Happy Mother’s Day!

As we remember mothers, I am pleased that we have uncovered another memoir from Gretchen.  Download your copy today (Click Here)

Here is a sample


Thirteen Years Earlier:

Hael stood in the background watching Gretchen as she felt the burgeoning bump that would be her first and only child. His normal smiling demeanor tilted towards concern as the demon katepA reminded Gretchen of her mother’s failure in the past and present. As Hael watched Gretchen’s face, her emotions rose and fell nearly at the whim of katepA. Hael wanted to reach out swat this impish demon into eternity and outer darkness, but that would not be God’s plan. Hael hurt for Gretchen and yet he began to smile, because he trusted God Almighty. Even though it became clear that she was now concerned with what kind of a mother she would be as this baby in her womb prepared to make its way into the world, Hael knew the One who had already won the battle, and he knew that Gretchen would too.

Modern Day (for Gretchen):

As I write this memoir of my husband, which is a message for mothers, I’m reminded of my own shortcomings and . . . With a Cheshire Cat grin that spread across…[More]