The Tragic Johnstown Flood

I’m finishing up a book on The Tragic Johnstown Flood. It occurred in 1889 and there were over 2200 people that died. It is considered the worst tragedy on US soil until 911.

The goal of the book I am completing is To Show God IN THE MIDST of Tragedy.

We often hear two disparate sides to tragedies:

  1. The Graphic Details, and
  2. The God Talk.

This book combines the two in a completely unique way. An angel, Hael (from my first novel, The Pray-ers), is giving the backstory behind many of the folks that had to deal with the Johnstown flood, Hael gives their stories before the flood, during the flood, after the flood, and many, at their actual death.

The Segue

When the Guardian Angel, Hael talks about those that die, he doesn’t end his narrative at their death, he talks about their meetings in heaven.

And yes, that is not a typo, I DID, on purpose, type in, “their meetings,” plural.

Hael talks about people waiting in heaven for the one who has just died, so that they can welcome him or her.

Line of people

Can you imagine the line of people waiting to welcome Billy Graham into heaven today?

Remembering Billy Graham

Years ago, a wonderful song was sung live by a musician who has now fallen out of favor because of his lifestyle choices. Don’t be distracted by that. On my YouTube channel, I have this video pegged in my Favorite Christian Music.

The makers of the video have marvelously uplifted Billy Graham’s life.

Let this great video encourage your life, as you remember Billy Graham.



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