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This Prayer Principal of “Burden Bearing” Really is TOO Simple.

  1. You lift someone to the Lord
  2. They cast their burden on Him
  3. And He sends them peace

Seriously, that’s all we’re talking about.

And yet, that’s ALL, that’s EVERYTHING we’re talking about.

Where can you pray like this?

  • In your politician’s offices
  • In your workplace
  • In your church
  • In your home

Anywhere you choose to pray!


If you haven’t already, watch this 4 minute video on “Burden-Bearing” in Washington D.C. and especially its applications:

Photo for the Burden Bearing Video

Now Ask Yourself these Questions:

  • Can I pray like this at home, with my family?
  • Can I pray like this at work, with my work-mates?
  • Can I pray like this at church, with my fellow Christians?
  • Can I pray like this at my:
    • City Hall, County Courthouse, or State House, once a month?
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The Video’s Suggested Prayers are real simple.

Galatians 6:2 encourages us to, “bear one another’s burdens.”

1 Peter 5:7 occurs because the burden is, “cast on Him.”

Philippians 4:7 results as He gives, “peace which transcends understanding.”


You may think this is pretty simple.

And I confess, it is!

Praise the Lord!





Mark S Mirza

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