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This Prayer Principal of “Burden Bearing” Really is TOO Simple.
I confess, I was not looking for it, but it has become the model I use in D.C. and now in the Atlanta State House. But it is one I want you to use too, not only with your elected officials, but with your work-mates, in your church, and at your home.

My friend above has been a prayer partner of mine for a few years, and now that he is in Washington D.C. he intends to take these simple “Burden-Bearing” principles and use them with those he works with.

Would you consider doing the same thing?

If you haven’t already, watch this 4 minute video on “Burden-Bearing” in Washington D.C. and its application:

Photo for the Burden Bearing Video


Now Ask Yourself these Questions:
Can I pray like this at home, with my family?
Can I pray like this at work, with my work-mates?
Can I pray like this at church, with my fellow Christians?
Can I pray like this at my:
City Hall, County Courthouse, or State House, once a month?

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The Video’s Suggested Prayers are real simple

Galatians 6:2 encourages us to “bear one another’s burdens.”

Then the person you’re praying for finds his/her burden “cast on the Lord.” (1 Peter 5:7)

  • Verse 6 talks about humbling yourself before the Lord.
  • You’ll find, the act of letting someone else pray for you is an act of humbling yourself.

The result? Beautiful! Philippians 4:7 occurs. The Holy Spirit finds his way into that Christian you are praying for and He gives them a peace which completely transcends their understanding.



You may think this is pretty simnple.

And I confess, it is!

Praise the Lord!





Mark S Mirza

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