I won’t give you all of the email, just enough of it to get a feel for it.

But we recently did a Book Festival, The Decatur Book Festival (#DBF2016). Here is an email I received from, well, you just read it and see his comments.

#DF2016 Booth

#DF2016 Booth

I bought your book in Decatur Saturday afternoon. I started reading it and could not put it down. My mother died in May 2015 and since that time my prayer life has sunk to hardly any. You knew when you started talking to me that I needed to read your book. God led me to your booth. . . .

It was almost like I was living your book by being led to the only 2 booths I saw selling totally Christian books. I noticed several Muslim sellers and all sorts of New Age literature but very little Christian.

You asked which character I liked most in your book. It had to be the Angels since I was obviously led by an angel Saturday.

Thank you for this great blessing. I will pray for you

G. C.

This is why we do what God lays on our heart to do!

Amen, and Amen!