Father, that I would weep when You weep

David was climbing the slope of the Mount of Olives, weeping as he ascended. His head was covered, and he was walking barefoot. Each of the people with him covered their heads and went up, weeping as they ascended.
2 Samuel 15:30 HCSB



Day of Prayer for Iran

Day of Prayer for Iran

Many of you know that my roots go back to both Mexico and Iran, and that my great-grandmother was martyred for her faith in Iran, which I modernized and included in my novel, Divided Nation.

So, when Elam Ministries asked us to pray for Iran, on a day I was speaking in Columbus, Georgia, I signed on.

Below is a short video where I took the entire congregation into prayer.

Go to Elam’s website for additional prayer prompts and ideas. They do a brilliant job.

I still have a pastor’s photograph whom I pray for. I have no idea his name, or if he’s even alive, but it has been my honor, over the years, to lift up him and those he’s influenced.


FREE Digital

FREE Digital

For Additional Information. . .

The booklet is more than 60 pages in length, and is a VERY QUICK READ.

But you may prefer to peruse the following page, before downloading.

On our page called, “Voting Instructions” we have outlined Gurnall’s section on VOTING.

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Believe me, if you are “only somewhat” interested now, that WILL CHANGE when you read his brief outline.

Kentucky Flooding and The Johnstown Tragedy

Kentucky Flooding and The Johnstown Tragedy

Though early in the process, we thank the Lord the number of deaths are not higher in Kentucky.

But it reminds me of my Historical Christian Fiction Novel, The Johnstown Tragedy.

We are offering the digital version FREE.

We don’t want to make a dime on this tragedy, in Kentucky.

The three photos on this post are from 1889, but accurately depict the fast moving tragedy of a flood.

And yet, GOD IS IN THE MIDST of these kinds of tragedies.

In 2018 I wrote The Johnstown Tragedy. Two-thirds of the book are actual newspaper articles from the day.

In my novel, Hael, whom you may remember from my other novels, tells the back-story of the deaths of men and women. Some died well, some did not. While the book is sobering, the message is clear, as my angel, Hael and his colleagues carry the saved to heaven. . .


Again, we don’t want a dime from this tragedy in Kentucky. The novel is FREE.

To Read the Back of the Novel. . .

Simply click on the book’s cover below.

Johnstown Flood Covers




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