So, Who Is Mark Mirza?

Mark has been teaching prayer for over a decade.

And the ways in which he has been used in churches, associations, businesses and organizations is as diverse as your creativity. He will do an all-day prayer intensive in the local church. He will do a weekend prayer boot camp based on the movie War Room. And usually he’ll return in 3 months to do a follow up.

He’ll lead an hour’s prayer focus before group’s annual meeting. You can use him for an opening prayer at a Gala dinner event, or a closing prayer at a ribbon cutting.

Whatever your organization’s needs, Mark wants to be used to encourage people unto prayer.

Let’s Rebuild the Foundations of Prayer!

Regardless of Mark’s location, your church, your board room, your City Hall or the Congressional offices in Washington D. C. Mark never loses sight of the Vision for Common Thread Ministries, “Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer” (Psalm 11:3). The size of your building does not matter.  From simple outdoor gatherings to the largest mega-church – Mark will come and serve your congregation in helping them to develop a deeper level of prayer.


For a “feel” for Mark’s teaching style, go to his YouTube channel: CTMPrayer

by Common Thread Ministries 


From the Desk of Mark S Mirza

Updated January 14th, 2021


Bust Shot of Mark Mirza

So if you were to ask me, “who is Mark Mirza?” this would be my answer:

Mark S. Mirza is someone with a passion for prayer.

And yet, I remember exactly where my wife and I were sitting in church back in 2004 when Dr. Charles Stanley, my pastor at the time, introduced a pastor on stage as “The New Prayer Pastor.”

Unfortunately, I also remember EXACTLY what I was thinking on that morning. I thought, “what a BORING job being a prayer pastor must be.”

But prayer has now become my passion and mentoring others to spend quality time with God is what I want to do for the rest of my life on this earth.



For nearly 5 years I led the men’s prayer ministry for Dr. Charles Stanley at First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA. That men’s group was known as the “Sons of Thunder,” from March 2006 until November 2010 when Common Thread Ministries became a full-time ministry.

As part of the ministry, I coach and mentor men, women, churches, and organizations on how to start up prayer groups, improve existing prayer groups, and encourage personal prayer. I also conduct Prayer conferences for church leaders, pastors, and lay leaders, as well as our popular “Prayer Boot Camps” that are based on the movie War Room.

People say that I have many Mark-isms or phrases that I use.  One of my favorites is that “Prayer is more caught than taught,” meaning that if you want to learn to pray, get around people who pray. To that end, my prayer partner and I do about 40 Prayer Conference Calls every week. But I also spend a lot of time praying with pastors and elected officials, mentoring their prayer lives, simply by praying with them.



I have found that I enjoy teaching prayer through my writing. But not just theologically based encouraging books and booklets, I also enjoy writing historical Christian fiction. The first two novels in The Pray-er Trilogy are complete. “The Pray-ers, Book 1 – Troubles” and “Book 2 – Spiritual Warfare” at   I also have a collection of children’s books, historical fiction and a number of accompanying short stories.

I love to read Christian novels. The only problem is when I get done, I want to point to something I’ve learned. And that is my motivation for writing these novels. I want to get you involved in the lives of these pray-ers so you can learn prayer simply by being around them.

I call it, “Teaching prayer through the fun of Christian fiction.”

During Covid-19, we are giving away FREE, all of my novels, (the digital version). Please CLICK HERE for that link. We don’t want anything from this. It is our gift to you. So, please, forward it to everyone you can.



I am quick to admit that prayer does not come easily. I have to work at it. I believe the Lord keeps me humble in this area which helps me in my speaking engagements.  I have been told that I am a refreshing speaker with a bigger than life personality.

I spent many years in the corporate world and during the last few years, I asked the Lord for a release to allow me to get into full-time ministry. In July 2008, my employer sat me down to lay me off. I was so excited! I knew the Lord had something up his sleeve. In September 2008 I began working on staff at First Baptist Atlanta, until November of 2010 when Common Thread Ministries went full time.

I am married and live with my wife Naida in downtown Atlanta where we attend The Midtown Bridge Church. I collect old Christian books (mainly on prayer, of course). My wife and I have a horse, Jumper Do Vouga, boarded in North GA where we spend much of our spare time.  You will find pictures of me, my wife, Jumper, and our previous horses on a number of Facebook pages. I am also now on Twitter and Instagram.



In case you are wondering what it would take to bring me to your church or organization let me share it with you simply and directly, so there are no questions, and, so we don’t have to talk about it:

My remuneration policy is really simple. In December 2010 the Lord and I had a very short conversation about money. He said, “Mark, you’re in the prayer business – if you can’t trust Me, how can you encourage others to trust Me?”

So my remuneration policy is this: “Whatever your church or organization is comfortable with, I will be content with.” Money is NEVER a reason for me to not be invited to speak. I even go a step further. I won’t look at the check I receive, until the next day, or later.



Call me or email me, Let’s talk.


Mark S Mirza
Founder of Common Thread Ministries
C: (404) 606-2322