A New Video

This week I attended Bible Time with Ken and Gary in Columbus Georgia.

I love working with these guys. They have a heart for prayer, a heart for serving people, a heart for the church, and a heart for the lost.

This video encompassed a number of things on prayer, as well as them giving me a REAL BAD TIME about having my San Francisco Giants baseball cap and my Barry Bonds Baseball T-Shirt with me.

I thought they may want to convert!

They also allowed me to talk about my books at the end of the video.

I look forward to serving these guys again, and probably setting a few dates to speak over there.

Gary Hartman and I will set up another War Room Prayer Boot Camp for the Columbus area. This one will be at his church, Antioch Baptist in Fortson Georgia.

And then Ken Grubb who is the Southeast regional missionary for BCM International (BCMIntl.org) will have me speak next year at his staff retreats,

All in all a great time yesterday.

If you get the chance, listen in on our discussion about prayer. We covered a lot of ground, and didn’t “sugar-coat” very much of it.

Oh yeah! They also invited me to speak at their Hands Across America event on September 9th in Columbus.

We’ll keep you posted right here!


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