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No, Dr. Dale does not drive his car into a “Drive Thru Prayer Line” nor does he begin one in Macon GA, but, interestingly enough, there is a picture, in the mind of Hael, that if God ever gives Hael his wish, those around Dr. Dale’s car will begin to pray immediately. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what that scene is without stealing from the book, but as you read it, you’ll see what the Guardian Angel Hael wants to do.



And then there is our Itinerant Preacher, Alexander Rich. In a very real way, he and Sterling (his horse) ride up to Bro. Ted Mark’s home, and Bro. Hubert pulls up his buggy and all three go to town praying. They are, if you’ll allow the stretch, driving-thru to pray-thru a very challenging problem, together.


Blessings my friend, and enjoy. Remember that you can download the e-pub version, which is a .PDF that you can play on any device, and of course you can order the book, or get it on Kindle.


Mark S Mirza