Washington DC Visit-May 2023

Washington DC Visit-May 2023


As I share these testimonies please do not try to put names together with my words. Just be encouraged. All you ever hear about DC is negative, ugly, mean, etc. But there’s a lot of good stuff happening there.

In addition to the prayer card here, I shared the truth of Psalm 93 over the last two days. And this is how I shared it. . . “Congressman, be encouraged that because the Bible is reliable, you can rest (vs. 5), regardless of the roaring going on around you (vs. 3-4), since God Reigns (vs. 1-2).”

You can find all my recent prayer cards here. . .  https://markmirza.com/printprayercards/

Some Brief Testimonies:

1] There is such an appreciation by those I stop and pray with, elected officials, staffers, even janitors. It is a testimony to me, that I am called to do this.

2] The staffer who called me last month, needing to pray with someone. And then this month she shared with me her commitment and desire to please God. It was so encouraging to hear.

3] Two Congressmen’s hearts were very heavy for their pastor’s families due to a tragic death for one and a tragic physical mishap for the other. This is the essence of bearing one another’s burdens.

4] Two other Congressmen had staffers take me to them as they were in committee meetings. When we go there, they left the meeting so they could spend a couple minutes with me. One, all he had was 2 minutes, the other stayed in the hallway of the cloak room for 20 minutes or so talking. He is the one who told me about a prayer meeting they have on Monday nights, when they arrive into town, where they pray for their upcoming week. To the other Congressman I shared Psalm 93, as above. His entire countenance changed, he hugged me and said both he and his wife needed to hear this.

5] There is a janitor whom I prayed with 2 years ago. I have been looking for her and saw again. When I walked up to her and said her name she looked REAL SUSPICIOUSLY at me, until she realized I was that guy from 2 years ago who prayed for her. We had a GREAT reconnection.

6] There was a staffer in the hallway who saw my NDP lanyard. I could tell he wanted to say something, so he said, almost apologetically, “I’m a believer too.” He gave me his testimony and added honestly that he was feeling low. We talked for a good 15 minutes, which is a lot of time in DC, then I prayed Romans 15:13. He stood taller and said it was from God, that we met.

7] Then there was the woman I met in the hallway because she asked me for directions. Tanya sighed, but was grateful when I explained she was in the wrong building altogether. Then I explained to her what I do in DC and she said, “Well are you going to pray for me too?” It was cute, and I did.

8] Standing atop the steps at the US Capitol I was making notes from my previous appt when a Congressman came up the stairs and I introduced myself. We talked for a long enough time for him to tell me he needed prayer for his two kids, one is living a Godly life looking for a Godly husband and the other is struggling to live out his Christian walk. He was so grateful he gave me his cell phone number.

9] Another Congressman, after getting comfortable with me asked me to pray for his two girls, one is living a Godly life, the other is not. This stop reminded me of the Congressman some time ago who asked me to pray for his children who had all called him together and said, “Dad, you’re too controversial, you can’t put our photos on your Christmas card this year.” Two were still in college and one had just graduated.

10] Many staffers were so glad for the “direction” of this ministry, namely, praying WITHOUT an agenda.

11] Another staffer is in a boot cast and praying it comes off before she and her family go on vacation in September. Imagine the weight of all these things she and other staffers are dealing with, and the reminder to us that they are regular people with regular issues which need prayer. God knows her name, pray she has complete healing and a GREAT vacation, in September.

12] Then there was the staff, about 4 of them in the foyer of the office who stood spellbound (for some reason) by the idea that I’d pray for them, so I did, in the foyer of the office of a US Representative. I have got such a cool job!

13] There are a lot of elected officials who ask prayer for spouses and extended family. Such a reminder that they are regular people, with regular needs.

14] I was surprised by the staffer who, when I asked how I could pray for her, told me she is going to law school in the fall. Then she asked how she could pray for me. That doesn’t happen too often! I was so blessed to have that question asked of me.

15] Privately you can ask me about the influential staffer who knows God has called him to DC to have an influence in his “ungodly” office. It will surprise you that Godly men and women are everywhere.

16] There were and are, of course, a few offices I went into where there was, “no love for the pray-er.” But those offices were far and few in between.

17] Finally, I can’t tell you how many Bibles I saw on Congressmen’s desks and staffers desks, or the number of weekly Bible studies and prayer groups that I was told meet every week.

On TV and in social media, you will only see the ugliness in DC, but there is good stuff happening there too!

What does the Lord have in store for the United States, and for Washington DC in particular? I don’t know. I’ve not seen the Lord’s playbook, so I’m not convinced things will get better in the USA, but I have no doubt, God’s reliability (vs. 5) means we can rest, no matter the raging and roaring (vs. 3-4) we see all around politics, because, the truth is, God reigns (vs. 1-2), not the men and women in DC, and not the devil, God reigns (Psalm 93).

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support.




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The Mathematics Behind Prayer

The Mathematics Behind Prayer



The New and Improved (and coveted) . . .



Y = P * 2A + (∞F ⟹ W) + (S ≈ I) – Ø(d+c)


Here’s the formula’s meaning

I WILL get a YES
When I PRAY,
If I ABIDE in Him AND I let His words ABIDE in me.
Then, my sufficient FAITH,
Subject to His WILL,
Allows me to SUBMIT to Him,
Since He’s already IN THE PROCESS of answering.
All this motivates me unto OBEDIENCE,
And the elimination of the word CAN in my prayers.



Have fun, as we go through this “Secret” formula.

Defining Terms

“Y” is the expectation of YES when I pray!

Have you ever considered that Jesus never went to the Father wondering about His answer? Jesus always prayed expecting a “YES” and so should you. Even when He gave us the model-prayer in Matthew 6:9ff the entire tenor of it is, expect God to answer. And earlier in verse 6, talking about prayer Jesus said, “. . . your Father . . . will reward you.”

If you are wondering about the Garden of Gethsemane experience Jesus had, consider two words, “wrestling” and “submitting.” Jesus wrestled and since He knew the Father’s will, He (Jesus) submitted to the Father.

Jesus’ dealings with prayer were ALWAYS with an expectation of a YES, as should your’s.

And remember, 1 John 5:14-15 are still in scripture, requiring confidence when we pray, not doubt (James 1:6-7)


“P” is the act of PRAYING.

This should be obvious, but you do realize that there are SOME THINGS that we do not have, because we do not ask? (See James 4:2).

I suspect some of you are thinking, “Why ask? Doesn’t God already know our needs BEFORE we ask (Matthew 6:8)?

Have you considered why we pray at all? It is for one reason. God WANTS a relationship with you! Think about that! In spite of you (and me), He wants a relationship with you (and me).

Your prayer-life is a barometer of your Intimacy with God.

“A” double dips into the word ABIDING.

The equation is “2A” above because the word “Abide” appears twice in John 15:7 and both occurrences are very significant, and very different from one another.

I recently heard a pastor quote this verse by saying, “. . . abide in Him and in His word.” BUT MY READERS, that is not what the passage says. It says that you are to ABIDE IN HIM and you are to let His words ABIDE IN YOU.

When His words abide in you, that is when you start asking His will. This happens because they are His words, His will. And then the last part of the verse becomes true, “then you will ask whatever you will and it will be done unto you.”

Look, you can abide in Him all day long but if you don’t let His words abide in you, you don’t have a prayer. Sorry for the pun.

“F” stands for FAITH.

But not just any faith! It stands for “∞F” which is an “infinite amount of faith.”

Now before you start to get depressed, because your faith isn’t that great, let me remind you of Jesus’ teachings on faith. I’ll first tell you what Jesus did NOT say.

  • Jesus did not say you have to have a TON of faith. The AMOUNT OF YOUR FAITH is not the issue.

So, what did He say? I’m glad you asked!

  • Jesus DID say, you could have as little faith as a mustard seed and accomplish that which is His will (Matthew 17:20).

Ginormous Faith

At another time we’ll discuss why teachers tell you to build your faith to astronomical proportions, but not here.

What I will tell you though, is why you can have “infinite, sufficient, perfect-faith,” even if your faith is only comparable to a mustard seed.

The answer is the next portion of the equation.

“W” points us to God’s will.

The equation says, “∞F ⟹ W”

Remember that ⟹ W” means “If and Only If it is centered on God’s will.”

So, putting the entire parenthetical thought together, it is saying, “infinite faith occurs, if and only if it (your prayer) is centered on God’s will.”

Look at 1 John 5:14-15 again. When does God’s answer come? The passage clearly says, when we ask according to His will.

It ain’t rocket-science, is it?

But it does require the next portion of the equation.

“S” is the act of SUBMITTING to God.

I’m sorry, but you knew that the “S” word would enter this equation somewhere, didn’t you?

The problem with the “S” word is that it requires you to trust Him.

Do you think you trust God? Are you sure? Or are you just hoping you trust Him?

May I Test You?

This test will open your eyes:

  • Get a blank piece of paper.
  • At the top write, “God’s Will for My Life.”
  • And then sign-it, BLANK.

Sign it WITHOUT knowing what He has up His sleeve?

The math is becoming more and more scary, isn’t it?

Okay, I just told you the PROBLEM with the “S” word. Now let me give you the “ginormous benefit” of the “S” word.

This “GINORMOUS-NESS” is found in both Mark 11:24 and the rest of the equation that is within the parenthesis. Watch and see

“I” represents God already “IN THE PROCESS” of answering your prayer.

Mark 11:24 tells us that we are to pray as if WE ALREADY HAVE that which we are praying to him for.

When “S≈I” are together it means that “S and I are Congruent to one another” or, in harmony one with another.

The idea is that God is ALREADY In The Process of doing His will in your life. Our job is to submit to God, no matter what He wants to do, in your life.

SCARY? Math usually is!

To see this more clearly, work the Secret Mathematical Prayer Formula backwards:

  • “I” . . . God is already “In the process” of answering my prayer,
  • “S”. . . When I submit
  • “W”. . . To His will,
  • “F”. . . With my mustard seed faith

The Rest of the Story Equation

“Ø” represents an empty or “null” set

“d” represents DISOBEDIENCE.

“c” represents using the word CAN when you pray.

The mathematical term in front of this parenthetical portion, “Ø” means “an empty or ‘null’ set” of both the “d” and the “c” which are inside the parenthesis.

In other words we are not to have any “d” and any “c” in our life.

NOTE: Because of James 1:6-7, “d” could also have represented “doubting” but we have addressed that with the understanding of “confidence” above.

“c” is the act of using the word CAN when you pray.

Going back to Mark 11:24, where we are told to “believe that we have already received” that which we are praying for, does NOT MEAN we pray, “Oh Lord, I know You CAN do this . . .” No! It means we are to pray, “Lord, I trust that you are ALREADY in the process of . . .”

I’d like to ask you, the reader, to do something for me, okay?

I would like you to BE EMBARRASSED the next time you use the word “CAN” when you pray!

And here’s why.

Assuming the Holy Spirit didn’t make a mistake, and Mark 11:24 can be believed, God is already in the process of giving you your answer! Think about that! Since that is the case, why are you asking Him if He “CAN” do it?

Let’s get back to the “d” word for a moment. In Psalm 24:3-4, we are told to enter His presence with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Why? Because sin has an impact on your prayer life (Proverbs 28:9, Isaiah 59:2, and a host of others).

Putting It All Together Again

I WILL get a YES
When I PRAY,
If I ABIDE in Him AND I let His words ABIDE in me.
Then, my sufficient FAITH,
Subject to His WILL,
Allows me to SUBMIT to Him,
Since He’s already IN THE PROCESS of answering.
All this motivates me unto OBEDIENCE,
And the elimination of the word CAN in my prayers.

We hope you enjoyed this fun formula.






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If ONLY Jesus’ Name was Lifted Up

There would be No Introductions.

No one would sell anything in the halls.

What if No One Told You What to Pray

We would trust the Holy Spirit to give you the words to pray, during the worship hour.

Save the Date. . .October 1st, 5pm

1 Hour of Worship

1 Hour of Prayer

That’s it!



What does prayer . . . What does the Holy Spirit . . . What does scripture . . . prompt you to do NOW?

Depending on your level of participation yesterday, rest may be in the answer, it was for me!

So, what are you going to do?

Yesterday, I traveled the state from Statesboro to Conyers and I encouraged variations of the following ideas:

1. Start calling, and praying weekly with someone in your church who reminds you of you (a younger you, of course)
2. Start texting or emailing your pastor/s and tell them you’re praying for them
3. Same with your mayor, and other elected officials

How about your ideas? Share them in the comments below.

But I have another question.

Does HUMILITY play a part in your future? If so how?


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Dr Stanley

Dr Stanley

Thank You Dr. Stanley

My Prayer Ministry’s Roots

The day Dr. Stanley graduated to heaven, I was in Washington DC praying with our elected officials.

My ministry of prayer DIRECTLY has its roots in the man himself allowing me to lead the Sons of Thunder Power Team.

I want to share a VERY BRIEF GLIMPSE of the man we all saw at Sons of Thunder. I think the photos came from Keith James.

Watch the various facial expressions Dr. Stanley gives. That’s the man most of us remember from Sons of Thunder.

BTW, periodically I hear people mock the name “Sons of Thunder,” but they do so without knowing why Dr. Stanley used the name he did. In an April 2016 In Touch interview, Dr. Stanley told his audience the reason for the name. He said, “When men pray it sounds like thunder going up to heaven.”

And for those of you who attended those prayer meetings, you know what he meant.

Enjoy these photos, and the memory of the man who made such a huge impact on my life.

Thank you Dr. Stanley, Mark

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