The Illusive Eclipse

The Illusive Eclipse

#eclipse #eclipse2024 #eclipsesolar2024

I was just praying with some folks who are having an #EclipseParty today, but it’s cloudy.

I hope this 30 second video from a few years ago helps.


AIG-Hall of Dragons

AIG-Hall of Dragons


Answers in Genesis

The Pray-ers, Book 3, Return to the Past

The Hall of Dragons is found in the Answers in Genesis Museum ( near Cincinnati OH. If you have not been, you will be impressed by the excellence with which the entire museum has been kept. This is a testimony to the attitude of its founder, Ken Ham.

The way it relates to my novel, The Pray-ers, Book 3 is that a scene from the novel, had its genesis at Answers in Genesis. (Like the pun?).

Anyway, without giving away much from the book, the AIG Hall of Dragons was built to show historical examples of dinosaurs who have lived in recent times. One such example is below. What Answers in Genesis had no way of knowing (because my novel hadn’t been written yet) was that the Tombstone sighting of the pterasour WAS NOT THE FIRST sighting!

A Pterosaur in the USA

I loved this vignette in the Hall of Dragons. It told the story from the Tombstone Epitaph Newspaper, which appeared April 26, 1890. Two farmers came across the weakened pterosaur and killed it.

In my novel, Pastor Alexander Rich and “colleagues” had dealings WITH THE SAME pterosaur.

But the ony way you will get THE WHOLE STORY, is by reading Book 3 of The Pray-ers, Return to the Past. It is a #ChristianNovel where we teach prayer through the fun of #ChristianFiction, and is availble below.

Read about Book 1 HERE

Read about Book 2 HERE

Read about Book 3 HERE

The photos here are insets from the above #AIG, #AnswersInGenesis display from the Hall of Dragons. You can see them larger & more clearly, below.

Just click on the photos below to see them . . .

Click on the photos above to see the AIG Display insets more clearly.

Also above is the Tombstone Epitaph page which you can see more clearly, when you click on the photo. Look at the top of the 6th Column, entitled “Found on the Desert.”

AND, if you are interested, you can get the trilogy (which is now finished, PRAISE THE LORD), here . . . CLICK HERE. If you want to look at all of our books and novels, go here: (




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Pastor Conference Calls

Pastor Conference Calls


Every Wednesday at 2pm (Eastern)
Call In: (605) 313-5086
Access Code: 347361#

One Tap Call Format:  +16053135086,,347361#

I also do one-on-one praying with men (usually taking 15 minutes per week). I have a number of pastors who have been praying with me for 7, 8, and 9 years. One pastor and I have been praying together since mid 2011. We come together week after week and use the same simple format.

We pray as follows . . .

  • FIRST: We Praise
  • SECOND: We Pray for Your Family
  • LAST: We Pray for Your Ministry

I asked D.L. from Duluth why he has prayed with me since June 29th, 2015, week after week after week. He paused and said, “Mark, I figure that an investment of 15 minutes a week for my ministry is worth it.”

Any questions contact me.

Mark Mirza
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Georgia’s 236th Birthday Day of Prayer

Georgia’s 236th Birthday Day of Prayer

 Expect prayers of blessing and intercession over our state. There are other occasions to ‘tear down and stop the enemy’ but
This day is to ‘build up, bless, and speak life’ into our State. We covet your prayerful agreement in what you hear prayed.

Mark S Mirza & Team

Birthday Party
Pray in the New Year

January 2nd, 2024

On January 2, 1788, the state of Georgia ratified the US Constitution, making it the 4th, of the original 13 colonies to join the Union. Georgia was also the first southern state to ratify the contitution, a constitution which residents celebrated by firing off cannons. The state elected officials were so moved by the unique US Constitution, “The experimental republican form of governement,” as it was being called, that they rewrote Georgia’s constitution to mirror the US Constitution.

On January 2, 2024, the state of Georgia was 236 years old. While we wanted to have a big birthday party, we were not able to fit 236 candles on the cake. We did, however, have a successful NON-PARTISAN time to Pray In The New Year. Thank you for joining us. We prayed in the new legislative session, which began on January 8th.

Emjoy the video of our event.



Mark Mirza NDP Georgia Director, Common Thread Ministries
Jim Drennan Worship, Instrumental Keyboard during all Prayers
June Smith Shofar
Kim Schofield Georgia State Representative, District 63, Atlanta
Tim Echols Public Service Commissioner
Dr. Ron Bigalke Capitol Commission
Matt Stacy Prison Chaplain
Greg Cochran Sheriffs and First Responders
Mistie Coble Homeschoolers
The Davidson Family, Bryan and daughter Eliyah Whisper
Dr. Belinda Campbell World in Prayer International, Pray GA
Dr. Alveda King Alveda King Ministries
Destiny Yarbrough DestinyX Media Productions
Parker McFarland Forsyth Country NDP, NDP State team
Pastor Chuck Ramsey Restoration Church
Carolyn Williams Aglow International – Georgia
Jessie Nelms Aglow International – Metro Atlanta
Judy Garner Aglow Georgia State Coordinator
Newlin Vargas Basan Ministries
Rosalba Tinoco Spanish Language Events Coordinator, NDP State Team
Elizabeth Ojutiku Intercessors for America – Georgia
Daniel Flagg Atlanta Prayer Partners
Catherine Davis Restoration Project
Claire Bartlett Georgia Life Alliance
Pastor Sonny Wilkes Sonny Wilkes Ministries
Roger Walden South Georgia Area Coordinator, NDP State Team
Arthur Farr State Team Leader, NDP State Team
Kathy Todd Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network – Georgia, Pray GA
Teresa Cantrell NDP Capitol Coordinator Georgia, Pray GA
All Night Prayer

All Night Prayer

Organizing All Night Prayer

The idea for All Night Prayer comes, in part from the numerous times Jesus prayed all night long. I think it also comes from the recognition that there are times when EXTRAORDINARY PRAYER is needed.

As we give you some simple tools to organize and put on your own “All Night Prayer” event, remember that we want you to use your own imagination. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. He will!

There is no “magic” about executing a succesful All Night Prayer (#AllNightPrayer). The few things we have gleaned over the years, I have shared in the bullet points below.

  • First, be specific about what you are praying into.
  • To help everyone stay on track, provide a list of prayer prompts with Scriptural backing.
  • If you are praying till 6:00am or 8:00am, we recommend that you begin at 10pm the night before.
  • Unless you’re fasting throughout the night, have a supply of sandwiches, drinks, fruit and snackfood.
  • Help people stay awake by sending them out 2×2, rather than alone.

As you do your first All Night Prayer event KEEP NOTES because you will pick up ideas which your team will want to incorporate into your next All Night Prayer event.


Below are 3 of our EARLY, All Night Prayer guides. I include them here so that you see, especially in the first 2, a specific program of study laid out for the whole night. The third one is very different, because that night of prayer was very different. Instead of the men being specificlly directed in their praying, we gave 3 very general subjects which the men worked from, studying scripture, and of course prayring, together.

You can download these if you want to, but remember, they are but a guide. The first two have copyrighted data from InTouch so give proper credit if you use them.

Each Prayer Guide is available in 2 downloadable formats. One is for you to print in booklet format and the other is for you to upload in single page format for viewing on your phone, tablet, etc.

Below these three sample prayer guides is an arrival handout. it’s value will be obvious.

Having an arrival handout is pretty self explanatory for those who are concerned about doing something outside their comfort zone.

Just click on the photo to view it then download it.




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