The Politics

While the world, the politicians, the activists, etc. are responding to yesterday’s school murder in their typical way, I would like to have an “in-house” discussion with Christians.

Let those in politics, Christians and non-Christians deal with these things on that level. If you are a Christian and you are a part of those discussions, we are glad you are there and our prayers are with you.

The Christians

But I’d like to have an “in-house” discussions with Christians centered around a post I saw yesterday.

On Facebook I saw a comment aimed at “murder on our school campuses.” Among the responses, there was an interesting one, “Bind the strongman.”

Let me state up front that while I am involved in many prayer organizations and ministries, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ANY OF THEM, except my own, Common Thread Ministries (found at

The Solution?

Let me narrow down the discussion that I would like us to have.
How do we “in-the-pews” impact the issue by “Binding the strongman?”

I realize this is a little vague, so let me ask it this way, and feel free to respond based on any of the following questions. I just ask that you respond with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15e).

  1. As pray-ers why do we “Bind the strongman?”
  2. What impact does, “Binding the strongman” have?
  3. How could “Binding of the strongman” have impacted yesterday’s tragedy?
  4. Why is “Binding the strongman” a/the solution?
  5. What does Scripture tell us about “Binding the strongman?”
  6. Why did Jesus talk about “Binding the strongman?”
  7. What point was Jesus making?

I look forward to us talking about this. I only ask that we adhere to the fisherman’s words at the end of verse 15 in First Peter chapter 3, “with gentleness and respect.”


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