How Does the Burden End Up Cast on Him

1 Peter 5:7a “Casting all your burdens on Him. . .”

All of them?

I’d be Content with just one cast on Him!

If you haven’t listened to our short 2 minute video, showing us WHY we can cast our burdens onto Him, you need to:

Think about it. When you pray for someone, lifting their burden to the Lord, and you see that sigh of relief come onto their face, or you hear it in their voice, or as you’ll see below, you read it thru their fingertips. . .

I want to know, how did it happen? When did it happen? And, who actually “cast the burden onto the Lord,” anyway?

Is it you, the pray-er or the person you are praying for? Is it somehow the Holy Spirit? Do you know?

I’ll be honest with you, I have no clue!

But I think verse 6 gives us a hint. It talks about “humbling yourself before God.”

I remember an older friend of mine praying one day, “Lord, sometimes my burdens are too heavy for me to lift by myself.”

Enter the “Burden-Bearer.” And that’s you! All you’re doing is praying for them. And as you pray, what happens? Yes, somehow the burden is no longer a weight on their shoulders. Somehow, it is “cast upon Him, who careth for them.”

I told you I don’t know how it happens. But, does it happen? Absolutely!

Go back to verse 6 for a moment.

1 Peter 5:6a “Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God. . .”

You humble yourself when you say, “I trust You, Lord. I submit to You.”

Those words don’t come easily when you are burdened.

But look at the rest of verse 6.

1 Peter 5:6b “. . .And He will lift you up in due time.”

May I adapt the wording a bit?

He will lift your burden, in due time

What’s the “Due-time” you ask?

You know what I think. I think the act of letting someone else pray for you is an act of humility before God, which He honors, usually immediately, by giving you peace, even though the burden is still there.

For those few moments, the burden is gone. Now the burden may be hoisted back onto our shoulders immediately after the prayer, but for a time, peace came (which we’ll address next week)

CONNECT THE DOTS (Step 2 of 3):

Last week: Ask! You have no idea the prayer requests you’ll hear. . .

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This week: . . .I sent him a text praying Romans 15:13 for him.
I lifted him to the God of hope, to fill him with joy and peace.
What do you think he did when he got the text which said I was praying?
You could almost hear the sigh of relief in his fingertips.
Is the burden he’s carrying gone? No! But it is, for the time being, on the Lord’s shoulders. . .
Step 1 — Ask!
Step 2 — Pray!


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