You Can’t Be Serious?

I know what you’re thinking: “Mark, seriously?  Cartoons and Prayer?”

And let me just ask you to wait. After all, you might be surprised!

The above video will explain, in 121 seconds what I am talking about.

The Mission Statement

For some reason, when I started this ministry I never decided upon a Mission Statement. And two years later I remember being very glad. After 100+ sermons, watching and learning about men and women’s prayer lives, two things became very clear to me:

  1. Men and women don’t begin to seriously pray until they need to
  2. The evil one is interested in keeping you from praying

When these two points above are understood, in the light of God’s sovereignty over all, one thing is on the horizon, the wood-shed.

My friends, there are six things God hates, nay, seven which are an abomination to him, and WE, in the church we are guilty of all of them!

Look at the Answers in Genesis (AIG) cartoon below and let me explain what I saw when I decided on our Mission Statement.

As I teach on prayer, the Lord makes me keep my messages “super-basic.” Not because I want to, but, I think, because, when it comes to prayer, many of us are still slurping up milk rather than chewing on good solid meat (if you’re a vegetarian I apologize).

When I look at the AIG cartoon below, I see men and women’s prayer lives with foundations that are being destroyed, in part by the world, but also at the hands of ourselves.

The problem of believer's foundations being destroyed, from Psalm 11:3

This is the cartoon that Answers in Genesis uses all of the time, except that they fill the balloons with the current social and educational issues of the day. Please note that I changed the issues in the balloons (based on Proverbs 6:16-19), because I fear that in the pews we no longer take “our-own-sin” seriously.

Below is a podcast to a 30 minute message where I speak to this subject which you may find helpful, its entitled, We Are Taking Sin Too Lightly  and was recorded in November 2017. To view/listen to it either click on the icon or just CLICK HERE.

Staged photo of Mark Prostrate

I mention above that the evil one discourages your prayer life, but do you know why?

Because prayer changes YOU! And sataN does not want to see YOU changed.

As I close this post, I will show you two more prayer-cartoons that I love. One is from Answers in Genesis and the other is from the cartoonist, Bill Keane.

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Have a great day,


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