Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare


I know, it’s a shameless plug for my novel series, The Pray-ers, but these characters do Spiritual Warfare and DO IT WELL.

Let’s move on to . . .

The Christian’s Spiritual Warfare

My plan for this post is to make nearly every sentence a question. I want you to think “critically” about this subject. Challenge yourself and what you have been taught, and let the Word of God direct you. The answers to these questions are available in this same post. Finally, I have many, many short 2 – 3 minute videos on different aspects of Spiritual Warfare. They too are in this post.





Jesus in the Wilderness (Matthew 4:1 – 11)

The Armor of God (Ephesians 6:14 – 17)

The Warfare (2 Corinthians 10:3 – 5)

The List of Answers

Mark’s 2 & 3 Minute Videos on Aspects of Warfare



a] Why did Jesus not tell sataN to, “Be gone,” as soon as he arrived to tempt Jesus?

b] What did Jesus fill His mind with? (Don’t say, “The Bible,” that’s too easy) And, what was sataN’s focus?



I talk about the Spiritual Warfare battle this way: “The problem in your life is not the Spiritual Warfare. How you handle the problem in your life, is the Spiritual Warfare.

–If God is sovereign, He has allowed/brought the problem into your life.

c] So, what is The Christian’s Spiritual Warfare?

d] What is one of sataN’s GREATEST DECEPTIONS regarding our understanding of Spiritual Warfare?



e] But, why? Why doesn’t sataN want you to pray?


THE ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:14 – 17)
I typically hear this taught by starting at the helmet and working your way down to the shoes.

f] But what does that do to the armor?

The armor as given in this passage is highly figurative language.

g] What does the figurative language describe?



I Could NEVER make the armor work UNTIL I realized the relationship between the armor & Jesus.

h] What is that relationship?



–We’ll walk thru the pieces of the armor, beginning with the moment you find yourself in the midst of Spiritual Warfare.

—–IE: You’re grumpy at your nearly perfect wife!


Ephesians 6:14
Belt of Truth

i] When you find yourself in Spiritual Warfare, where do you begin?

j] In what way is this Jesus?

Breastplate of Righteousness

k] Why do you GET TO GO into the throne room?


Ephesians 6:15
Feet fitted with the readiness which comes from the gospel of peace

This piece of the armor is again, something we receive from Jesus.

l] What is it that we receive from Him?

m] So, what is THE WRONG FOCUS of this piece of the armor?


Ephesians 6:16
Take the Shield of Faith, WITH WHICH YOU stop the fiery darts

n] Who stops the fiery darts?

o] How?


Ephesians 6:17
Helmet of Salvation

p] What is the hope of your salvation?

The Sword of the Spirit

I’ve heard this piece of the armor described as something that stabs a demon.

q] But, what was Paul telling us about Scripture and it’s relationship to the Armor of God?



“Why,” belongs to God, so put that word OUT OF YOUR MIND when difficulties come your way.


THE WARFARE (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

Most Spiritual Warfare today is as effective as Blinkin in Robin Hood, Men in Tights:

r] Why is our warfare so innefective?

When we look at Spiritual Warfare we often read ONLY verses 3 & 4 (see below)

2 Corinthians 10:3 – 4 (NASB ’77 & ’95)
Verse 3: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh,
Verse 4: for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses (pulling down of strongholds)

By the time we get to the end of verse 4, we have a LOT OF ZEAL!

s] But think about the last time you did Spiritual Warfare. Where was that zeal pointed?

Now read verse 5 (see below) and ask yourself where the battle is at.

2 Corinthians 10:5 (NASB ’77 & ’95)

Verse 5: We are destroying speculations [arguments] and every lofty thing [high minded thing which is] raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,

t] Where is the battle? And therefore, where are we SUPPOSED TO BE doing our “destroying”?



u] Can you do Spiritual Warfare for someone else? Why or why not?


a] To show us how to do Spiritual Warfare (Chrysostom: “to instruct us”).

b] Jesus focused on truth while sataN focused on deception.

c] Spiritual Warfare is that act of sataN trying to break/distract our relationship with the Lord.

d] To get us thinking the location of Spiritual Warfare is, “Out yonder.”

e] Because sataN knows how YOU CHANGE when YOU PRAY.

f] That takes the Armor OUT OF THE DIVINE ORDER.

g] It describes how we live out being strong in the Lord. You could say that the armor is the life of Christ lived out in our lives.

h] I realized that each piece of the armor is a facet of who Jesus ALREADY IS in my life

i] Begin Spiritual Warfare with the truth.

j] Jesus is the way the truth & the life (John 14:6).

k] Because of the SON’S righteousness, not ours.

l] We receive peace from the Lord, because Jesis is our peace (Ephesians 2:14).

m] The wrong focus is that this is all about, “Gospel shoes” (Although YES, are to share the gospel).

n] God is the shield, but You, not God stops the fiery darts.

o] Simply by faith, trusting God.

p] That there’s hope BEYOND the grave (Romans 8:28).

q] It’s the Scriptural nugget/s God gives you. And we have used, pulled from, experienced the Word of God in EVERY ASPECT of these pieces of the armor.

r] We are doing warfare where there is no battle

s] Isn’t our mind out “destroying strongholds?” Our thinking is “out yonder.”

t] The location of Spiritual Warfare is in your mind.

u] We cannot do Spiritual Warfare for someone else. We can INTERCEDE for them, YES. But, MAKE CHOICES for them, NO.


Upgrade Your Spiritual Warfare Roadmap


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The Mathematics Behind Prayer

The Mathematics Behind Prayer



The New and Improved (and coveted) . . .



Y = P * 2A + (∞F ⟹ W) + (S ≈ I) – Ø(d+c)


Here’s the formula’s meaning

I WILL get a YES
When I PRAY,
If I ABIDE in Him AND I let His words ABIDE in me.
Then, my sufficient FAITH,
Subject to His WILL,
Allows me to SUBMIT to Him,
Since He’s already IN THE PROCESS of answering.
All this motivates me unto OBEDIENCE,
And the elimination of the word CAN in my prayers.



Have fun, as we go through this “Secret” formula.

Defining Terms

“Y” is the expectation of YES when I pray!

Have you ever considered that Jesus never went to the Father wondering about His answer? Jesus always prayed expecting a “YES” and so should you. Even when He gave us the model-prayer in Matthew 6:9ff the entire tenor of it is, expect God to answer. And earlier in verse 6, talking about prayer Jesus said, “. . . your Father . . . will reward you.”

If you are wondering about the Garden of Gethsemane experience Jesus had, consider two words, “wrestling” and “submitting.” Jesus wrestled and since He knew the Father’s will, He (Jesus) submitted to the Father.

Jesus’ dealings with prayer were ALWAYS with an expectation of a YES, as should your’s.

And remember, 1 John 5:14-15 are still in scripture, requiring confidence when we pray, not doubt (James 1:6-7)


“P” is the act of PRAYING.

This should be obvious, but you do realize that there are SOME THINGS that we do not have, because we do not ask? (See James 4:2).

I suspect some of you are thinking, “Why ask? Doesn’t God already know our needs BEFORE we ask (Matthew 6:8)?

Have you considered why we pray at all? It is for one reason. God WANTS a relationship with you! Think about that! In spite of you (and me), He wants a relationship with you (and me).

Your prayer-life is a barometer of your Intimacy with God.

“A” double dips into the word ABIDING.

The equation is “2A” above because the word “Abide” appears twice in John 15:7 and both occurrences are very significant, and very different from one another.

I recently heard a pastor quote this verse by saying, “. . . abide in Him and in His word.” BUT MY READERS, that is not what the passage says. It says that you are to ABIDE IN HIM and you are to let His words ABIDE IN YOU.

When His words abide in you, that is when you start asking His will. This happens because they are His words, His will. And then the last part of the verse becomes true, “then you will ask whatever you will and it will be done unto you.”

Look, you can abide in Him all day long but if you don’t let His words abide in you, you don’t have a prayer. Sorry for the pun.

“F” stands for FAITH.

But not just any faith! It stands for “∞F” which is an “infinite amount of faith.”

Now before you start to get depressed, because your faith isn’t that great, let me remind you of Jesus’ teachings on faith. I’ll first tell you what Jesus did NOT say.

  • Jesus did not say you have to have a TON of faith. The AMOUNT OF YOUR FAITH is not the issue.

So, what did He say? I’m glad you asked!

  • Jesus DID say, you could have as little faith as a mustard seed and accomplish that which is His will (Matthew 17:20).

Ginormous Faith

At another time we’ll discuss why teachers tell you to build your faith to astronomical proportions, but not here.

What I will tell you though, is why you can have “infinite, sufficient, perfect-faith,” even if your faith is only comparable to a mustard seed.

The answer is the next portion of the equation.

“W” points us to God’s will.

The equation says, “∞F ⟹ W”

Remember that ⟹ W” means “If and Only If it is centered on God’s will.”

So, putting the entire parenthetical thought together, it is saying, “infinite faith occurs, if and only if it (your prayer) is centered on God’s will.”

Look at 1 John 5:14-15 again. When does God’s answer come? The passage clearly says, when we ask according to His will.

It ain’t rocket-science, is it?

But it does require the next portion of the equation.

“S” is the act of SUBMITTING to God.

I’m sorry, but you knew that the “S” word would enter this equation somewhere, didn’t you?

The problem with the “S” word is that it requires you to trust Him.

Do you think you trust God? Are you sure? Or are you just hoping you trust Him?

May I Test You?

This test will open your eyes:

  • Get a blank piece of paper.
  • At the top write, “God’s Will for My Life.”
  • And then sign-it, BLANK.

Sign it WITHOUT knowing what He has up His sleeve?

The math is becoming more and more scary, isn’t it?

Okay, I just told you the PROBLEM with the “S” word. Now let me give you the “ginormous benefit” of the “S” word.

This “GINORMOUS-NESS” is found in both Mark 11:24 and the rest of the equation that is within the parenthesis. Watch and see

“I” represents God already “IN THE PROCESS” of answering your prayer.

Mark 11:24 tells us that we are to pray as if WE ALREADY HAVE that which we are praying to him for.

When “S≈I” are together it means that “S and I are Congruent to one another” or, in harmony one with another.

The idea is that God is ALREADY In The Process of doing His will in your life. Our job is to submit to God, no matter what He wants to do, in your life.

SCARY? Math usually is!

To see this more clearly, work the Secret Mathematical Prayer Formula backwards:

  • “I” . . . God is already “In the process” of answering my prayer,
  • “S”. . . When I submit
  • “W”. . . To His will,
  • “F”. . . With my mustard seed faith

The Rest of the Story Equation

“Ø” represents an empty or “null” set

“d” represents DISOBEDIENCE.

“c” represents using the word CAN when you pray.

The mathematical term in front of this parenthetical portion, “Ø” means “an empty or ‘null’ set” of both the “d” and the “c” which are inside the parenthesis.

In other words we are not to have any “d” and any “c” in our life.

NOTE: Because of James 1:6-7, “d” could also have represented “doubting” but we have addressed that with the understanding of “confidence” above.

“c” is the act of using the word CAN when you pray.

Going back to Mark 11:24, where we are told to “believe that we have already received” that which we are praying for, does NOT MEAN we pray, “Oh Lord, I know You CAN do this . . .” No! It means we are to pray, “Lord, I trust that you are ALREADY in the process of . . .”

I’d like to ask you, the reader, to do something for me, okay?

I would like you to BE EMBARRASSED the next time you use the word “CAN” when you pray!

And here’s why.

Assuming the Holy Spirit didn’t make a mistake, and Mark 11:24 can be believed, God is already in the process of giving you your answer! Think about that! Since that is the case, why are you asking Him if He “CAN” do it?

Let’s get back to the “d” word for a moment. In Psalm 24:3-4, we are told to enter His presence with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Why? Because sin has an impact on your prayer life (Proverbs 28:9, Isaiah 59:2, and a host of others).

Putting It All Together Again

I WILL get a YES
When I PRAY,
If I ABIDE in Him AND I let His words ABIDE in me.
Then, my sufficient FAITH,
Subject to His WILL,
Allows me to SUBMIT to Him,
Since He’s already IN THE PROCESS of answering.
All this motivates me unto OBEDIENCE,
And the elimination of the word CAN in my prayers.

We hope you enjoyed this fun formula.






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Part 1

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FOURTH. Look for courage and resoluteness.

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