NDP Graphics

NDP Graphics

We hope this post gives you the freedom to start putting the 2022 Theme onto your FB pages, your emails, etc.


  1. Click on the photo
  2. Download it to your computer

We’re trying to keep this simple.

COMING SOON (end of February): 

  • Media & Communication Kits
  • Newspaper Graphics


Share with us 911 remembrances in your area.

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Which #Giants Baseball Cap?


Not all my VIDEOS & posts are #Holy.

Actually I probably ought to be careful how I say that because there are a lot of people who worship their baseball team so much that they would probably consider this a Holy decision.

The other side of that of course is so many people worship their Atlanta Braves, they might consider this an unholy decision I’m trying to make.

Well, you clearly can’t satisfy everybody.

But you can help me by making comments below.