder Power Team.

I want to share a VERY BRIEF GLIMPSE of the man we all saw at Sons of Thunder. I think the photos came from Keith James.

Watch the various facial expressions Dr. Stanley gives. That’s the man most of us remember from Sons of Thunder.

BTW, periodically I hear people mock the name “Sons of Thunder,” but they do so without knowing why Dr. Stanley used the name he did. In an April 2016 In Touch interview, Dr. Stanley told his audience the reason for the name. He said, “When men pray it sounds like thunder going up to heaven.”

And for those of you who attended those prayer meetings, you know what he meant.

Enjoy these photos, and the memory of the man who made such a huge impact on my life.

Thank you Dr. Stanley, Mark

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Father, that I would weep when You weep

David was climbing the slope of the Mount of Olives, weeping as he ascended. His head was covered, and he was walking barefoot. Each of the people with him covered their heads and went up, weeping as they ascended.
2 Samuel 15:30 HCSB